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  1. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    Simply inhaled thisBe warned it's the first in a series and ends on the sort of cliffhanger that causes readers to breathe brimstone and pitchforks If you can't stand that sort of ending then buy the book and stash it underneath that copy of Proust you've always meant to read until the next comes outIt starts deceptively slowly as Aden who has been a prisoner of war for five years is released and told to get out of Rhodia Everyone hates the Gretians who lost the war but they really really hate the military unit he was inWe also are introduced to some other POVs Some of these connect up toward the end others don't but as attacks begin to happen without anyone knowing why or who it's clear that all these POVs will be converging as action stars shifting into high gearKloos is so good at military SF and worldbuilding Terrific characters fascinating setup unpredictable turns in the plot But how long O lord how long until book two????I'll be buying this in printCopy provided by NetGalley

  2. Bradley Bradley says:

    Solid opening on two counts The beginning of the novel was pretty strong with the whole what are we going to do after being in a PoW vibe going on full of space opera MilSF goodness between two human populationsThe other solid opening was for the expectation of a full seriesUnfortunately the actual novel does not feel all that much like a set piece It might be fine and rather perfect as long as you're reading it along with a full set of novels to come but since the wait time will be somewhat long I have the distinct feeling like I'll have to re read this one just to pick up on the other various character's viewpoints and the details leading up to the hanging plot threads One or two is no big deal but this opener promises a bit complexityNot bad mind you and great for MilSF space opera fans but it does come with that caveat

  3. Manuel Antão Manuel Antão says:

    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewPost Post Rhodian MilSF Aftershocks by Marko KloosDespite having spent relatively little time in Germany in the course of my travels I have spent a great deal of time always profitably enjoyably reading German philosophers listening to German classical composers watching Germany’s footballers Breitner Rummenige Rubesch Litbarski Matthäus etc reading German SF Perry Rhodan’s never ending SF Series Kloos’ novel even has a planet called Rhodia Eschbach’s “Die Haarteppichknüpfer” 'getting to know' German women and drinking with Germans

  4. Robin (Bridge Four) Robin (Bridge Four) says:

    Sale Alert Audible Daily Deal 04Dec19 for 199This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Review copy was received from Publisher This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewWhat happens after the war has ended and everyone has hashed out the reporations and divided the booty? In  Aftershocks Marko Kloos explores this scenario as the conseuences of being the losing faction in the war become clear and new little rebellions begin popping up in various areas This was a completely easy read  Sometimes scifispace opera books can throw me off  However Kloos was able to make Aftershocks flow well while still giving the reader enough perspective in the six planets the history of the war and the fallout after using multiple character PoVsAden has been a POW since Gretia lost the war  At least he has lived in a nice prison and was well treated and fed  He was part of an elite force and has some pretty big history happening that we don’t learn fully in this book  Aden’s character is the one who walks us through most of this world as he gets out of the POW camp and has to figure out where to go afterwards since he still has a past to hide He had been a prisoner of war for five years but Aden still hadn’t uite made up his mind whether a beautiful prison was really better than an austere one Idina is a soldier for the winning team alliance  She has a lot of anger towards anyone Gretia and represents how most alliance probably feels post wars  She also is about to get the first glimpse that the peace they shoved down everyone’s throats isn't sitting well and there are some ready to fight back  Her PoV captures most of what is happening on the groundDunstan is another alliance soldier set on post to guard the Gretian fleet confiscated by the alliance until it can be divided up  He just happens to be on rotation when the shit hits the fan and it becomes clear that maybe not everyone is taking the treaty well and someone is looking to wreak a little havoc   His PoV covers most of what is happening in spaceLast but not least is Solvieg  She was seventeen when the war ended and they took her father’s company from him  It did help in the war effort with its tech Since then she has been trained to take over the reigns of the company and now she is ready  There are a lot of people watching her and her father sees her as his in back into the family company through her She is about to find that everything she knows is probably wrong and she isn’t as safe as she assumed Her mother had approved whenever she showed courtesy to the AI in their house She figured that if the Mnemosyne ever became fully sentient and staged a rebellion against biological life forms it would remember who had treated it with respect There are a lot of little confrontations and connections in this  Aden does carry most of the story as we learn about the aftermath of the war and how Gretians are viewed now   I felt the most connected to him and his journey It isn’t until almost the end of this that the action really gets going after some smaller altercations  I was really into everything happening trying to figure out who is behind all the new attacks and thenit ended There is a little bit of a cliff hanger happening and I’m completely ready for Ballistic next year continuing the Palladium War series This was my first book by Marko Kloos but it definitely won’t be my last as I enjoyed the story he brought to life and the world building in the book Narration Luke Daniels is a favorite narrator of mine and was one of the main reasons I reuested this book  As always his performance is fantastic and he brings all of the characters to life in my headListen to a clip

  5. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum how badly I crashed and burned with the last military sci fi novel I picked up I was a little nervous about starting Aftershocks However my worries were allayed as soon as I began reading the first chapter and was introduced to Aden a former soldier who fought on the side that lost and who now finds himself held in a prison of war camp Pulled into this scenario straight away I learned about this world as the story progressed it has been five years since the brutal inter planetary war ended with a peace treaty beating back the once proud Gretians who had instigated the conflict The system has been rebuilding itself ever since though there is still a lot of bad blood and animosity among the different peoples Many lives had been impacted by the war and there are some survivors who will never forgive the Gretians for what they didIdina is one such person She’s a Palladian with a grudge now part of the occupying force on Gretia making sure history won’t repeat itself For the past five years patrols with her platoon have been uiet and uneventful until one day they are ambushed by an unknown enemy Idina watched seven of her suad mates die and this was just one of deadly attacks to come In another part of the system Lieutenant Commander Dunstan Park of the Rhodian Navy is in space guarding the seized Gretian fleet when suddenly all the inoperative ships are destroyed in a series of explosions billions of tons of firepower wiped out in an instant It appears that the peace is not as stable as believed And now Aden receives the news from his prison overseer that his captivity is about to come to an end Thousands of Gretian PoWs like himself are about to be released back into society allowed to return to their homes But Aden isn’t sure how well he’ll integrate back into the real world After so many years a lot has changed On Gretia their once proud military has been neutralized along with sanctions placed on their economy Solvieg is a young executive who was just a child during the war and after the fighting was over her father had the company he founded taken away from him Now due to a loophole she can reclaim it back for her family but with the current tensions in the political climate she finds being in the public eye might not be the best ideaNormally I would have trouble reading an “afterwar” book After all it’s hard not to wish you were reading about the actual war instead of the aftermath when all the fighting is done and all you’re left with is the tedious cleanup But not so when it comes to Aftershocks Marko Kloos looks at the uestion of “what now?” through the eyes of four very different but eually engaging characters each of them providing a uniue and interesting perspective Military SF is a tough genre for me to begin with but I was eased into the narrative with Kloos’ smooth writing style and his ability to make you care about the people you are reading aboutOn the topic of characters Aden was by far my favorite Defeated but not broken he offers a fascinating look into the mind of an ex soldier who now must come to terms with the atrocities committed by the Gretians and make a new life for himself in a world that despises his people But you might be happy to know his storyline is not as bleak as it sounds A natural problem solver Aden uses creative ways to get himself out of tight spots taking readers on one adventure after another My second favorite character was Idina who isn’t shy about making her opinions on Gretians known That said though she’s no one trick pony with a single feature that makes her special Kloos’ characters are multi layered and complex individuals who evolve with the story as Idina illustrates Even the other characters who might not have stood out as much like Dunstan and Solvieg have important roles to play giving us a glimpse into other areas of the system as well as the culture and challenges in the post war climateAnd that in essence is why Aftershocks worked so well for me I loved Kloos’ world building and how deeply everything felt connected Our characters don’t live in a vacuum; they exist in a complex network of social and political interactions with the environment affecting their actions and decisions This to me is what good military SF is all about not just long winded descriptions of high tech weaponry and war strategies Yes this book had its share of action and violence but it was also balanced with incredible story development and character building The setting gave me a sense of a living breathing universe one full of feeling and meaning All of it made me want to know Unfortunately though Aftershocks closes rather abruptly leaving us with a “to be continued” ending and lots of unanswered uestions If you don’t like being teased like that I would highly recommend waiting until the series is completed before reading this book Still while I won’t deny being slightly frustrated with the sudden cliffhanger I thought it was worth it for the experience This novel was a solid start to what promises to be a fantastic series and I can’t wait for the seuel

  6. Jean Jean says:

    I have read a few of Kloos’ books This is a new series so I decided to start it and see if it is worth following I have found Kloos to be an excellent writer with a creative imaginationThe book is well written There are four different main characters and the story switches back and forth between them The four characters are a newly released POW soldier; an angry racist soldier; a young vice president of a corporation who is the daughter of the founder of the company; and a freighter captain It is many years after a major war Is a new war starting or a revolt and who is the new enemy? I am looking forward to the next installmentI read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book is nine hours and nine minutes Luke Daniels does an excellent job narrating the book Daniels is an actor writer and audiobook narrator He has won thirteen Audiofile Earphone Awards and was nominated for three Audie Awards

  7. Gary Gary says:

    Aftershocks is the first novel in a new series by the Kloos a gifted writer of military SF who is as steady writing scenes of action and peril as the smaller character moments that make stories tick The author is clearly trying to show off his versatility and range with The Palladium Wars and the kickoff mostly succeeds Unlike the single perspective of his popular Frontlines series Aftershocks follows several characters across multiple worlds This is also not a story about war but the uneasy calm of war’s aftermath of a slow burn space opera than a smack in the pants action adventure The novel is set after a multi planet war in which the main aggressor Gretia was defeated by a multi planet alliance Much of the focus of the story is on Aden Robertson a former Gretian soldier trying to reintegrate into society after serving mandatory prison time as recompense for Gretian atrocities Various other character threads elucidate the social and economic circumstances of the tense uneasy peacetime reconstructionWhile it may evince a temperate demeanor than the Frontlines novels Aftershocks doesn’t skimp on the spectacle The plot’s catalyst is a doozy showing the brazen scuttling of a fleet of captured warships by unknown conspirators This seuence along with Aden’s desperate escape from a hijacked freighter and the thrilling chase finale remind us of Kloos’ talent for jaw clenching suspense and terrifying violent action If I have any complaints about Aftershocks it’s that it teases a big reveal to come it still leaves a little too much hanging at the end for the resolution to be truly satisfying There is however a lot of solid groundwork laid for what promises to be a great series

  8. Emma Emma says:

    Great start to a new series and well set up for the long haul but also with enough action in its own right I’ve got lots of uestions that need answers Next one please

  9. Charles Charles says:

    Beginning of a many books’ crossover military science fiction MIL SFconspiracy thriller space opera modeled on The Expanse Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I can't help but to compare and contrast this story to The Expanse That’s obviously what the author was imitating here However the book falls short of the higher literary standards set by that series towards its end and does not set itself well enough apart from it story wise In addition the book doesn’t end with a cliff hanger it ends with a cliff Its as if the author had a contractual word count; reached it and stopped with a To Be Continued My ebook version was a moderate 288 pages I received it free with my Prime subscription The author's publisher put a lot of eyeballs on the book with this piece of marketing It had a US 2019 copyright Reading was brisk although at the end I was paging through Marko Kloos is an American MIL SF and fantasy fiction author He has written about ten novels The last book I read by him was Terms of Enlistment 2013 my review the first in his Frontlines seriesWriting was good Kloos is a journeyman writer Action seuences were well choreographed Dialog and descriptive prose averaged out to workmanlike Dialog was better than the descriptive prose which was clunky and contained some odd word choices For example there was needless repetition in the narrative The words drive plume were exclusively used to describe rocket exhaust maybe 20 times Also you don’t get a rocket properly exhaust plume in vacuum The tone of the writing was also uneven Masculine dialog and narrative were better wrought than feminine The author needs to work on his female characters The male characters were alright Men that look like women like Idena were likewise alright Girly girls not so much There was no sex drugs and rock ‘n roll music in the story Violence was on par with similar books in the sub genre Sex and the possibility of sex appears in the narrative but nobody has any I frankly thought this was prudishly unrealistic considering the military and immediate post war plot and character opportunities Alcohol and drug usage appear in the narration Its social use only Self medication plays no part in the plot Again I think this was not realistic considering the military particularly de mobilized military and post war plot PTSD must be rampant through the population? There are no music references Violence was physical edged weapons firearms and heavy weapons Its moderately graphic Body count was modest for the genre This book could have been written for a YA audienceThere was an ensemble cast of characters I don’t particularly like ensemble character usage The main POVs were Aden Idina Dunstan and Solveig Aden was first amongst euals of the characters He’s a Getian That’s the Teutonic Planet They lost the war He’s eerily similar to Grayson the protagonist in Kloos’ Terms of Enlistment He’s an Ex Officer and a Gentleman Having served with the losing side of the story's euivalent of the Waffen SS he's an ex war criminal He committed no atrocities He’s setting out to make his way in the solar system because he can’t go home to his rich family after being de mobilized There’s an undeveloped Archnemesis Dad plot Aden was the strongest character He contributed much of the narrative He could have carried the book by himself Idina was the hardened serving non commissioned non com veteran for the winning side of the war She’s a Palladian That’s the South Asian planet They were amongst the allies who won the war She looks too much like Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper from The Expanse to need any explanation Dunstan was a serving Space Navy Officer and a Gentleman but for the winning side He’s a Rhodian That’s the North American planet It could be American but it might be Canadian? He’s The Captain Idina and Dunsten contribute moderately to the narrative Finally there’s Solveig She’s Aden’s sister and the youngest 20 something character She’s Getian She’s also an Ojou and Smart Girl She’s heir to the family mega corp in the absence of her brother Its yet to be seen if she’s Kloos’ Mary Sue There are numerous subordinate characters They mainly come from the militaries of war’s combatants police merchant spacers mega corporate apparatchiks and the demimonde These characters were well enough done However I thought Kloos invested too many words in characters he eventually discarded The antagonist was an undeveloped Nebulous Government Conspiracy You’ll have to buy books to find out Plot was barely an introduction to the main characters and then the book ended If a story classically has three 3 or five 5 acts only Idina’s and Dunstan’s narratives might count as having been taken full turn Note these are the MIL SF story lines Kloos' bread 'n butter Aden’s main plot line and its subordinate Solveig’s plot line ended abruptly with To Be Continued This left me with the feeling that the story of this book in the series was very unfinished However to summarize a great war between two 2 coalitions in a six 6 planet solar system has been over for 5 years Folks have begun putting themselves and things back together The victors are suabbling amongst themselves and the vanuished are sullen Think the end of WWII in the European theater However Getia feels like Weimar Germany with an IraAfghanistan occupation Aden and Solvieg are like defeated German Krupp heirs Only Aden can’t go home because of his problems with his father He’s also a freed war criminal Actually both he and father are freed war criminals He needs to make a new life for himself Whether she’s ready or not young beautiful brilliant Solvieg has to take over the family business The father being a war criminal can’t run a mega corp Idina was a career ground pounder with something like the AmericanNATO IraAfghanistan occupation forces She still has issues with the losers Dunstan survives the post war Reduction in Force as the skipper of a small warship and tries to settle into a peacetime regime Weird stuff happens Idina enters a counter terrorism think IraAfghanistan conflict situation Dunstan enters a space piracy conflict situation The reader sees both conflict situations are related to a Nebulous Conspiracy Aden has some formative experiences while in the process of being repatriated He gets a shady looking job traveling around the solar system It’s likely involved with the Nebulous Conspiracy The young Sovieg gets a high profile job at the mega corp as heir apparent The Mega corp was likely involved with the Nebulous Conspiracy Story ends World building was ‘mixed’ In places it was very good In others you could tell the author was pulling it out of his butt and had not devoted enough thought to it The author specializes in MIL SF Idina’s and Dunstan’s worlds had credible atmosphere He has always done well to capture the Army kulture With regard to space navy the practices and procedures were also well enough done This is one of the few space battle stories I've read that knew a spaceship can be fought better by a machine AI than a man The author knows John Scalzi However I think the military life he writes about was overly sanitized For example there is historically a lot of substance abuse profiteering and sexploitation in garrison duty right after a bitter conflict Serving veterans after a long war get hinky in peacetime In addition post war recruits are typically not amongst the best and brightest All of Kloos' soldiers and sailors are too much noble warriors and not human beings recovering from stress and confronted with great change The author's grasp of space science was shaky There is a vocabulary to space science He doesn’t use it and likely doesn’t completely understand it This even takes into account the Palladium Universe’s use of Artificial Gravity For example Palladium universe spaceships use hyperefficient nuclear electric rockets I can't recall any narrative about spaceships fueling or carrying fuel What do these 'rockets' use for propellant to create all those drive plumes? SpeedTimeDistance also seems a bit off the cuff for interplanetary transits I did a back of the envelope spreadsheet calculation of Aden’s ‘about’ one week spaceship ride from Rhodia to Acheron at 1 g on the Cloud Dancer A spaceship can travel than a Billion km ±20% in 7 days at 1 g with decel which the author included although you don’t instantaneously go from ‘stop’ to 98 ms2 We also don’t know the relative positions of the planets in their orbits A Billion km ±20% is about the distance from Earth to Saturn at their closest points in orbit I would like to see a ‘map’ of the six planets in the Gaia system Keeping the timedistance relationships between planetary travel straight could get hairy as the characters bounce around the Gaian system?The computer and comms tech was credible This even takes into account the Palladium Universe’s use of theSubspace Ansible for IntarWeb connectivity between planets Frankly I thought that in the year 3300 ish CE there would have been a greater degree of technological progress You would think that if you’ve got anti gravity tech—you’d find a way to build it into toothbrushes? I also thought I’d see mention of 3D printer manufacturing I note that The Expanse went almost the entire series without itIn general I thought the story's future was not terribly imaginative or well thought out For example the cause of the war as explained by Solieg and Aden’s father seemed farfetched Graphene is manufactured by an industrial process from a common element Carbon Invading a planet for their Graphene was like invading them for their rocks Where does the fuel and the infrastructure providing it for interplanetary travel come from? In a war fuel its consumption and provisioning is a key part of the logistics effort Why were so many marginally habitable planets in the Gaia system inhabited by different ethnic groups? Why were there so many segregated ethnic groups? It’s likely prohibitively expensive to maintain large populations in artificial environments especially when there’s allegedly plenty of Lebensraum on planets with ‘free’ air mostly 1g and moderate temperatures With well established inexpensive instantaneous communications why were folks speaking so many different languages that linguists like Aden were needed? The author wants to write the new The Expanse He didn’t have the ability or the resources to do that The story was a good MIL SF read combat wise This story was good because it written by someone who was familiar with the military and gets the parts about being a soldier or sailor right However it lacks the prose depth and originality to be a really good epic space opera The craftsmanship of the writing was generally good but there were noticeable and easily correctable errors A higher caliber of editors and better proofreading could have greatly improved the story Harder to improve was the structure of the book The ensemble cast of characters was a serious error Leviathan Wakes 2011 the first book in the The Expanse had a single POV Holden’s As the James SA Corey writing team matured they eventually went to the harder to write ensemble format They also later received important publisher and fan production support with world building and editing Kloos had a good character with Aden the ability and enough pages to write the first part of Aden’s Story in the Palladium Wars He overreached He tried to write four 4 stories at once and only did two 2 of them OK not Aden’s though In addition the story was not showing a lot of deep thinking with the world building As the series develops this lack of forethought may have adverse conseuences I'll likely read the next in the series Ballistic hoping it gets better although it’s not going to be high on my list

  10. M. M. says:

    Where the hell is the rest of the novel?

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Aftershocks The Palladium Wars #1 W obejmującym sześć planet systemie Gaja przypominająca Ziemię Gretia dąży do stabilizacji w obliczu międzyplanetarnej wojny Zawiązuje się niepewny sojusz służący ratowaniu gospodarki zasobów oraz populacjiDo gry wraca Aden Robertson Poświęcił dwanaście lat przegranej sprawie na rękach ma krew pół miliona ofiar a teraz próbuje znaleźć sposób by wieść dalsze życieNie jest jedynyOficer marynarki był świadkiem niepojętych ataków na ocaloną flotę Sierżant z sił okupacyjnych stąpa po coraz mniej przyjaznym gruncie Zaś młoda kobieta na którą spadły obowiązki wiceprezesa rodzinnego imperium surowców staje w obliczu zagrożenia jakiego nigdy się nie spodziewałaTeraz w szczycie gwałtownego i zataczającego coraz szersze kręgi powstania Aden wraca do brutalnego życia o którym tak bardzo pragnął zapomnieć