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A Greek Affair Linn B Halton also writes as Lucy Coleman the top ten bestselling author of Snowflakes Over Holly Cove More than just a holiday romance Her daughter her job and divorcing her untrustworthy ex are Leah’s main priorities She isn’t really bothered that her life might be missing a few things But after winning a prestigious travel blogger award she’s inundated with offers to review glamorous holiday destinationsLying around drinking exotic cocktails and being paid for it what could be better Perhaps a romantic trip to idyllic Greece to find the one man who might make Leah risk her heart again

About the Author: Linn B. Halton

Linn B Halton writes feelgood fiction home is where the heart is In 2013 she won the UK Festival of Romance Innovation in Romantic Fiction Award Originally from Bristol she now lives in the Welsh Valleys with her husband and Bengal cat ZiggyFor Linn life is all about family friends and writing She is a self confessed hopeless romantic and an eternal optimist When Linn is not writing s

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  1. Berit☀️✨ Berit☀️✨ says:

    A dazzling story about love friendship family and second chancesThis book will bring some much needed sunshine into the darkest of winter days nothing better than a book that allows you to vacation without the need of a passport or to get on an airplane in this book we got to virtually take many trips the best of them being a trip to Greece Lin B Halton did such a wonderful job of describing the sites the sounds the smells the people and the food of Greece that I feel as though I can scratch it off my bucket listLeah is a single mother with a lovely 9 year old daughter Rosie Leah has had to claw her way back after her ex not only left her for another woman but left her in financial ruin Leah is now an up and coming travel blogger she is also surrounded by some pretty amazing people including her parents who are supportive and helpful and pretty darn stellar grandparents While on a cruise she befriends a remarkable man name Harrison I really found the friendship between them uite wonderful when in Greece she meets Daniel an archaeology professor on a dig An amazing tour guide and a man with a secret there is definite chemistry between Leah and Daniel but they both have some reservations as well as some issues when it comes to matters of the heart nothing is ever easyThis book was so realistic filled with a few complicated love stories and several fantastic characters I was probably frustrated with almost every character in this book at one time or another how could they not see what was right in front of them? Every character in this book was really likable and Rosie was downright adorable I loved that Rosie had such an important part in her mother’s travel blog I also loved that this book addressed how time consuming blogging can be although I must admit Leah got some pretty fantastic perksAn enchanting story full of warmth and heart absolutely recommend many thanks to Harper Impulse for my copy of this book

  2. Dash fan Dash fan says:

    5☆ An Uplifting Read that Transports you to Stunning Locations A Greek Affair is a beautifully compelling read about starting over finding love Friendship family and some gorgeous locations The perfect book to get lost in especially on a cold winters dayThe opening to this book had me stunned Leah's husband leaves her without so much as a note not only does he leave their very young and adorable daughter Rosie but he leaves her in a mountain of debt for another women That was a shockerBut Leah picks herself up and moves on with daughter Rosie by her sideLeah is a Travel Blogger her blog is called The Sun Seeker’s Guide to a Happy Holiday’and she has just won a prestigious award for Top Travel Blog Gaining her blog lots coverage and reputationRosie now 9years old also features on Leah's Blog She has her own feature for children going on holiday and what they should pack Leah gets to travel alot to stunning destinations whilst reviewing everything the hotelcruise etc offer It's on these fabulous trips she meets some amazing people Harrison melted my heart how he took her under his wing on the cruise they shared intimate secrets but in turn helped each other heal A true gent Then there was Daniel who she meets in Greece Who also takes a shine to Leah taking her on tour But can he get the one thing Leah isn't so sure about sharing her heart?Oh my I could go on and on this book is so AmazingLinn whisked me away to some stunning locations which pleased me no end as I'm feeling pretty ill right now Just the Tonic I needed For me Rosie stole the show She is an absolute delight So level headed and grown up A joy to get to knowLeah is an inspirationAnyone who writes a blog will be able to relate to Leah's hard Work and passion she puts into making her blog special and Rosie's section won it for me Such a fantastic idea to do something fun with your childrenA Greek Affair is a wonderfully charming uplifting and compelling read that left me feeling warm insideThe plot is an entertaining mix of drama Romance Humour wit and Emotion about Learning to Love again Friendship Family Starting Over and TravelThe Characters are all strong likeable and very relatableI love how much little detail and knowledge Linn has put in to make this book extra special particularly the descriptive travel locationsSo if you are looking to be whisked away to somewhere hot that's filled with romance and loveable characters then you definitely need to read A Greek AffairThank you to Rachel Random Resources for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarilyMy Review is also on my Blog Website

  3. Zoe Zoe says:

    Warm uplifting and wonderfully descriptiveA Greek Affair is the heartwarming engaging story of Leah a hardworking single mom whose life takes a turn for the better when her success as a travel blogger enables her to enjoy time with her daughter explore idyllic locations develop new friendships confront a past full of hardships and heartbreak and potentially meet the man of her dreamsThe writing is light and precise The characters are compassionate supportive and dependable And the plot is an enchanting mix of drama emotion funny mishaps friendship family love; as well as an insightful view into the city of AthensOverall A Greek Affair is pure escapism It's another entertaining thoughtful tale by Halton with such exuisite imagery it will leave you yearning to travel and dreaming of blue skies sunny days and endless nightsThank you to Linn B Halton and Rachel's Random Resources for providing me with a copy in an exchange for an honest review

  4. Rachel Gilbey Rachel Gilbey says:

    Greecesexy men travel blogger two wonderful children a new best friend and some painful pasts What could you want from this wonderful book that I could barely tear myself away fromI was already a fan of this author but this is now easily my favourite book by Linn B Halton I loved Leah and Rosie from when we first meet them to their present day situation which is really remarkable As a fan of travel myself I was lapping up Leah's assignments and was delighted to see plenty of details included While in Greece we get a fabulous tour of some of the main tourist attractions some delicious sounding Greek food and the new man in Leah's life Having been to Athens myself there were sections that rang really true so its clearly been well researched There is also uite a bit to this book than the gorgeous cover suggests and it does touch on some meatier themes For me siting poolside in Mexico while I was reading it this is a perfect pool holiday read although it could easily be read anywhere and anytime you need to escape abroad for a whileThank you to Harper Impulse and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily

  5. Cathy Ryan Cathy Ryan says:

    This story encompasses a good mix of issues—including honesty with yourself and others facing up to fears and second chances A Greek Affair tells the story of Leah a travel blogger and her daughter Rosie Leah has been nominated in the Top Travel Blog category and is attending the awards ceremony with no expectations of winning She is the new kid on the block as it were having expanded her freelance photography website to include holiday destinations After a lucky chance encounter which resulted in an interview going viral Leah’s website is well and truly out there She’s had a rough several years after being deserted by her husband who disappeared with her twin sister leaving a mountain of debts and two devastated families As a single mother it’s taken her years to pay off the money owedIt looks like Leah’s fortunes are about to turn around as she is completely unprepared and incredulous when the name of her blog is announced as the winner It’s an important award and will mean big sponsorship deals and a lot of travel not to mention money which will alleviate much of the stress she been under We follow Leah as she tries to balance her working and personal lives with bringing up her daughter while trying to make sure their needs are met as much as possible Her parents are very supportive as Leah is still trying to deal with the fall out from the disappearance and deceit of her twin and husband but losing a daughter means they are also suffering Leah and Rosie who contributes to the blog meet people during Leah’s assignments who have a huge impact on their lives They all including Leah have issues to work through before they can move on The characters are well drawn and the writing flows nicely Leah’s relationships with her daughter and parents is particularly well portrayed I enjoyed the blogging aspect of the story and the descriptions of the travel destinations really popped bringing much colour and interesting facts to the narrative Leah’s first assignment is a Mediterranean cruise then a trip to Greece The detailed account of Athens is incredibly vibrant but I think I’d have much the same trouble as Leah when it comes to heights and glass walkwaysThere are serious and relevant themes covered sensitively in the story which give it depth and realism as well as empathy for the characters I chose to read and review A Greek Affair courtesy of Rachel’s Random Resources via NetGalley

  6. Els Els says:

    I love reading Christmas stories but on the other hand I am uite happy to leave them behind for about a year and I was so looking forward to start a book partly taking place in sunny Greece I do admit that the festive season also gives you a warm feeling but I am still a sun sea and sand kind of girl Give me blue skies and seas and white beaches and I am packing my suitcaseWell this book made me want to jump on a plane and read it under an umbrella basking in the warm weather but I will have to make do by reading it at home under a cosy blanketThere are a lot of descriptions in the book about nature and interior designs I like that because I am a very visual person and I like to be able to picture exactly what the background is In this case it was very detailed but I think it was a very good call due to the main character's occupation It was like killing two birds with one stone resulting in a perfect fitThe story is about love lost and found again coming to terms with the past and looking forward to the future and about making difficult decisions in the processI liked the book and I was pleased there was an epilogue to give us a glimpse into the future I can say without any doubt that my first read of the new year was a success 4 starsThank you Linn B Halton and RachelsRandomResourceshttpsbforbookreviewwordpresscom

  7. booksofallkinds booksofallkinds says:

    Bringing a blast of sunshine and warmth into a cold January evening A GREEK AFFAIR by Linn B Halton is a contemporary romance with a lot to it than meets the eyeAbandoned by her husband in the most despicable of ways Leah and her daughter Rosie are finally starting to see the sunshine through the trees almost seven years later Setting up a travel blog Leah has found her passion and when she wins a prestigious award it isn't long before their dreams are becoming reality New opportunities are providing them both with new friendships and widening their horizons as they travel to different locations But is Leah able to let go of the hurt from the past to let someone new into her life? And when her no good ex slithers back onto the scene will he take her precious daughter away from her? With plenty of drama laughter friendship and tears A GREEK AFFAIR by Linn B Halton takes you on a journey of the senses as her characters and settings come alive for the reader While the story did not always go in the direction that I thought it would it never stopped fascinating me and I wanted to know how things would end up for Leah and the lovely Rosie​ I highly recommend A GREEK AFFAIR by Linn B Halton for fans of contemporary fiction everywhere and it will definitely give you travel destinations for your bucket list I voluntarily reviewed this book via Netgalley

  8. Julie Julie says:

    When I saw that this book was set in Greece I knew I had to read it From the start I was sucked into Leah's life as we discover in the first chapter that her cheating husband leaves her to bring up their baby daughter Fast forward several years and when she meets archaeologist Daniel in Athens there is definitely a spark However true love never runs smoothly as there are obstacles which prevent them being togetherThe author does a great job of taking the reader on an emotional journey as well as taking us on a journey around the sights of Athens I loved following in their footsteps in a city I know well This is a wonderful book from start to finish which I thoroughly enjoyed

  9. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    Wow Congratulations to Linn B Halton for writing a fabulous feel good story This is my first book that I have read by Linn Halton now I've found an author that holds my attention I'm going to read books by Linn I was totally amazed at by story as it was really uite a believable story What the novel did for me personally it gave me a touch of escape with added glamour Wake me up I must dreaming was one of my favourite chapters but the whole of the book was so brilliant I have to add Wake Me up I must be dreaming The ueen of day time TV presents an award at the annual Travellers Abroad industry gala evening Leah who was a freelance photographer added to her blog her very own holiday photographs Any award as you can imagine is an extremely precious award for the winner Leah is sure that someone she knows will win The Sun's Seeker's guide to happy Holidays So who will be lucky holiday blogger to win the the award? I hope any of you that have put A Greek Affair on your to read list find some time to read it

  10. Julie Morris Julie Morris says:

    So in these grey dreary post Christmas days of January when the glitter and sparkle of the Christmas decorations are a dim memory and we are waiting for the plop of the credit card bills on the mat our thoughts inevitably turn with longing to the hot sunny days and relaxed scented evenings of our summer holidays Or is that just me?This is the first year for the last five when January holiday planning hasn’t meant organising and selling them to other people so instead I am indulging my daydreams through reading and my first book set in in warmer climes has been A Greek Affair by Linn B Halton and it has been the perfect one to cheer up these early days of the new year which can often feel a little flat and depressingLinn is whisking us off firstly on a cruise in the Med and then to the ancient and imposing city of Athens with the heroine of her new book Leah a struggling single mother still dealing with the fallout of being abandoned by her husband and trying her best to make a good life for her daughter Rosie She is single minded and focused on her goals until fate or is it the Greek gods throw not one but two handsome men in to her pathThis book was everything you would expect from a novel with travel as a central theme and I really enjoyed the blogger angle which I am surprised has not featured in recent books maybe I’m just reading the wrong books but actually the book goes far beyond a superficial holiday romance storyAs a single parent myself this book tackles some real emotional truths about the hardships of that condition in an honest but sensitive way and I was totally in tune and sympathetic with what Leah was going through in this book Trying to balance the needs of young children with the emotional demands of your own life is a very tricky path to navigate and one which and women will be able to relate to in modern times and Linn has dealt with it with a real depth of understanding and sensitivity which was a pleasure to readThere is a lot to enjoy in this book The characters are all wonderfully drawn – I particularly loved Leah’s parents and Harrison and the exotic settings are brought to life in such a way to satisfy the pickiest armchair traveller Beware though her descriptions will give you a serious craving for Greek food I am still thinking about the saganaki as I type this However the real standout aspect of this book for me is the personal struggle of Leah in balancing her own needs with that of her child and the honest portrayal of this dilemma raises this book above the level of simple beach readHighly recommended for those needing a little sunshine in their lives coupled with an involving emotional story

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