Letters to Kelly PDF Î Letters to PDF \

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Letters to Kelly
  • Suzanne Brockmann
  • English
  • 02 September 2016
  • 9780373272839

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Letters to Kelly3 starsI would've loved this one a lot if the heroine wasn't so annoying and IMO unreasonable I loved T and the letters Even T's romance novel was funeven though it had a secret baby plot lolHere's one letter Dear KellyAnother day dawns and I am still here in this damned miserable cell But then you come if only in my dreamsYou come after sunset Tonight you are sixteen and when you smile I suddenly realize you are wearing your prom dress You are so beautiful my heart nearly stops beatingYou lean forward to kiss me and I can feel your soft lips smell your perfume You take me with you back in time and for a while I am out of here I sit with you in my sports car wearing my tuxedo and we kissYou are still so young and I still don’t know any better I can’t stop myselfI love youLove T HERO Tyrone Jackson Winchester II — HEROINE Kelly O'Brien — LOCATION Boston and Cape Cod Massachusetts — Either Way He Was A Condemned Man — So here I sit writing letters that have no hope of reaching you until I am free to deliver them myself With luck that will be soon For your eighteenth birthday is coming and I intend to be there like I promised For years a trumped up charge and a Central American prison cell kept Jax Winchester from claiming the girl he loved Now he was a free man Or was heFor only the memory of Kelly O'Brien and the letters he'd composed to her had kept him going But once he was released he knew he was still a prisoner in a jail of his own making The way out this time Keep that promise he'd made to Kelly all those years ago and claim her for his own 275A few things I struggled with The author waited till the very end of the story for the hero to tell the heroine about his time in prison Why? Why why WHY? It’s a big thing to keep a secret and was one of the reasons that kept them apart for years and she didn’t know about it and kept thinking he abandoned her Drove me nuts Jax was in prison for 2 years in Central America He was beaten whipped and punished severely So where the hell are all his scars? You can not tell me he didn’t walk away from that without a few physical scars I was waiting for Kelly to see one and ask him about it butnope It was very conveniently missing Contrived and totally disregarded detail of the hero’s past history It was such a contrived loophole to keep the secret going The hero is a total sweetheart he’s romantic affectionate sexy and leads with his heart and just wants the woman he loves Nothing wrong with that But I felt he was a little too emotional at times and his reactions were a bit much in some cases I guess I wouldn’t have minded it as much if the heroine didn’t keep pushing him away and coming off so cold and detached I honestly didn't see what was sooooo wonderful about Kelly that had Jax jumping through hoops to get her to give him a chance shrugs Hated the hero’s name Tyrone Jackson Winchester III Blech It's a mouthful and the countless nicknames were no better He likes to go by Jax which is lovely but for some inane reason the heroine prefers calling him Tyrone or T Jackson cause that sounds so much better RME or just T in some cases What the hell kind of name is T Jackson anyways? Hated it So there’s Tyrone T Jackson Jax and T The author kept flip flopping with all the different nicknames in the dialogue It’s very inconsistent And why Kelly couldn’t stick to calling him by one name irritated me The dialogue and plot were a little too corny for me I would have loved the love letters if they weren't in present tense and summarizing everything in 1st person narration Meh I selected this book thinking it would just be a nice light romantic read and I always enjoy Suzanne Brockmann's books It was so much better than I anticipated The novel completely revolves around the two main characters T and Kelly but there are four stories going on Story one is when they first met and the history of their relationship until they were separated story two is T's letters to Kelly he writes in his mind while he is imprisoned in Central America story three is what is happening presently as T tries to win back Kelly's love and story four is the book T is writing which is really biographical of his relationship with Kelly I loved how T has conversations with the romantic hero of his novel Jared and how Jared argues with him about how the story should go I have heard authors say their characters tell them how the story should go but it was fun to read in a novel Kinda suirmy with the hero out of college going to prom with high schooler Didn't mind the age gap after she grew up Didn't really see what made the hero fall for the heroine and stay devoted to her Not that there was anything wrong with the heroine but felt the author told than showed the love development I've got mitigated feelings regarding this bookFirst thing to know the story starts when Kelly is 12 and Jax 18; they both realize they're in love with each other at 1622 Nothing happens then but kisses However I'm never really uite comfortable with this kind of setting and anyway do not usually appreciate so much stories of teen love ever lastingI really liked Jax and getting to know him his past why he did not fulfill the promises he gave to Kelly how he tried to sway her once it became possible again the letters he wrote before those he wrote in the beach house they share He's really a good heroKelly on the other side is a disappointment I understood she turned to someone else a few months after being 18 and feeling turned down by Jax who did not show It seemed so hasty that she should marry her new boyfriend after not than a few months and move with him to California Then after her divorce she always assumed the worst without asking for explanations or trying to see the differences Well she really did not impress me and I thought a few times times Jax would be better off moving on and trying to find out someone else Listened to this as an unabridged audio This was a little different Brockmann story but still very enjoyable Narrator made it even better Lawlor didn't disappoint never does Makes a casual story riveting His delivery is always spectacular Just wish I could have Patrick Lawlor do ALL my audiobooks He does such a wonderful job he should get an academy award every time One of my favorite bookseverHe hero stole my heart over and over The horror he experiences his steadfast sweetness and his true devotion to the heroine made me want to crawl into his arms and become her Love love love this book This is one of my most favorite books I re read this one often It is so dramatically different from most everything I have read It is sigh worthy I looooove it I read this one long ago; it's still enchanting

About the Author: Suzanne Brockmann

Ed Gaffney Suz divides her time between Framingham Massachusetts and Sarasota Florida She has two grown children