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The Marriage Trap I'm a guide not a nanny sweetheartAidan Sawyer was the uintessential jungle guide and being in his company was akin to cornering a panther Courtney realized uickly that jaguars and river bandits were not the only dangers on the Since day one of their river trek to find her missionary parents Aidan had tested and teased Courtney with every manipulative macho trick in the bookHer only hope for temporary relief from Aidan's relentless mischief was to find the mission and fast Surely there her parents' presence would protect her from this too talented rogue

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re The Marriage Trap AMcA brings us a road trip via the River Jungle experience with a children's author h Don't dismiss the power of angry fluffy bunnies and a Boston Brahmin self exile who loves the Jungle Adventurer life She may look like Bo Peep but she has the mind of Lucrezia Borgia I just wanna run the river and earn enough to buy some boat parts and beer Needless to say it is a match made in HPlandia Heaven or rather it will be once the river is run missionaries are found jaguars and amorous tribesmen are evaded and a wedding takes place Put on your life preservers everybody we are going on a jungle boat tripThe story starts with our sweet little blonde h confronting her wicked uncle It seems her vague do gooder missionary parents who used to make the h go into potentially hostile native ian villages all by herself as a young child as a sort of shield against possible aggression have failed to do the yearly check in with the managers of the family trust fund The wicked uncle wants that cash badly so he has his lawyers working on way for him to abscond with the money in the family trust The h doesn't really care about the money her fluffy bunnies are selling well enough to afford a decent condo and a social life but she knows her world saving take no prisoners and arrange EVERYTHING parents are getting older and will need to retire soon If there is nothing left in the family coffers for them to afford their own home they will be moving in with her and before she knows it she will be organized and domineered and bullied into 24 kids and married to a religious zealot irregardless of her own idears on anything It is purely a matter of self preservation that she hie herself to the basin and find her parents and get a letter for proof of life The h arrives at the start point and is looking for a guide and a boat up the river She meets the H who takes one look at her and all her petite blonde cuteness and not only says NO but NO WAY IN HADES NO the H doesn't do Bo Peep look alikes in ANY SUBJECT There is another potential guide but he is very disreputable and drinks a lot so prudence dictates that the H should take her his reputation is respectable in the way of Jungle Adventurers respectability at least Unfortunately there is also a group of manly biologists who need a guide up the River too and if they get the H they will be gone a month or and the h doesn't have that kind of time to waste So she pulls on the cogitating power of multiple fluffy bunnies and messes with the H's boat motor the manly biologists take the other guide on their trip and the H now needs money to repair his motor Unfortunately the h can't think of how Miss Manner's would gracefully return parts that she herself had stolen but a local lad uick on the uptake pretends that he 'found' the parts that supposedly the other guide hid in effort to win the biology group fare The H has his suspicions but impressed with the h's chutzpah and warning there will BE NO WHINING the H agrees to take the h to find her parents After H attempts to share a hammock fending off amorous tribesmen who want the h to be a lurve club holder with or without her consent and the h shooting a stalking jaguar intent upon dining on the H they finally track down the h's parents By this time the H and h have both shared that while they love their families it is a love that is best from a looong distance The h shares that she really loves the jungle but since her parent's consistently used her to further their own ends such as sending her in to hostile villages like a canary in a coal mine she got as far away from them as she could as soon as she was able Her parents want to save the world it seems they just don't care that their child might want something different or have needs of her own The H shares that he was a Boston Brahmin with a Harvard degree but he got conned by a gold digger who lied to his parents that she was preggers so his family demanded the H marry her Since the woman fit into the mold of successful Boston Lawyer Wife the H did and then when the woman really got preggers she terminated the baby and sued for a large divorce settlement which she got and told the H that she had no intention of having kids she just wanted to be able to afford the lifestyle she soon became accustomed to The H chucked it all in cynicism and rage and came to the to have Jungle Adventure where there are villains to be sure but at least they are honest about it It seems that the h's parents aren't done arranging the h's life yet either As soon as the h arrives and asks for a letter stating they are still alive the parents tell her she is getting married to another missionary and going to dedicate her life to serving the tribes of the The h is frantically trying to find a way out when the H pops up and announces she can't marry the missionary she is engaged to him The H's dad demands that the h marry the missionary but when the h firmly refuses he demands that the H and h marry right then It seems the natives need to see a wedding ceremony performed by the h's father t in order to perceive his munificence and power of his faith So the h and H are married and the parents throw them together for the lurving it up honeymoon Since there is already a big attraction that both are resisting the family honeymoon is full of hidden tension Finally the h gets her proof of life letter and the H and she decide to leave and seek out an annulment later I sorta wondered at that because while they went through a ceremony there was no paperwork or license so legally there was no marriage The H and h start back up the river and this time they run into bandits and the H gets stabbed while recovering the h's stolen wedding ring There is also an enchanting night of jungle love and the inevitable distancing between the H and h who don't want to confess to their feelings and are afraid the other isn't really interested in boating the River of Love The H sends the h back to Los Angeles where the wicked uncle tries to burn the letter and continue plans to snag the cash but the h had the foresight to only give him a copy of the letter and turn the original into the family trust manager The h is having a truly mopey moment cause she is hopelessly in love with a Jungle Adventurer who doesn't love her back Not only that but he probably hates her for trapping him in marriage once again too But the sun soon spills forth when the H shows up with a bouuet of flowers in hand and intent on stopping the divorce the h never uite around to filing and doing a little trapping of his own The H avows true lurve on his part forever and states his intention to start wooing the h cause he just can't live without her The h is ready to get the courtship over with and rush straight ahead to the boudoir bouncing cause she is desperately in love with the H back Both the h and H finding themselves lost in mutual love and devotion proceed full steam ahead and demme the torpedoes for the HP approved luvred up HEA This one was funny and well done I uite liked the banter and the way the h and H gradually came together and I really liked that the h did as much jumping in to save the H as he did for her I thought it was uite interesting that while the romance was witty and funny the underlying family tensions and distances were not resolved in any way at all they were just managed and eventually set aside as the H and h develop a unit of their own If you like a road trip adventure romance this is definitely one to read it has the classic road trip comedy vibe and yet there is a deeper undertone of dealing maturely with darker family problems Look this one up when you want a different kind of HP outing the story is very entertaining and the HEA is a totally believable and satisfying venture into HPLandia

  2. LLC LLC says:

    I love jungle romance Courtney the h is trying to find her missionary parents She's pretty resourceful but she finds she's going to need a guide She's told that Aiden Sawyer is the best for the job but unfortunately he's unwilling They just don't like each other but Courtney doesn't see why that should be a problem Eventually she's desperate Aidens about to take another group up the on a trip that will take months and she needs to find her parents within the next 3 weeks So she sneaks out in the middle of the night and sabatages his boat motor so he can't take the other group as planned at daybreak They go with the other guide in town and everyone thinks he sabataged the boat as he's a real scum bucket Aiden then finally agrees to take her They have plenty of adventures some life threatening and come to a kind of truce They find her parents and as usual they are totally unconcerned about their daughter except that they are determined to marry her off to a fellow missionary to meet their own needs Aiden declares himself her fiance to save her and then finds himself going thru with the marriage as her parents feel this will impress the nativesAiden is totally cold and detached He is very cynical about life and women in particular He tells her they will anull the marriage Unfortunately they succumb to the attraction that has been simmering so the anullment is off From that point he totally detaches and when she leaves town he tells her to get a divorce when she gets back to LACourtney had fallen love with him before the marriage and had hoped that he would fall in love with her How could she not fall in love Aiden was very attractive in a gritty tough unshaven way and had a gorgeous bostonianharvard accentIt seems that this just isn't going to work out However wonders never cease all obstacles are overcome and the HEA occurs Fun jungle fever read

  3. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    The Marriage Trap is the story of Courtney and AidenNice clean romanceOur heroine is the daughter to two absent minded missionaries who have been absconding for an year Born in the jungles of she is forced to travel back and trace her parents to prevent her greedy uncle from claiming their ancestral property It is there she meets super manly guide our hero who is reluctant to take her on the journey But our heroine is adamant and after some not so subtle manipulations they embark on the ride Ofcourse they have adventures From a hungry jaguar hammock tricks wild native men eventual discovery a surprise wedding sizzling attraction some pushing away and it all ends in a HEAEnjoyed itSafe35

  4. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    This was adorable The heroine daughter of missionaries has to return to the remote village of her birth to have her father sign an affidavit that proves he's still alive Seems he has a brother who wants to get his hands on the father's share of the family trust Heroine is a children's book illustrator and has no need of any money but she knows her unworldly parents will need it when they eventually retireHeroine tries to hire the hero as a guide but he wants nothing to do with the white dolly Heroine gets her way with a bit of engine destruction The Hh go up river bickering and return down river married but still bickering Seems dear old dad had a minister all picked out for the heroine to marry so hero offered to play fiance then bridegroom with the idea they would get the marriage annulledThe Hh have great sexual tension and they share turns rescuing each other This is a fun adventure as well as a believable romance

  5. Saly Saly says:

    Rating 325 starsI liked the heroine at first she was resourceful and dead set on finding her parents and using the hero Aidan as a guide even if he was not agreeable she made it so that she was his only customer left and even on the tough ride she doesn't complain The hero is a cynical guy hiding from his family and his ex wife who used him Things were good till then the things started annoying me like the heroine acting stupid about her safety plus when they get fake engaged to make sure her parents don't marry her off nothing happens in the book Both of them brood separately and the same after marriage that got annoying for me The book just became tiring where you kept waiting for something to happen and it doesn't

  6. EeeJay EeeJay says:

    Amaaaaaaaaaazing book Amazing adventure amazing chemistry A 5 stars read not only for how much I was impressed by the wit of Ms Anne McAllister

  7. Annarose Annarose says:

    Courtney had to find her parents in the jungles of the and verify they are alive in order to prevent her mean uncle Leanders from taken over their inheritance In order to find them she had to have an experienced guide and she was told no one was better as a guide than Aiden Sawyers To her chagrin he refused to help her in her uest point blank so she had reverted to cheating to coerce him a little Her plan worked and she was heading towards the tribe where her parents were Everything was according to plan but one thing wasn't Her guide was playing havoc with her lifeI liked reading this book Enjoyable but I would have liked it if the writer gave space to the hero's life so that the heroine knows about him as much as he knew about her

  8. Dalia Dalia says:

    A great jungle romance full of adventures humor and a chemistry as hot as the weather A grumpy hero and a feisty heroine Aiden is the best jungle guide but he refuses Courtney's reuest to take her to her missionary parents But Courtney is one resourceful woman and she ll do anything to change Aiden's mind Even sabotage his boat ? But soon she discovers that the indians bandits and wild animals are not the only dangers they can find in a jungle They get trapped into marriage Aiden is a wonderful hero I really missed his POV He appears angry all the time but its his way to hide his growing attraction to Courtney And his feelings too He even risks his own life to bring her ring back from the bandits Then he asks Courtney to get a divorce when she gets back to USA Talk about mixed signals Or is it his way to give her the freedom he thinks she wants ?

  9. sbf20112011 sbf20112011 says:

    This was uite good and I have to say that normally I'm not a huge fan of jungle romances Likable characters interesting plot that kept moving it was very good

  10. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    I'm a guide not a nanny sweetheartAidan Sawyer was the uintessential jungle guide and being in his company was akin to cornering a panther Courtney realized uickly that jaguars and river bandits were not the only dangers on the Since day one of their river trek to find her missionary parents Aidan had tested and teased Courtney with every manipulative macho trick in the bookHer only hope for temporary relief from Aidan's relentless mischief was to find the mission and fast Surely there her parents' presence would protect her from this too talented rogue

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