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Londons Waterside Walks Many people are familiar with London's River Thames but the city has much to offer when it comes to waterways including a wealth of canals minor rivers most are tributaries of the Thames lakes and reservoirs that offer tranuil and beautiful walks Many waterways have dedicated walking and cycling paths alongside them notably the Thames Path which follows the entire course of the river and London's canals where the former towpaths along which horses towed the canal boats are now reserved for walkers and cyclists London's minor rivers secret waterways are not always so easy to follow as they wend their way along streets through parks and even underground but are a wonderful way to get off the beaten track and commune with nature Most walks are between 3 and 7 miles in length with the average around 412 miles However it's best to allow a half day for the shorter walks and as much as a full day for the longer walks particularly if you plan to partake of the many excellent pubs restaurants and cafs along the routes for your author a good lunch is a prereuisite of a good walk not to mention the many diversions along the way such as museums galleries and churches Our aim was to take the 'scenic route' visiting as many interesting landmarks as possible rather than simply getting from A to B Writing London's Waterside Walks has been a fascinating edifying and enjoyable adventure We hope that you enjoy these walks as much as we did; all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes a sense of adventure and this book

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