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The Warehouse Gun violence climate change and unemployment have ravaged the United States beyond recognitionAmidst the wreckage an online retail giant named Cloud reigns supreme Cloud brands itself not just as an online storefront but as a global saviour Yet beneath the sunny exterior lurks something far sinisterPaxton never thought he’d be working Security for the company that ruined his life much less that he’d be moving into one of their sprawling live work facilities But compared to what’s left outside perhaps Cloud isn’t so bad Better still through his work he meets Zinnia who fills him with hope for their shared futureExcept that Zinnia is not what she seems And Paxton with his all access security credentials might just be her meal ticketAs Paxton and Zinnia’s agendas place them on a collision course they’re about to learn just how far the Cloud will go to make the world a better place To beat the system you have to be inside it

About the Author: Rob Hart

Rob Hart is the author of THE WAREHOUSE which has been sold in than 20 countries and been optioned for film by Ron Howard He also wrote the Ash McKenna crime series the short story collection TAKE OUT and SCOTT FREE with James Patterson He’s worked as a political reporter the communications director for a politician and a commissioner for the city of New York He is the former publishe

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  1. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    Rob Hart provides a shockingly powerful and harrowing glimpse into the all too real possible realities in our future of a ravaged world and US this is a contemporary dystopian version of Orwell's 1984 In this near future there is a government but it is of little conseuence there is a desperate scramble for jobs any job and towering over it all is the Cloud a monopoly with unfettered power a thinly disguised a monstrous behemoth with its tentacles in every pie such as media outlets technology etc The Cloud proclaims itself as a force for all that is good delivering goods by drone a presence in every city and the perfect employer shaping the nature of work and life where employees live on site where their every need is met by the caring Cloud It all sounds too good to be true and as Hart's prescient novel proves it is in fact a horror of a nightmare that we could all too easily be sleepwalking into the seeds of it are all here in today's worldThis is a well structured storytelling which excels in its world building where the drudgery and monotony of working for the company is laid bare in all its excruciating details the all encompassing surveillance observation and tight monitoring of its employees the lack of employee rights the terrifying and sinister goings on behind the scenes at Cloud and the conspiracies A disillusioned Paxton a prison guard who had his company destroyed by Cloud is now taken on by Cloud working security for the company Zinnia another employee she is a woman with her own hidden agenda gravitates towards Paxton with an ulterior motive his position gives him access to areas that she needs The narrative gives their perspectives and that of the now dying CEO of Cloud the man responsible for the Cloud from its very beginnings Gibson Wells He sees himself as man who has done nothing but good in the world a self justifying hypocrite claiming he is at the top of the corporate pile thanks to market forces Wells is a sickeningly deluded man manipulative ignoring and refusing to acknowledge just how the dice were loaded against anyone and everyone that challenged Cloud Is it possible to challenge the Cloud now?Hart lays out his compelling premise with skill with great characterisation and character development giving us a painstaking portrayal of a world bereft of humanity morality and ethics The Cloud is a product of the unuestioning consumer wanting the lowest prices ease of delivery the entire convenience of the process that aided the Cloud into its unassailable position That it decimated local stores and independent outlets are the inevitable conseuences of such a corporation This is scary and pertinently relevant reading material so thought provoking and with some surprising twists I admit to not always finding it an easy read but the subject matter kept me glued to the book right up to the end Many thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    My thanks to Crown Publishing and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book There are moments when I really appreciate Netgalley and this is one of them This isn't a book that I would have spent money on and if I had then I probably still wouldn't have read it I knew from the get go how this book would be and also the end Yep I'm one of those crazy folk who prefers locally owned I don't shop boxstores and except for e books and my kindle device I very seldom shop Like maybe once or twice a decade That's it I started reading this book and I got to the part where it stated that the Cloud didn't pay in money Only credits Everything you NEEDED could only be bought through the Cloud These are employees They work 10 to 12 hour days 7 days a week Of course no unions Well anyone who knows me knows that I'm slightly pissed off now I've turned down promotions because I was expected to work than 40 hours Money is awesome Too much time spent making that kind of money is not At least for me I've made a lot of money and tiny amounts of money I've learned to adjust Crikey So living in this environment means I'm now going to have to thermite you Guns knives and other stuff? Psst Nope JK Maybe I like thermite I've never seen it but I know how to make it becausebooks The thing is that this book is dystopian From the first chapter to the last it screams DYSTOPIAN I love most Apocalyptic fiction but dystopian makes me nauseous From the time my favorite bookstores and funky little local shops started closing down To the time I was allowed to interview and hire at the drugstore where I worked and I kept hearing things about Wal Mart especially but many other home and office stores too I knew that I couldn't support those wealthy who couldn't nay wouldn't even give good health insurance to their employees The first half of the book I keep singing in the back of my head Tennessee Ernie Ford's song 16 Ton's I know most people are way to young to remember the song hell I almost am too Yet the sentiment has always stuck with me You load 16 tons whattaya get? Another day older and deeper in debt Saint Peter don't ya' call me cuz I can't goI owe my soul to the company storeChilling Look up the history of what it was like before Down with big business Politicos with deep pockets Also what the hecks up with these big co tax cuts? My suat hairy man received no refund this year He seldom received much but this year he did have to pay So happy that the rich are paying their fair share That's sarcasm btw Most of my Goodreads friends recognize sarcasm but I've noticed lately that somehow ignoramuses's have taken sarcasm literally Hey I'm not saying your an idjit But yes I'm saying you are an effing idjit This book just says to me what has always been obvious Buy locally owned We here in my town no longer have bookstores No BOOKSTORE Used? Yes A fresh smelling bookstore? Sadly no I'd walk into Hastings every Tuesday morning New release day I always thought it smelled of puppy breath until I realized it was freshly brewed coffee I am not a coffee drinker Tea yes Coffee? Coffee makes me high as a kite It took me over a year to realize that fresh coffee smelled like puppy breath Wowser So rambling on I guess this is my way of saying that I received exactly what I expected from this book I knew what it was based on I also got the exact horror of it There were no big surprises It's dystopian There are never any happy endings I of course would always wish for But this is the way of the world Still this was a very readable book I put other books aside just to read this Of course it will remind you of and all internet stuff I'm so glad that all this technological crap wasn't around in the late 70's and especially the 80's Whew I dodged a bullet

  3. Liz Liz says:

    An endorsement from Blake Crouch was all I needed to reuest this book from netgalley Imagine a world in the not so distant future where has become even all encompassing and you have The Warehouse Most small businesses have disappeared driverless trucks and drones are the norm and job choices are slim The world is crashing and burning climate change minimal government the lack of clean water out of control migration Of course it’s not just this book derides Hart has stolen other elements from our lives Apple Watch a government on the side of corporations than humans the Worker Responsibility Act will scare you silly We hear from alternating narratives from our three main characters Gibson is the founder of The Cloud Paxton finds himself working for the Cloud after they forced his small business to fold Zinnia is there on an undercover espionage mission I liked that the different narratives provided us with a pointcounterpoint to the capitalism vs worker argument If 1984 painted a picture against communism The Warehouse goes after capitalism In both instances it’s the individual that gets trampled There’s a very dry subtle sense of humor here Not just the names of the laws Gibson has enacted but the commercials But there’s also a real darkness here especially as the book progresses This book did a great job of keeping me engaged It’s got a fast pace and uite a few interesting side stories It actually spooked me As someone who uses a lot I really felt like part of the problem My thanks to netgalley and Crown for an advance copy of this book

  4. Dem Dem says:

    35 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ✨ I think I am being generous in giving this one 35 stars but I loved the concept the characters and the plot held my interest but the abrupt ending and unanswered uestions left me feeling a little cheated and the reason for my 35 star rating Well plotted and a scarily realistic novel that gets you thinking A dystopian style tale that is scarily believable Gun violence climate change and unemployment have ravaged the United States beyond recognition and retail Giant “Cloud” reigns supreme but all is not as it seems and underneath the perfect face of “Cloud” lucks a world of secrets and intrigue Terrific concept for a novel and this is definitely a book that will spark conversation round a dinner table The World’s shopping habits are changing and we all have an opinion on it Is this a story that we may one day be our reality? I think there is a lot of food for thought hereI listened to this one on audio and the narration was excellent and I found the voice of Gibson so convincing and eerie I really looked forward to listening to this book every evening but the abrupt ending didn't work for me because it left a lot of unanswered uestions Having said that a book I enjoyed listening to and think readers who enjoyed Wool Omnibus may well love this one too

  5. David Putnam David Putnam says:

    Four and a half stars I'm now reserving five stars for those books that knock my socks offI liked this book a great deal Didn’t at first The voice of the three characters didn’t grab me like they should I know one thing for sure I’m not going to look at hamburgers the same way ever again YuckThere are three point of view characters and I liked two of them The third was the owner of the company The Cloud His point of view was all exposition or narrative in the form of a blog he put out to the employees and the world It was information that the reader needed for the story but it was a big risk by the author It became a speed bump that interfered with the forward motion of the story and had I not related to the other two characters so much I might’ve put it downWhat I really enjoyed was how all the plot lines came to an end at the same time This is difficult to do Believe me I know I also liked how there wasn’t a lot of wasted prose Most every word was needed to display character foreshadow or forward the story There wasn’t a lot of wasted blah blah blah blah blah blah now that’s a real professional explanation that I see a lot of in other contemporary booksBut the best part of this book is the theme and the spot on handling of events unfolding in our world today In fact I would go so far as to say it’s chilling And because it is so well written this thriller crosses genres and dips its big toe into horror While reading this book and even today as I write about it the dark undertone continues to cloud no punt intended—well maybe my thoughtsHighly recommendDavid Putnam the Author of the Bruno Johnson series

  6. marilyn marilyn says:

    The world of The Warehouse is a bleak world and sadly much too close to our real world than I would like to acknowledge People can no longer really exist outside of the world of Cloud and living in the world of Cloud is an existence not worth living It's a life where people have learned to be happy with a sterile existence of working until they fall onto a thin futon doing the same thing every single day eventually just going through the motions day in and day out The only other choice is to be out from under the protection of Cloud in the world that Cloud helped to destroy a world that is barren and hot and has barely enough for survivalWe follow Paxton a member of the security team for Cloud and Zinnia a picker who processes orders for Cloud and Gibson the founder of Cloud There can be no happy ending in this world at least for a very very long time if ever But there are a few who are trying to change things and I can only hope they succeed Thank you to Crown Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC

  7. Zoeytron Zoeytron says:

    Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a reviewLook around you  The charming Mom Pop shops of yesteryear are a rarity now  Brick and mortar chain stores are closing down at an alarming rate  It's less and less safe to leave your home  It's the perfect storm  Online shopping drone delivery instant gratification  Can one mega corporation really service all your needs?  'The market dictates'  If this tale doesn't give you the shivers then you haven't been paying attention  view spoilerIf you thought the recipe for Soylent Green was disturbing get ready for the secret ingredient in the famous Cloudburger  Gah hide spoiler

  8. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Thank you to Netgalley and The Publisher for asking me to read this book I felt like I was reading about and The CloudShort and sweet here as I did the Netgalley review on my blog Big word of advice NEVER EATING THE FREAKING CLOUDBURGERS IN THIS WORLD 😳Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  9. Kemper Kemper says:

    I received a free advance copy of this for review from NetGalleyYou load sixteen drones and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debtIt’s the near future and the giant company Cloud dominates the economy with its massive warehouses that are essentially cities where the employees live and work However the CEO of Cloud Gibson Wells has just announced that he’s dying of cancer so there’s change on the horizon as a couple of new employees meet during the hiring process Paxton’s dream of running his own business was destroyed by Cloud but now he needs a job so he finds himself on a security team Zinnia acts like just another person looking for work but in reality she’s been paid by a mysterious client to infiltrate Cloud and uncover some of its secretsUnfortunately it’s hard for Zinnia to find holes in Cloud’s security and even harder when she is worn out from long shifts spent running to fill orders A relationship with Paxton might be her best way to complete her mission but can she use him like that if she actually likes the guy?On the surface this seems like your standard dystopian tale with some idealistic folks trying to take down an evil corporation but this book is deeper and subtle than that For starters the characters aren’t stereotypes You might expect Paxton to be bitter and angry about his company being destroyed by Cloud and having to go to work for them but he’s actually a guy who still believes that he can achieve his dreams by good ideas and hard work Zinnia isn’t a radical trying to change the world either She’s a mercenary doing a job for money and while she has no love for Cloud she’s not looking to take it down eitherWe also hear from Gibson Wells in the form of messages he’s releasing as he does a final farewell tour of the company he built and that includes some of his history At first his folksy tale of how he started Cloud with little than an idea and some furniture scavenged from a closed school gives us the impression that this is the American dream taken to its fullest potential Especially when Wells lays out that part of his goal for creating the Cloud facilities was to provide good jobs while helping to stave the increasing ravages of climate change by making the greenest facilities possible It all sounds very reasonable maybe even honorable Yet as we learn and about how Cloud actually works Wells’ defense of his business tactics start to ring increasingly hollowFor example all the Cloud employees are on a rating system where their performance is constantly evaluated and a star value assigned which Wells explains came from his old grade school days when he always tried to get all the points possible on his assignments That sounds good but when average performance might get you fired then it’s a constant battle to be great even perfect Which then means that the standards shift to a point where people literally have to run themselves ragged to meet the minimum performance levelAnother thing the book does an excellent job at is showing just how falling into a routine might be the most dangerous and depressing aspect of all There are several points where both Paxton and Zinnia get into the rut of just doing their job returning to their small apartments watching TV falling asleep and then doing it again This than anything might be the thing that lets Cloud flourish If your employees have to expend so much physical and mental energy to get through an average workday that they just want to collapse into a stupor every night then they’re never going to have the time or gumption to try and shake things up in any waySo this is a well written book with a timely message that I thought it was excellent It also depressed the hell out of me because I read it on device I got from the company that Cloud is obviously based on Now I’m posting a review on a website owned by that same corporation Even though I don’t directly work for that company it’s changed my life in many ways and I went along with it because it was cheap and convenient without wondering too much where it all ends OopsEven worse is that after reading this now at a time when billionaires make the rules and the bottom line is used to justify everything they do I don’t see a way that it gets better without humanity going all the way down Fury Road and just starting overBut hey it’s still a good book so go ahead and read it Just maybe try to find a copy in an independent bookstore

  10. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    This dystopian novel is set in the near future when Earth has been ravaged by climate change In America cities have been destroyed by gun violence and economic collapse Unemployment is rife the government is collapsing and citizens are scared to leave their homes A behemoth like company called the Cloud has pushed most companies out of business and supplies nearly everything to American homes all delivered by drones so they never have to venture outside to shop Cloud has built mega live work complexes all round the country offering accommodation and jobs to those who are prepared to work under its restrictive and draconian policies People work 12h per day 7 days per week in whatever job they are assigned and get paid in credits they can use on accommodation food and other goods within Cloud In exchange for these basic comforts people are under constant surveillance by a personal tracking device and there every move is watched There are no unions and they must maintain a certain star rating for performance or they are ejected back out into the world to survive as best they can Ruling overall is Cloud's founder and CEO Gibson Wells Convinced he is saving the world by providing a new way of living with green policies and refusal to sell guns he is a man with limited time left due to his aggressive cancer Rob Hart has created a future that is scarily plausible with consumerism taken to its extreme Into this world enter two new recruits Paxton an inventor whose company was pushed out of the market by Cloud and Zinnia hired to infiltrate the company to hunt out its darkest secrets Told from their points of view as well as missives from Gibson Wells the plot unfolds at a fast pace as Zinnia and Paxton learn the ropes in the Cloud and Zinnia tries to find weaknesses in the Cloud's security that will let her get to the heart of their operationsThis is an original and thought provoking novel In addition to writing an engaging thriller Hart has built a credible near future world encompassing some worrying features of contemporary life including rising economic immigration rising gun violence the increased incidence of workers not earning enough to live on the effect of climate change on crops and the economy as well as competitive business practices forcing small companies and shops out of business 45★ With thanks to Netgalley and Random House for an advanced copy to read

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