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Lord Of Scandal I was led to this book when reading reviews of Cornick's latest romance I thought that she sounded like her characters and style It was a fine book Nothing outstanding but I would read this author again It may be that I did Cornick an injustice I don't usually read romances back to back but I did this past weekend I think it might have been like eating a whole box of chocolates Good but a little too muchThese characters were interesting fun and their story kept me reading I am just not willing to say that this was among the best I have read Nicola Cornick has long been one of my favourite Regency romance authors I particularly like her unconventional characters and attention to detailLord of Scandal started off well the characters are well developed likeable and deeply flawed making them interesting If anything the hero is a little too flawedThe story is exciting and I particularly liked its touching on the darker side of society the wastrels brothels mistresses and laudanum addiction This is a nice change from sueaky clean Austen clonesThe ending to this is what lets it down and why it only gets 3 stars whereas 34 of the book probably deserved 4 The ending is frankly terrible The villain of the piece apparently dies in a spectacularly dramatic fashion falling through a crack of ice on the Thames and drowning Laughable enough but then he magically survives and is able to come back at the end just in time for the duel to shoot the hero There is no explanation of how he came back or where he's been EhThe duel itself the heroine challenges the hero to a pistol duel not once but twice talk about melodramatic the first time because he wants to marry her for her money and the second time when he abandons her because it turns out she has no money I felt abandoning his wife when he finds out her father has in fact embezzled all her money was probably the final nail in the coffin for the flawed Lord Hawksmoor and had I been poor Catherine would have said good riddance at this point There's acceptable behaviour for a hero and then there's some things that are unforgivable and given his poor track record leaving his wife at this point is very disappointing The problem is I cared Really was rooting for the characters but felt that the ludicrous ending and dismal behaviour of the hero at the end really let this one down Such a shame as the rest of it is very engaging Scandalous and seductive Lord Hawksmoor is a notorious fortune hunter A man women want to bed and men want to do away with Now he has tasted the woman of his dreams Catherine Fenton and he will do anything to make her hisThough heiress to eighty thousand pounds Catherine is trapped in a gilded cage and duty bound to a man she detests The ton has woven a fantasy around Ben Lord Hawksmoor that any woman would find hard to resist but she senses there is to the man behind the glittering facadeShe believes he can rescue her but has she found her hero or made a pact with the devil himself Uneven pacing and a rapemurder told from the victim’s point of view No thanks This is my first Nicola Cornick book and I found her style engaging though a uick look at her other reviews in GR reveals that this isn't considered amongst her best by readers Which means that I'll try a few of her writing The hh pair of Ben and Catherine are each interesting characters in their own right and I particularly liked the way Catherine stands up for herself; though her timid behaviour at the beginning of the book doesn't prepare one for the transformation later I found this change too drastic to be believable Ben's honest owning up to his selfishness is refreshing and the formative influences to make him so are skillfully explained His metamorphosis from self centred to selfless in love could have been tautly written The biggest bugaboo for me was the villain who was written up almost farcically as if the author wanted us to hate him never doubt his villainy and never be surprised by his increasingly nefarious deeds to keep our hh apart Lord of Scandal is the story of a young heiress bound by duty to a man she detests and a scandalous lord who wants her Ben Lord Hawksmoor thrives in scandal and notoriety to get what he wantsI like bad boys and Ben Hawksmoor is definitely a very very bad boy A notorious adventurer who works for what he wants in life with charms to match is a hero I can have any day of the week He’s a curious mix of strength and vulnerability which I find very endearing And his honesty towards his tendency for fortune hunting is very refreshing With Ben there was no dull moment and I think the line ‘he can charm the birds out of the trees’ fit him to perfectionI had my reservations about Catherine She seemed too tame too kind and too conventional for Ben at first Then she slowly grew on me I like heroines who save themselves instead of waiting for others to save them She’s a very strong character emotionally and I can’t help but fall in love with her It came as shock when she first challenged Ben to name his seconds it’s the first time I read about a lady challenging a gentleman to a duel and I have to say it’s uite amazing but the best surprise of all is learning she can actually shoot and by that time I was already lost to the character that was Catherine Fenton Ben and Catherine’s story is a stand off It’s like a staring contest between two stubborn individuals who wouldn’t give in or give up easily It’s understandable why dueling played a big part on their story and that’s what makes them uite uniueWell if someone broke my heart too and I have an opportunity to put a bullet through him by means of a duel I’d say why not A fun easy read that dealt with important topics like the abuse of women and the plight of those unable to fend for themselves I adored Catherine's courage and I felt deeply for her friend Lily who ends up as a courtesan and is then murdered by a client Ben is afraid of love and I did feel for him I also felt for Sam his cousin who always had a tender affection for Lily but never spoke up If only he had she might have lived Catherine's father is a weak and useless man He ruins her fortune and his family But I applaud the author for her excellent characterisation his very weakness made the story for me He wasn't a villain he was just weak Review taken from my blog in August 2011 #153 after borrowing book from local libraryCatherine Fenton is an heiress worth £80000 and caught in a gilded cage she is engaged to man she hates and surrounded by a cold and dis functional familyBenjamin Lord Hawksmoor is a rake scandalous seductive and a notorious fortune hunterHaving kissed the woman of his dreams he will stop at nothing to make her his own but will Caroline find his as hard to resist as the other women do and will he rescue herA 4 star read with an enjoyable story line nothing to irritate or annoy in this tale Intense satisfyingA penniless rake who has vowed to never fall in love An heiress who will only marry for love Familiar characters in a story made fresh by the pen of Nicola Cornish A surprising twisty intensely emotional tale Not a re read Could barely finish this