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Haunting Hope Haunting Hearts Hope a lovelorn woman in search of sanctuary is about to unveil the haunting secrets in a stranger's past Britt a restless spirit trapped by immortal destiny is still yearning to be moved by mortal passion A love that transcends time is about to be born

2 thoughts on “Haunting Hope Haunting Hearts

  1. Heathy Heathy says:

    While looking for a believable paranormal romance not interested in vampires or werewolves I came across this gem of a book by an author I've never heard ofThe story is simply beautiful The heroine is stuck in a miserable marriage with a drug addicted abusive wackoHaving a lifelong fascination with a certain legendary lawman the hero the heroine has moved into the hero's old homeI don't want to spoil everything so I'll just tell you that this book is AWESOME I myself have often wished to have a romance with certain historical characters so Haunting Hope was perfect The hero is wonderful He's tough but he's certainly not the pompous alpha jerk like I've so often encountered He's a true gentleman in every since of the wordRaina Lynn is a talented woman so I can't believe she isn't well known or why she hasn't done much writing other than this

  2. Christy Christy says:

    I loved Britt Hope was okay and the story was really well done

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