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Julia 10 High Performance Key Features Learn to code high reliability and high performance programs Stand out from the crowd by developing code that runs faster than your peers’ codes Monitor the performance Code uality Resource Optimizations Book Description Julia is a high level high performance dynamic programming language for numerical computing It was created to solve the dilemma between high level slow code and fast but low level code and the necessity to use both to achieve high performanceIf you want to understand how to avoid bottlenecks and design your program for the highest possible performance then this book is for youJulia High Performance will take you on a journey to understand the performance characteristics of your Julia programs and enables you to utilize the promise of near C levels of performance in Julia In this book you will also see how Julia uses type information to achieve its performance goals and how to use multiple dispatches to help the compiler to emit high performance machine code Numbers and their arrays are obviously the key structures in scientific computing – you will see how Julia’s design makes them fast Towards the end you will get a taste of Julia’s multithreading and distributed computing capabilitiesBy the end you will have the ability to build large scale high performance Julia applications design systems with focus on speed and improve performance of existing codebases What you will learn Understand how Julia code is transformed into machine code Learn the characteristics of high performance Julia code Measure the time and memory taken by Julia programs Create fast machine code using Julia’s type information Define and call functions without compromising Julia’s performance Understand number types in Julia Use Julia arrays to write high performance code Accelerate your code with the GPU Use Tasks and async IO for responsive programs Run Julia programs on large distributed cluster About the Author Avik Sengupta has worked on risk and trading systems in investment banking for many years mostly using Java interspersed with snippets of the exotic R and K languages This experience left him wondering whether there were better things out there Avik's uest came to a happy conclusion with the appearance of Julia in 2012 He has been happily coding in Julia and contributing to it ever since

  • Kindle Edition
  • 236 pages
  • Julia 10 High Performance
  • Avik Sengupta
  • 08 June 2015

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