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Do You Know About Earth? Explore the science behind than 200 uestions about our planet DK's exciting new Earth encyclopedia answers children's biggest and weirdest geography uestions covering volcanoes earthuakes oceans and Did you know that the Earth's biggest waterfall is underwater or that mountains grow This children's book ideal for ages 6 8 will help inuisitive minds find out the answers to all the uestions they may have and some they hadn't thought of yet Can you freeze in a desert Can humans make it rain Is there life on moss Covering amazing landforms deep sea wonders and awesome weather Do You Know About Earth helps children get to grips with the massive topic that is our planet Important issues such as global warming and plastics in the ocean are introduced alongside key geography topics so that children can learn all about how nature works and discover what we can do to keep the Earth healthyGet your children learning with this amazing Earth book which is packed with fantastic facts for curious minds