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Toxic Game GhostWalkers #15 On a rescue mission in the heart of the Indonesian jungle Dr Draden Freeman and his GhostWalker team need to extract the wounded as uickly as possible—or risk spreading a deadly virus unleashed by a terrorist cell When Draden gets infected he forces his team to leave him behind He won’t risk exposing anyone else He intends to find the ones responsible and go out in a blaze of gloryShylah Cosmos’s mission is to track the virus and remain unseen Her enhanced senses tell her that the gorgeous man eradicating the terrorists one by one is a GhostWalker—and his lethal precision takes her breath away When he’s hit by a lucky shot she can’t stop herself from stepping in not knowing that by saving his life she’s exposed herself to the virusThere’s no telling how much time Draden and Shylah have left Racing to find a cure they uickly realize that they’ve found their perfect partner just in time to lose everything But even as the virus threatens to consume their bodies they’ve never felt alive

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  1. PamG PamG says:

    TOXIC GAME by Christine Feehan is the fifteenth book in the Ghostwalker series While it can be read as a standalone novel the reader experience will be enhanced if these are read in order The story line takes place in the Indonesian jungle and in Louisiana This is a paranormal romantic suspense novelDr Draden Freeman and his GhostWalker team are on a rescue mission in the jungles of Indonesia When he gets infected by a virus released by a terrorist group he forces his team to leave him behind to avoid spreading the virus Meanwhile Shylah Cosmo is on a mission to track the creators of the virus and remain unseen When Draden gets hit by a lucky shot from one of the terrorists Shylah helps him and becomes exposed to the virus herselfThe story hooked me from the beginning Draden and Shylah are compelling characters that the reader can root for They felt three dimensional and gained depth as the story progressed The internal and external conflicts were well defined and arose out of characterization and circumstance rather than feeling contrived or forced The stakes and tension were high enough to make this a page turnerWhile this novel had plenty of action it was much than that While this is a paranormal romantic suspense story there were no instant steamy scenes They did not occur until about 75% through the book Instead the story line built up to those scenes in a way that fit the characters' circumstances The novel also tackles several themes including hemorrhagic viruses biological terrorism greed power plays romance and much Overall the author did a great job of worldbuilding The writing was absorbing compelling and compulsively readable The plot was suspenseful appealing thought provoking and perfectly paced I look forward to reading the next book in this series

  2. Tim Tim says:

    A long story with minimal excitement written for the faint of heart 4 of 10 stars

  3. Ira Ira says:

    475 starsI love this series ❤️Usually once it published I binge immediatelyBut I kind of reluctant to start this one when I realised where this story location happenedYou see many authors love to write bad stuff of places or people which they don’t familiar with well Hollywood love that stuff too 🤨However I can see Ms Feehan worked very hard with her research department to give us as accurate as possible how to portray the locals life and what the part of this Island looks like Especially the way she wrote about the weather it was really hot and true LOL I also almost thought Shayla part Indonesian too by how she wrote her character LOL She sound like West Sumatran girl who are matrilineal people where the women NOT men who in charge in running their clans or family And the family’s name pass on from mother’s instead of father’s So well done for your research for this book Ms Feehan ❤️I can’t wait for the next book can we get Joe’s story please? 😘❤️❤️❤️

  4. Joan Joan says:

    It was all about the missionand survival Toxic Game is book 15 in Christine Feehan outstanding series Ghostwalkers Dr Draden Freeman and soldierassassin ShylahPeony Cosmos take center stage as the latest and top notch GW pair Draden is infected with an ebola like fatal virus while on a mission with his team to shut down a terrorist group in Indonesia The terror group is brutal and used the fatal virus concocted by three rogue scientists previously on Dr Whitney's payroll to wipe out an entire village Now these rogue scientist are trying to create a biochemical weapon for an even sinister reasonShylahPeony Cosmos was sent by Whitney to eliminate the three rogue scientist when her and Draden's paths cross Shylah follows the lone Ghostwalker as he systematically takes out members of the MSS terror team When Drayden is injured and falls into a river Shylah rescues him and gives him mouth to mouth resuscitationand possibly becoming infected by the fatal virus From this point on these two remarkable and highly skilled people pair up as virtual killing team as they take out the terror and race to locate the three scientist who are now on the runDraden and Shylah are a fantastic team who work wonderfully together to find a solutions to near impossible odds and along the way they find their way towards each other Their work and personal relationship just blossoms slowly yet with such depth and soul melding that they were an inspiration I was rooting for Trap Wyatt and Joe to find a cure for the virus because I was rooting for Draden and Peony to have their much deserved HEA Shylah has some very interesting gifts that makes her a true warrior like Cayenne and Bellisia Draden just bent over backwards to ensure Shylah's happiness and survival It was also lovely to be reunited with the beloved members of team four especially with Nonny Zara Cayenne Pepper and the adorable little girls Ginger Thym and Cannell Malachai just cracks me up and I can't wait to see if he finds that yes woman he plans to advertise for Oh and readers are introduced to a couple new members of the team four family Toxic Game is exciting and a wonderful story of love intrigue action and familyall ingredients for a story I want to read over and over again

  5. Lyn Lyn says:

    Latest installment in the GhostWalker series — two GhostWalkers Draden and Shylah stuck in enemy territory and both of them infected with a lethal virus How to get out of that impossible situation without succumbing to a horrible death?The GhostWalkers are soldiers whose DNAs have been altered making them stronger faster—absolutely lethal The mad scientist Whitney who made them that way without their consent is hell bent on using them supposedly for the good of the country and he sees them as weapons instead of human beings Yeah you can’t rationalize crazy He has no ualms about manipulating them to get what he wants I really really hope he gets his comeuppance soon Despite his machiavellic machinations the GhostWalkers rallied together and the set up a code to live byWhen Draden got infected during his latest mission he did the right thing the honorable thing — a scene that was poignant with the impact of his decision and in doing so he condemned himself to a vicious death He was resigned to dying alone resigned to how horrific his last moments would be—or so he thoughtOn her own mission Shaylah broke cover for Draden and inadvertently exposed herself to the virus I liked her a lot—her thoughts her insights her ideals and the values she had Her tenacity not to become what Whitney wanted She was admirable and a strong heroineNeither of them expected to find the other How cruel was it to find the one person who fit you so perfectly just when your days were numbered? I enjoyed watching their love blossom and how they coped with the fact they would both dieThe writing was excellent All the descriptions done so well it was easy to imagine the world of the jungle and the scenes Also it was evident from knowledge ingrained in the story that there was in depth research done on viruses by the author I was also very happy to see the mention of some of my favorite GhostWalkers in this storyI love how Christine Feehan keeps coming up with all these fantastic plot lines with a special story for each GhostWalker linking the couples to the rest of the GhostWalkers as a close knit community of people who look out for each other Each individual story adds value to the main story from the first book I really really want a special story for Joe Malichai and Mordichai Those two just crack me up I can’t wait to see what else Christine Feehan will come up with next with the GhostWalkersPosted on Blog

  6. Beth Beth says:

    Dr Draden Freeman is on a mission to stop a terrorist group when he is infected with a deadly weaponized virus Knowing there is little chance of survival Draden decides to take out the terrorist camp While he is taking out the terrorist camp he gains the notice of someone else on a mission Shylah PeoniesShylah was sent to take out the doctors that are creating biological weapons when she discovers what has to be one of Whitney’s Ghostwalkers She is drawn by him and his beauty as he slaughters his way undetected through the terrorist camp Well mostly undetected until an alarm is raised and Draden is injured Shylah has to decide whether to keep to her mission or rescue Draden She choice is rescue and inadvertently exposing herself to the biological weapon I enjoyed Draden and Shylah story I loved how Draden went out of his way to do everything he could to make Shylah happy I did wish there was of reunion between Shylah and her “sisters” and less repetition on certain plot points Great urban fantasy read and even though I've enjoy all of Feehan's seriesGhost Walkers has become my favorite in her worksToxic Game is a great love story In a time is the essence scenario there is little relationship development but the commitment comes across as real and genuine I received this ARC copy of TOXIC GAME from Berkley Publishing Group This is my honest and voluntary review TOXIC GAME is set for publication March 12 2019My Rating 4 starsWritten by Christine FeehanSeries A GhostWalker Novel Book 15Hardcover 416 pagesPublisher Berkley Publication Date March 12 2019ISBN 10 1984803492ISBN 13 978 1984803498 Noble

  7. Kathy Davie Kathy Davie says:

    Fifteenth in the GhostWalker paranormal romantic suspense series and revolving around the Louisiana team of GhostWalkers The couple focus is on Dr Draden Freeman and Shylah Cosmos struggling to survive in Sumatra IndonesiaMy TakeI loved that start lol What can I say I'm a sucker for the too competent spec ops type laughter especially when they make such an impressionThe Air Force pararescue team didn't seem affected by anything as mundane as the heat or terrorists The crazy thing was they were mostly officers Doctors These men had seen combat and looked as tough as nails giving off a dangerous vibeThis is one of Feehan's better stories after that string of jokes she's done but I do have three niggles the repetitiveness was so annoying; that weird paragraph about Draden and dragons that wasn't inserted very well; and I do wish Feehan had been explicit about the GhostWalkers' belief that Whitney had engineered the whole thing I was confused When I'm reading I don't want to have to stop and try to puzzle out what the author is sayingFeehan uses a third person dual point of view from the perspectives of Draden and Shylah which is the primary source of all the repetitionoy I know I like it when an author reminds us of events issues and pertinent details from past stories in a series but there is such a thing as OVERkillI do love that these two are partners eual partners And that while they accept their fates they don't stop fighting AndsighDraden is such a romantic sighing That special eventeven sighingI also love the supportiveness and love this extended family has for each other It's what keeps me coming backAnd I am definitely trying out some version of that shrimp dish Shylah is so excited about at the endThe StoryA terrorist group destroyed a Sumatran village using a deadly new virus The WHO staff are among the dead Indonesian special ops soldiers are also among them Their only hope is the GhostWalkersNow Draden's only hope is that he can save a bullet for himself And one for his new met partner Shylah CosmosAnd Calvin believes the GhostWalkers are a jokeThe CharactersPeony Shylah Cosmos is an assassin for Dr Whitney with excellent tracking skills She'd been sold to him by her parents She still misses her sisters Belissia and ZaraDr Draden Sandman Freeman is a gifted surgeon who paid his way through medical school — gaining degrees in genetics infectious disease microbiology and immunology — by being a sought after model Eliza had been his foster mother The one who bought him from his drug addled mother raised him with laughter and taught him about flowers love familyThese GhostWalkers arean Air Force pararescue Team Four out of Louisiana overseen by Major General Tennessee Milton Dr Joe Spangnola is the team leader a psychic healer and surgeon Malachai Fortunes is their fact man Dr Gino Mazza he's married to Dr Zara Hightower Covert Game 14 Diego and Rubin Campo are brothers whom I think showed up in Power Game 13 Dr Trap Dawkins has a super high I is fabulously wealthy and has Asperger's with no clue about social cues — and he's married to Cayenne who has tremendous spider powers and cannot cook to save anyone’s life Dr Wyatt Fontenot is married to Pepper who's pregnant with twins and they already have a set of triplets the little viper chicklets Ginger Cannelle and Thym Viper Game 11 Grace Nonny Fontenot is Wyatt's fabulous grandmother offering the team a home Gator Fontenot one of Wyatt's brothers and Iris Flame Johnson met up in Night Game 3 Dr Ezekiel “Zeke” Fortunes Malachai's brother is married to Belisia Power Game 13 Azami Yoshiie is married to Sam Johnson a GhostWalker from Team One Samurai Game 10 and managed to move a satellite for the guysDr Whitney isa brilliant crackpot and psychopath who has been experimenting on human beings enhancing their strengths and psychic abilities and splicing in animal genetics Helena was the housemother who most cared for the girls Violet Smythe is a GhostWalker who went very badThree virologists had worked for Whitney Tyler and Cameron Williams brothers and Agus Orucov were hired to create special viruses WHO is the World Health Organization Dr Henderson wants them burned Barry Font is the terrified helicopter pilotIndonesiaThe Kopassus is the government special forces branch Bakti is a minor league scam artist who is way out of his depth Eko is part of his team Faisal Bataknese does a nice trade in false IDsThe Milisi Separatis Sumatra MSS isa terrorist group in who murdered the village of Lupa Suku in Indonesia Intan Lesmono is the man who replaced the last commanderEthan Montgomery a former schoolmate of the Wiliams brothers is a playboy layabout always getting in trouble who is based in Mississippi Calvin Montgomery is Ethan's loving vicious father and a member of the World Alliance The stupid Candace is Ethan's stepmotherThe World Alliance isa super secret organization that rules the world Cheng is an extremely wealthy paranoid sociopath with a sideline in selling secrets and allies in the terrorist world Power Game And is he ever pissed about his brother's deathGreg is a flight attendant on Trap's plane Daryl Monroe is Trap's assistant Draden reckons Trap is one of the few in the army with his own private army of assistants lolThe Cover and TitleThe cover is distressed in browns with the graphic a'slant and the head and shoulders of a dark haired dark eyed Dr Draden Freeman with the scruff of a beard in a black T shirt The background is a helicopter in a sky pouring with rain with a triskhelion style image in a deeper brown At the top is an info blurb in white The author's name is in a greenish gold outlined copper across Draden's head The title is in a bright yellow with bright green splotches at the bottom of the cover below Draden's neck Below that is the series information the black font outlined in a blurry whiteThe title refers to the Toxic Game as Draden and Shylah race to eliminate the terrorists and recover the virus

  8. Mimi Mimi says:

    This is how I dream a relationship should be direct brutal honesty and humor Save me from a romance where the drama comes from misunderstandings between the main characters I always want to knock some sense into those characters Draden and Shylah I want to be friends with and found myself laughing out loud at their storyPS So much deep research made the virus storyline believable tooMy honest review was made possible thanks to an Advanced Reader Copy from the author

  9. Maureen Gianinio Maureen Gianinio says:

    When faced with your own mortality even if you knew your life would bring it sooner than later and the sooner happens when you meet the one who made life worth livingwhat would you do? Christine Feehan does an amazing job showing us how Draden Freeman and Shylah Cosmos deal with this This book from the first chapter had me by the heart and my emotions invested in the outcome From heart pounding to heart stopping and every “heart” phrase you can think of this book covers it all Nothing to lose has these characters open to feelings and sharing life events they would normally hide Communication is key and recognizing the things no matter how small that hold importance is key to knowing each other They’re open to love to accepting what they mean to each other what others in their lives mean to them and realize they mean something to those they have come to consider family Also determined to save anyone else from their fate they hunt down the enemy while the GhostWalker pararescue Team fight to save them and vast populations in a science fiction plot woven with true science plausibility that had me on edge Primary and secondary protagonists you love hope for Wonderfully written scenes that show how friendship can be as strong as family bonds And it can be found in the worst of life circumstances Dr Whitney the main narcissistic misogynistic antagonist's actions had me fuming and oh loving to hate him Along with Antagonists surfacing drawing ire towards them making me hope that the GhostWalkers will deal out karma and save the day

  10. Lover of Romance Lover of Romance says:

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceMay Contain SpoilersI have no clue how I missed on reading this book to be honest since for the most part I have come to adore this series Ghostwalkers I have been following this series from the very beginning with Shadow Game so I adore the suspensemilitary plots that this author implements in her stories here This series has really grown so much and I really enjoyed the disease element that is introduced in this book It really had true Feehan classic elements that every Feehan fan will adore seeingWe were going to live free for a few days a week or two for whatever time we had This is my choice You are my choice Don't take that away from meOur main characters of the story are  Dr Draden Freeman a Ghostwalker and a Doctor Shylah Cosmos captive of Whitney excellent tracker and special abilities connected to felines and spidersThe sets off with Dr Draden Freeman who is on his way to Indonesia to help save a group of Rangers and other American Military men who are grounded and surrounded by the MSS military group After he and his team get the wounded on choppers he ends up getting shot with a deadly virus and returns back to ground zero so no one has a chance of being infected Knowing he has up to 2 20 days before he is dead he plans on taking out as many members of MSS as he possibly can But then he is rescued by Shylah a fellow Ghostwalker and together they fight off the MSS and search to discover an antidote to the disease they both now carry and a newfound love in each otherIf tomorrow never comes today has been all i've ever wanted or needed You are my life And you will after I've taken my last breathI truly LOVED Toxic Game so much this book was so so good and boy it tore through my emotions There were so many great things about this story but first we have this whole gonna die element to the story I love seeing characters overcome unbeatable odds and boy these two do it But both are such strong characters and are survivors They have a sense of loyalty and family Draden is committed to his team and what they have gone through together Shylah has been hidden away by Whitney and has close ties with her two sisters whom she thinks is dead As Draden and Shylah work together a deep romantic bond forms between them Their relationship was so sensual and strong I love what they build together and the obstacles they overcome together  There is such a strong level of emotion that is conveyed in this story I was so hooked on their connection it was so vibrant and relatableHe pulled her into his arms and kissed her like she was his and had been for years Like he was a man dying and she was his greatest love He felt like she was Shylah Cosmos His only little peony His delicate flower Dependable Long lived She'd tied her fate to hisOverall I found Toxic Game to be a stunning addition to a superb series that is packed with intense packed suspense strong sensuality and a story to keep you on your toes from beginning to endINDESCRIBLY FANTASTIC

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