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Sapphire Flames 2020 uick reread before diving into Emerald Blaze Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Sapphire Flames is the fourth novel in Ilona Andrews‘ HIDDEN LEGACY urban fantasyromance series in which powerful magical families control most of society Note You really do have to start at the beginning of this series with Burn for Me; each book builds on what came before Having wrapped up the romance of Nevada Baylor and Connor Rogan in the first three books in this series Sapphire Flames and the interim novella that precedes it Diamond Fire shift the focus of the series to a new main character Nevada’s younger sister Catalina Baylor a so called “siren” with powerful persuasive magic By the way the reasons given for Nevada and Rogan being out of the picture ― out of the country in fact ― and unavailable to help with the latest life and death crisis are a stretch but a necessary one for the sake of this novel and the seriesCatalina’s ability to convince others to adore her and cooperate with her every reuest has always been a heavy burden for her it’s a brainwashing type of power and people affected by it love her beyond all reason after a few minutes in her presence even to the point of wanting to crush her to pieces in an effort to get closer to her As a result Catalina was a terribly shy teen who avoided everyone outside of her family the only ones who are unaffected by her power aside from inexplicably the family doctorAt the end of Diamond Fire Catalina came to the conclusion that she needed to step out of the shadows and Nevada’s mother in law was happy to help Sapphire Flames picks up three years later Catalina is now 21 and the head of House Baylor and their private investigation business A murder case drops into Catalina’s lap involving the family of Runa Etterson the delightful poison mage from Diamond Fire Runa’s mother and sister have been mysteriously murdered and Catalina wants to take the case even though a couple of major players CLEARLY warn her not to get involved “Sometimes when you search the night you’ll find monsters in the dark You’re not ready” Those warnings of course not only fail to deter Catalina but only make her determinedOne of those who tries to warn Catalina off is her former teenage crush Alessandro Sagredo an Italian young man with “Prime” magic he can nullify others’ magical powers and also has some particularly interesting if apparently unrelated powers involving weapons Alessandro has his own interest in the Etterson murder case and he and Catalina reluctantly haha team up when it becomes clear that neither is going to go away Their investigation leads them to things like assassin firms and crazed people with warped magic Good timesIt’s fun to see Catalina step up her game not just a notch or two but some major leaps forward for our shy young woman And holy cow Alessandro’s character is NOT what I expected given the brief glimpses we had of him in previous depths Hidden depths y’all While their new aspects of their personalities did make the plot much exciting both Catalina and Alessandro are now much standard urban fantasy characters and less distinguishable from Nevada and Rogan It’s different magical powers but the same basic formula Hard to knock what works thoughOn the other hand Runa Etterson the poison mage whose family was murdered has almost the opposite problem Her ebullient personality was a scene stealer in Diamond Fire but in Sapphire Flames she’s a shadow of her former self ruled by her anger and distressRuna’s emotions had clubbed her rational thinking over the head dumped its body on the side of the road and took my friend for a joy ride Just what we neededIt’s understandable in the circumstances but I hope we’ll meet up with her again when she’s feeling herself Sapphire Flames is a solid entry in the HIDDEN LEGACY series with the Andrews’ typically witty banter imaginative magic action driven plot and let’s not forget hot romance I got sucked into it the minute it hit my Kindle and finished it off in one day It’ll be fun to see what happens nextETA Two fun snippets of deleted scenes from this book from the Andrews’ blog Arabella POV story Sgt Munoz scene I didn't know how badly I was missing this world until I read this book This was a very entertaining book but sadly I kept thinking about Nevada and Rogan | Cat was a shadow of Nevada and let's not compare Rogan and Alessandro Ilona Andrews set very high bar with first trilogy and I think Cat and Alessandro has to work very hard to reach that level Re read Time Before Emerald Blaze Comes OutGahit didn't last long enough I just breezed through this so uickly again Loved itSale Alert Kindle Daily deal 27Jul20 399❤ ❤ ❤ I LOVED THIS ❤ ❤ ❤Nevada and Rogan have their new beginning and this book is all CatalinaI think you need to know that going in Sure you get cameo situations from the Dragon and his new wife but they are so far removed from the main focus of this book you shouldn’t read it for that or you will be disappointed What you do get• 21 year old Catalina who has grown into her siren powers since we first met her • The rest of the Baylor family including crazy grandma Frida semi scary Arabella and super funny Leon along with sniper mom and Bern• BUG He is hilarious and a bored Bug is a nosey bug• Alessandro he is not who you think he is• Linus Duncan and all his power um WOW• Augustine swoony sigh• Crazy crew of deadly assassins• And much much With all of that there should be something for you and hopefully you won’t miss the Dragon and his new wife that muchThe end of the three year grace period is coming to an end and House Baylor has had some time to make some contacts and get a little established but it is a trying time as their immunity is about to expire On top of that there is a case that falls into Catalina’s lap that everyone tells her not to take so of course that is the case she is going to take This is a wild ride full of surprises Catalina has been under the tutelage of none other than Mrs Rogan and she has learned a lot She might still be the shy girl at heart but she is coming out of her shell and this new case is going to push her to her limitsThe biggest surprise for me is Alessandro I expected the charming pretty boy and not much but the boy has secrets talents and a vendetta Add all that in with some very cool powers and I loved what happened when he and Catalina teamed up to take down the bad guys in thisLinus Duncan man of mystery has a soft spot for the Baylors If you’ve read the rest of the series you’ve probably guessed why I was really surprised to see him play a role in this book and even surprised by what that role was Alessandro isn’t afraid to go up against some powerful men in his not courtship of Catalina even when they act like a grandfather to herThis is classic Ilona Andrews with humor and danger and that slow burn romance happening I devoured this book and can’t wait to listen to the audio when it comes out While I was sad not to see of Rogan and Nevada I think Catalina and crew carried this book well and I loved the set up for some future books in the series with Catalina at the helmInitial ARC ReviewI'm not going to say what I had to do to get a copy of this early It might have involved the sacrifice of a Barbie involving four toenail clippings herbs a secret a promise and copious amounts of bourbondon't ask But I got it and the Author Lords who shall be named IA have done it again and written something absolutely wonderful that I will read again and again and again Absolutely positively you will not be able to put this one down Clear your calendars for release day folks because Ilona Andrews nails another book in the Hidden Legacy series and it is just as addictive as the rest I'm a superfan of Ilona Andrews and I've loved each and every book in this series I was beside myself when I found out that I got an ARC of Sapphire Flames especially since I was in love with Diamond Fire Just totally gagged I tried to wait until closer to release day to read Sapphire Flames but after a few meh books in a row I knew I had to crack this one open And I didn't go to bed until the very last word just before 3 amThe plot? Exhilarating The danger? Cranked up to an 11 The romance? Just getting STARTEDI loved getting to know Catalina who is a bad ass in her own right and seeing of the extraordinary Baylor family I loved getting to know Alessandro who is SO much than meets the eye I loved the pacing the energy and the non stop action It is a must read for those who have loved the other books in the seriesThe book isn't technically a romance but those of you who are familiar with Ilona Andrews know how they operate I know there will be Hidden Legacy books coming with how this one left off and I'm WAITING ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT FOR MORE Ilona Andrews can't write fast enough to suit me Copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewgoodreads|instagram|twitter|blog PURE UNADULTERATED UTTER ABSOLUTE UNMITIGATED UNALLOYED TOTAL AWESOMENESS BOOKIFIED Sapphire Flames was the ULTIMATE READING EXPERIENCE for a book lover like meI wanted to read it in one go but kept on putting it aside because I dreaded the moment it would all endWell eventually it ended but with WHAT A BANG A MILLION EXPLODING PERFECT STARSI loved it from the first page to the lastIn my review of Book 3 Wildfire I adopted the Baylors as my literary family and I also mentioned how much further potential there is in the Hidden Legacy Universe Ilona and Gordon kept expanding that universe in Books 1 3 adding layers depth and intrigue BUT with Sapphire Flames they upped their game even further Influential families called Houses with powerful magic rule this alternate world and also control territories in Houston where our story takes place There are several kinds of magical abilities telepaths telekinetics empaths pyroauakinetics truthseekers etc and several levels minor average notable significant prime Primes are usually the leaders of their familieshouses and also breed to have offsprings with even magic as it means social and economical power the you have the influential you are Newly established or emerging houses have a 3 year long grace period when they are protected from the intrigueattacks of already existing ones But once the period is over the gloves are off and the beasts gather for blood This period is just coming to an end for the Baylors with 21 year old Catalina younger sister to Nevada at the headWe see the world of the magical Elite through her eyes it's seductive it's glamorous it's glittering and it's cruel and dangerous as hell Catalina's not so secret crush Alessandro Sagredo is the perfect embodiment of this world and they get involved in untangling a conspiracy that is beyond their wildest fears So Ilona Gordon just went and did it again They pulled me under to this world and I don't want to re emerge everThere were moments when I went cold all the atrocities some people are committing and then hot OMG Alessandro his characterisation is perfect I love what a dark horse and how morally ambiguous he is when I laughed out loud the always adorable Baylor Family and their antics and when I was sitting on the edge of my chair with excitement and anticipation The Baylor Family dynamics is heart warming and perfectly imperfect and the sexual chemistry between Catalina and Alessandro is delicious sizzling I loved their every sceneAnd until the next book comes out well I'll just start re reading the whole series againA BIG THANK YOU to Ilona Gordon for writing another breath taking installment to the Hidden Legacy Series to EdelweissAvon for letting me read it before publication And let's not forget my GR Friend Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ for recommending me the series despite the coversARC provided by the Publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The wait is OVER it's LIVE45 starsAs expected the author wrote one fantastic first book about Catalina and AlessandroThe feelings the action the humor Sapphire Flames had it allAnd although Catalina's magic is defense than offense the action wasn't missing in the slightest Catalina grew so much over the last three years that's how much time went by since Nevada's wedding and wow there were some pretty interesting changes happening during those years Catalina really impressed me I had an inkling that she would turn into a fascinating character but I had no idea how kick ass that girl would become Strong business savvy with a spine of steel and not hesitant to make hard choices when needed Catalina has become a woman not to be messed with And conseuently my kind of heroineAlessandro on the other hand was as swoony as I remembered him Not all was as it seemed He had some interesting facts hidden behind his too gorgeous for his own good facade and there is so much I want to find out about him He knew how to steamroll Catalina when needed Supported her without uestion Stood by her side without care for his own safety all in all he was the perfect guy for her And easily as awesome as Connor “Mad” Rogan just a tad realistic lol One word yummiliciousI loved that the world was so familiar to me The supporting characters were beloved And their banter and personalities so dear to me The intricate plots were as fascinating as ever And a recurring character had me uestioning everything I thought I knewI can't wait to see how it all will end I have so many uestionsOverall I didn't want Sapphire Flame to end I wanted to read book 2 3 immediately That's how awesome and addicting this story was And I can guarantee that the next two books will be even awesome Because that's just how it goes with an Ilona Andrews series They pull you in and never let you go✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ If you haven't read this series yet but you love a little magic fantasy and PNR with your romance you need to pick up the first trilogy It's about the older sister kick ass Nevada and her love interest Connor “Mad” Rogan I received a copy of this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review My opinions have not been influenced by the publisher or the authorFind reviews and book recommendations on my blogFind me on Bookstagram 1 Burn for Me ★★★★★2 White Hot ★★★★★3 Wildfire ★★★★★35 Diamond Fire ★★★★The Hidden Legacy series begins a new trilogy with Catalina and Alessandro A few years have passed Nevada and Rogan are in Spain and NOT a part of this story Head Baylor is at the end of its safe period where other Houses aren't allowed to mess with them Most houses don't make it past the first year Catalina is a very young Head of house at twenty one She has a lot to learn but she has great resources to helpThere is the typical investigation with Ilona Andrews books This one involves mages and weird arcane stuff I'm so intrigued by the magic that has to do with the other realm full of monster bugs and stuff Catalina and Alessandro are obviously smitten with each other but this is a slow medium? burn romance I like them together I'm very excited about the next book When this ended it wasn't on a cliffhanger but I was left wanting MORE I thought it was a lot of fun to read with great action scenes humor and originality Thank you Netgalley and Edelweiss AND publisher for providing a digital copy to read and review 45 stars 7919This was a delightful addition to the Baylor universe but it wasn't as perfect for me as the first three instalmentsI think the problem here is the transitioning from Nevada to Catalina Nevada was badass and exceptionally strong in the first three books whereas Catalina avoided all confrontations because of her power She is a definite badass in the making though I just felt she was way too caught up on how Alessandro looked at certain points Too many mentions of how handsome he is And Alessandro was a bit of an asshole in my opinion The plot was really intriguing as were all of Linus appearances Overall I think this book set a good foundation for the next onesI have some other minor issues like the way Nevada uit being Head of the House I feel like she wouldn't do that to her family but what do I know? She doesn't live in my head she lives in the authors heads and they know her better that me I feel kinda disrespectful saying it but it's the way I feel Other than that I cannot wait to read the next one and see where the authors take Catalina and Linus view spoilerAfter her deal with Victoria I feel like I know what's going to happen with Alessandro hide spoiler From #1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews comes an enthralling new trilogy set in the Hidden Legacy world where magic means power and family bloodlines are the new currency of societyIn a world where magic is the key to power and wealth Catalina Baylor is a Prime the highest rank of magic user and the Head of her House Catalina has always been afraid to use her uniue powers but when her friend’s mother and sister are murdered Catalina risks her reputation and safety to unravel the mysteryBut behind the scenes powerful forces are at work and one of them is Alessandro Sagredo the Italian Prime who was once Catalina’s teenage crush Dangerous and unpredictable Alessandro’s true motives are unclear but he’s drawn to Catalina like a moth to a flameTo help her friend Catalina must test the limits of her extraordinary powers but doing so may cost her both her House–and her heart What the HELL?WHAT THE HELLLLLLLL?????%€£💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖flips the fuck outYAAASSSSSSSSYASSS GIVE THEM ALL THEIR OWN BOOKS OH PLEASEEEILONA ANDREWS I WORSHIP THEEEE 💖💖

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