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Guarding His Witness Protecting a murder witness A brand new Bachelor Bodyguards novel Former vice cop Clint uarters is haunted by the memory of an informant he couldn't save And the victim's devastated sister Rosie Mendez hasn't forgiven him either But when the bodyguard must protect murder witness Rosie the danger they face is only rivaled by the red hot electricity between them Can Clint keep Rosie safe or will her testimony lead to certain death for them both

4 thoughts on “Guarding His Witness

  1. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries Bachelor Bodyguards

  2. Elizabeth Mckernan Elizabeth Mckernan says:

    good book good series

  3. Kathy Schultz Kathy Schultz says:

    Book reviewsI did not like the heroine at all irritated me to no end because she thought she was always right and then to find out there was a cliff hanger Wish I had my money back

  4. Ash Ash says:

    Didn't finish the bookThe heroine was annoying and both the characters constantly had lust on their mind Couldn't connect to the charactersThe heroine best described herself She’d known the truth; she just hadn’t wanted to face itThat was becoming a dangerous habit for her Because she’d known that Clint was right She shouldn’t have come here And now she might lose her life because of her stubbornness

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