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How to Make Friends with the Dark Here is what happens when your mother diesIt’s the brightest day of summer and it’s dark outside It’s dark in your house dark in your room and dark in your heart You feel like the darkness is going to split you apartThat’s how it feels for Tiger It’s always been Tiger and her mother against the world Then on a day like any other Tiger’s mother dies And now it’s Tiger aloneHere is how you learn to make friends with the dark

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  1. Kat Kat says:

    i cried this was beautiful one of the best books about grief i’ve ever read highly recommend

  2. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Darkest full of grief and heartbreaking five stars There are too many scary things outside world You may loose your loved ones you can hurt yourself in several ways You can lose your possessions your social circles your carrier or your dignity patience reputation But the scariest thing in life is loosing your inner light turn it off forever and surrender to the dark This book is really pessimistic depressing heart wrenching Too many times I thought to stop reading but I pushed myself to be patient Because I know really well how to lose someone and suffer from deepest and never ever ending pain It never goes away because when you lose someone you lose some parts of yourselves and you turn into a different person So Grace aka Tiger’s tragic journey after her loosing her mother is so realistic so sad but also so genuine poignant and easy to connect After her first connection with her sister book takes a different route We see Grace literally turns into a tiger and shows her claws against the bullies starts to make new friends by discovering outside world and finally understands she is not alone on this world There are too many people try to fight against their dark sides suffer from dysfunctional family relationships heal from losing someone I loved this book’s approach to the importance of sisterhood friendship and sharing yourself instead of bottling up everything inside and living with paranoias As a summary if we want to take control of lives and fill the blank pages by designating our own fate we have to learn making peace with the darkness bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  3. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    this book is for the grievers this book is for the left behindthis book is for every broken heartsearching for a homeKathleen Glasgow This book broke my damn heart That’s all The end Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾 BLOG

  4. Tucker (TuckerTheReader) Tucker (TuckerTheReader) says:

    Many thanks to Delacorte Books for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI got to meet Kathleen at the National Book FestivalOh my god I don't think I have EVER read a book better than this one It made me giggle It made me cry This is a book that everyone needs to read And then read again And againThis book but me with a tsunami of emotions Stronger than anything a book has ever made me feel in a while Grief is a very hard thing to put on to paper I mean having someone you love die is one of the hardest things any human will ever have to face I have been fortunate to only face it once Even so I know how painful it can be I could relate to Tiger's pain I know the feeling of not knowing what to do what to say or who to turn toEven though I've never experienced foster care of anything like that I still felt Tiger's fear and sadness when she was put into the system When I went through the process of admitting myself to Psych Inpatient I felt out of control I felt like my life had been taken away in one fell swoopFor a rather large portion of the novel Tiger is struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts Even though it's never directly saud it's heavily implied and rather obvious This also broke my heart because I've been there I know how it feels to get sick of people saying Things will get better or Keep goingOne of Tiger's many frustrations and fears was being moved from home to home I also could relate to this As I said earlier I am fortunate enough to live with the same family for my entire life But while I was at the hospital I was constantly being moved from room to room and the staff was changing Every time I felt comfortable with one set of staff it would switch and I'd have to do it all over againFinally I love the honesty in this book Most books about mental health and death do say dumb things like Things will get better and Keep going This one doesn't It says that life is hard and that's okay It's okay to be in pain The key is learning how to get through it Many thanks to Delacorte for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewResourcesSuicide LifelineHopeLineTeenLine If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room | Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram

  5. Kathleen Glasgow Kathleen Glasgow says:

    This book is now a thing It's about a girl named Tiger Tolliver who has to learn how to live with loss It's about learning what family means What it means to take care of someone and let yourself be cared for Feel free to ask me uestions about it and I'll do my best to answer

  6. Irena BookDustMagic Irena BookDustMagic says:

    Going into How to Make Friends with the Dark I knew I was dealing with heart hitting emotional prose that will leave me feel low but nothing prepared me for the amount of emotions I feltlThis book was heart wrenching in all it meansI picked this book during a readathon which was a HUGE mistake You see because so many bad things happened to our main character Tiger it was really hard for me to speed through the storySo I failed the readathon but I got so much from this novel that I’m not even sorrySome book just take time and this is one of those booksI wouldn’t have it any other way because even though it was emotionally hard for me to process everything by taking my time I think I got the most out of itThe story follows Tiger who’s mother died suddenly There were only two of them so without the other parent Tiger became the property of state and not only does she grive her mother but her life also completely changedThe story talks about grief friendships family relationships foster care and all kinds of domestic violenceIt is really an eye opening book and it makes reader uestion the system and justiceThe writing style is beautiful There are many uotes I saved in my notes that I’ll reread from time to timeIt is written in first person following Tiger’s POVThere is no romance in this young adult contemporary so be aware of that some readers will be happy about it I guessIn the end I want to recommend How to Make Friends with the Dark to ya contemporary lovers who are looking for an emotional story without romance in it Read this and reviews on my blog

  7. jaime ⭐️ jaime ⭐️ says:

    times i cried during this book sixtimes i texted my mum and my dad to tell them i love them while reading parts of this book countless

  8. Jenny Jo Weir Jenny Jo Weir says:

    This one was difficult It's sad and real and a bit tragic I liked the unexpected events of the after effects and the unraveling of life in this novel It's not one I'll be forgetting any time soon

  9. Faith M ✨ Faith M ✨ says:

    I received this eARC from Delacorte Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of this book in any way All uotes are taken from the uncorrected proof and are subject to changeYou have always been lonely and you have never admitted it Obligatory Summary Tiger Tolliver's mother just died and her whole life has been turned upside down Traded from foster home to foster home from strangers to family and back again she mourns her mother There is no guide on how to cope with this kind of loss and she's sinking under the sadness My Thoughts I am honestly so conflicted about this book I wanted to like it I really did and sometimes I did actually like it but the writing and execution for me were the biggest issues It was funny sometimes but also just so strange I can't really say what I didn't like about it I just didn't like itI had a very hard time connecting with Tiger the main character She was very abrasive and I felt strange because I had to remind myself that I should feel bad for her I've never suffered this specific kind of loss but I have overcome death induced depression after the suicide of my friend in high school so while I could connect with the sentiments on a base level they didn't inspire any real emotion in me I'm the kind of person who emotionally connects to literally everything in a book especially of this genre so that was a very strange thing for meI found many of the other characters felt unrealistic especially in their dialogue Sometimes things were said that didn't feel like something any living breathing human being would say instead of a book character Thaddeus came out of nowhere and became her friend in a very short period of time which felt rushed and unrealistic to me though I appreciated that he didn't just become a love interest as these characters tend to The introduction of Lupe Hidalgo was probably the first thing in this that I genuinely didn't like because she felt extremely cliche and unrealistic especially with the other high schooler's reaction to her She felt too blatantly rude like a Disney Channel mean girl and not an actual school bullyI liked Shayna but felt that some of her plot twists could have been done better There was a lot of weird pacing in this which I guess reflects real life but it made for a whiplashy reading experience There were several times when Tiger just didn't address certain things that seemed like pretty pressing issues which honestly contributed to my general dislike of herThe various odd nicknames were jarring as I've literally never met a single person in my entire life who honestly went by Cake or Crash or something like that Maybe I've just lived in too many normal places but that sounds like a cartoon character to me not a real personThis could just be a problem with the ARC but the technical things in the writing were really weird Like it felt like this wasn't edited at all I had such a hard time figuring out who the speaker was sometimes because dialogue would continue into the next paragraph but the new speaker rule was followed even though the speaker was often the same Like all the author had to do was remove that extra uotation mark at the end of the first paragraph It's literally that simpleOverall I thought it was fine even really good at times but because of the writing I just really couldn't get into it You might love it it might even be your favorite book but it just wasn't for meSometimes you need to open yourself to the possibility of the miraculous Tiger Tolliver Sometimes you just do

  10. says:

    Another powerful and masterpiece by Glasgow How To Make Friends With The Dark is a very stunning book the story will be pinned in my head for a while because it has such an interesting and curated writingsWe all have ups and downs and I would nothing recommend you to read than this beautiful and powerful book Kathleen once again teaches us how to save us in our worst moments she really reminds us that after lots of hurricanes will come a rainbow that can stuck for a whileAfter surviving a tragedy for Tiger is nothing the same any I really cried a lot of times reading this epic book Kathleen has an ability when she makes the scene so perfect as you find it delightful and your face starts to laugh but right in the second comes the emotional parts and everything ruins with the potions of the reality that we all face it day after dayThe book is very uniue heart breaking and has strong statements within that you'll love while reading it Girl In Pieces was among my most favourite reads of 2018 I can tell that this will also be in my top reads because it's such an amazing bookAt the end we all have different levels of strength so I love the ending of the book and I felt the relationship between Tiger and her mum so much definitely 55 book and I highly recommend you to read it

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