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The Perfect Daughter Harleuin Superromance Over the past ten years Maggie Rivers has faced than her share of trauma Everyone has been amazed athow nothing seemed to faze her until she fell in lovewith Detective Matt Lebretti and was confronted with theconstant dangers of a cop's life Now she's fighting tokeep her head above a tidal wave of fear and losingWhen Maggie heads to Oakwood Georgia to put somedistance between them Matt reluctantly lets her goThen Matt for reasons of his own follows Maggiesouth And when her life is once at stake Mattshows her that it's okay to lean on someone elseSomeone like him Plot 25Characterisation 45Prose 45How much I enjoyed it 25 Too much telling not enough showing Heroine witnessed a shooting and can’t live a normal life due to anxietySTORY BRIEFYears earlier Maggie witnessed a relative being shot She has been living with New York police detective Matt for over a year His partner was recently killed in a gang shooting Fearing that Matt could be killed or harmed in the future Maggie breaks up with him She also uits college and returns to her hometown She is suffering from anxiety related to post traumatic stress Matt visits her hometown for awhile to consult with the local police regarding their local gang situation While there he has further interactions with MaggieREVIEWER’S OPINIONDon’t waste your time This is an example of how not to write – way too much telling and not enough showing I was frustrated I wanted it to be over I didn’t connect with or care about the charactersThe main plot Maggie is depressed She wants to hurt herself She thinks she can help a teen who is joining a gang She doesn’t listen to reason and stupidly puts herself in danger as a result She is surrounded by caring and loving people but she won’t listen to them and repeatedly tells them all to stay away from herOther story lines could have been interesting but were told and not shown for example Matt’s scenes where he is interacting with gangs There is also a lot of telling about things happening in the past Most of the book seems to be conversation rather than actionDATAStory length 284 pages Swearing language moderate including religious words Sexual language none Number of sex scenes 2 Total number of sex scene pages 3 Setting current day New York City NY and Oakwood Georgia Copyright 2007 Genre contemporary romance Well I've finally finished this piece of crapThe lady's family were interfering and overbearing I'd gladly smack the hell out of ANYONE who tried to treat me like thatHer love interest was flat and uninterestingShe was pathetic petty and I'd really have liked to introduce her face to a brick hey it might have cured her stupidity but I guess I'll have to settle for letting my bird shred the bookThis was the biggest steamiest stinkiest most irritating pile of poo I've read in a long timeIt took me a month to get through itIf you're thinking of reading this I have one word of advice for youDon't

  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • The Perfect Daughter Harleuin Superromance
  • Anna DeStefano
  • English
  • 09 November 2014
  • 9780373713998

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