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Leaders Who Changed History Would have liked less uantity and depth on each Had some interesting facts to share just hidden in the depths of the book Brilliant book World History in a new and fascinating form verifying “Great things never come from comfort zones” Explore the lives and achievements of than 85 of the world's most inspirational and influential leaders with this innovative and boldly graphic biography led bookComprehensive in its scope and depth and fully illustrated Leaders profiles leaders from all walks of life kings ueens and political leaders; military leaders; religious icons revolutionaries and business leadersCombining accessible text with specially commissioned illustrated portraits in a range of bold artwork styles photographs and infographics these entries showcase each individual in a fresh visual wayCovering political masterminds and military geniuses such as Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan great kings ueens and rulers like Elizabeth I or Cleopatra icons of religion and rebellion from Muhammad to Mohandas Gandhi to Emmeline Pankhurst and inspirational captains of industry Leaders explores and explains the groundbreaking contributions made by these men and women and their legacies

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