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  1. Mary Marsell Mary Marsell says:

    Like so many others I have RA a very serious autoimmune disease that personally exhibits itself with debilitating symptoms migraines cranial pain which radiates down my spine and impares my vision and euilibrium and cause nausea flu achiness throughout my body and depression as a precursor Like the author Iida of A Kitchen Fairytale Healing with Food the only thing that has given me any relief in the last five years of chronic pain since my condition worsened has been the Paddison Program I love Iada's commitment to make healing a must a no compromise not at home nor when out and traveling I also appreciate that her book of advice and recipes follows a progression from the Humble Healing to reset my body whenever I fall off the Program to those advanced recipes once I'm gut tolerant A most excellent and inspirational guide to help those of us to keep going on the journey of WFPB healing

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A Kitchen Fairytale Written by 'expert patient' Iida who has used the principles of plant based wholefoods with no added sweeteners fats or oils to regain her own health this is a beautifully illustrated full colour cookbook that explicitly follows the approach of the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis and also provides help with other autoimmune conditions It shows how anyone eating according to those principles can do so simply sustainably and enjoyably and inclusively so that family and friends can eat the same way whether they have health issues or notForeword by Clint Paddison founder of the Paddison ProgramRecipes graded for their level of healing with the gentlest labeled 'Humble Healing'The principles of cooking without added oil 'steam frying' etc200 superb colour photographs