Island Doctor to Royal Bride? PDF á Island Doctor

Island Doctor to Royal Bride? Review posted at HarleuinJunkiecomWhen tragic news reaches Dr Arissa Cotter she has no choice but to accept help from Dr Philippe Aronaz when he comes into her clinic However working alongside the gorgeous doctor isn’t easy for her and when she learns of his true identity from the man himself Arissa knows she has to either accept who he is or wonder if going their separate ways is for the best Since she’s a woman that wants nothing to do with the kind of publicity Philippe is used to Yet there’s no denying their chemistry Will Arissa take a chance on the man she’s falling in love with or will she walk away because she likes her privacy too much? Read More Working side by sideWith a secret princeIn desperate need of staff for her small clinic on a beautiful Malaysian island Dr Arissa Cotter accepts the help of tourist Dr Philippe Aronaz little knowing her knight in shining armor is also a prince But when he sweeps her away to his Mediterranean kingdom she discovers Philippe faces battles of his own Arissa has always hidden herself away—dare she step into the spotlight and stand by her prince’s sidegle Dad

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