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Dawn of the Exile The Infernal Guardian #2 Really enjoyed this second installment New adventures new characters and characters we know and some of the story felt a bit the same too A fun read nonetheless Another good addition to the series Review here Mitchell Hogan has become my second favorite authors; he’s in excellent company with Michael J Sullivan being in the number one spot I love this series that’s’ set many years before the beginning of the Tainted Cabal series please get book 2 out soon The prologue picks up where Shadow of Exile ends; Tarrik Nal Valim is mourning Ren’s death and has returned his exile in the Guttering Wastes of Shimrax where he’s been exiled When he’s summoned before the council of lord he hopes that his deeds in Wiryaa ensuring that that Samal was not set free from his prison The Augers who can see glimpses have brought disturbing news to the council and informed them of Tarrik’s the role that he played while in the human realm; unfortunately they also informed them that he remained there after his bindings were severed with Ren’s death They want to hear his version of the events he knows that he cannot lie because the Augers have already told them everything but he is still hoping that he will be released from exile After he explains the lords take a vote to decide if he will be redeemed killed or sent back into exile; two vote for redemption two for death and one for his return to exile Since there is no majority he is to be returned to exile with the warning that if he meddles with humans again the one vote that saved him form death will change ensuring that he dies He’s not sure if death is not better than exileTen years later Tarrik is still mourning Ren’s loss but due to her teachings he has learned to drawn in dark tide from the stars which is something that no other demon can do Tarrik makes his home in Cravenrock Mountain on the Burzash Plain The mountain is home to both upper and lower level demons the lower level while the higher order demons have created a primitive society in the upper caverns When he returned he brought Ren’s journal and sword as he has promised and they have remained buried behind deep within the stones of his cave None of the other demons know that he has advanced to the 39th level and he plans to keep it that way to have an edge in a fight if he is ever challenged Sekrie Zurlaya a female demon of the 36th level vacillates between wanting to sleep with him and or kill him Like the others she feels that by falling in love with a human he has betrayed their kind and that he should have been killed and not exiled she believes that he will not sleep with her because she is not humanOne day while out hunting for meat he is ambushed by five lower level demons whom he believes wants to kill him to split his essences amongst them to progress to a higher level He believes they were sent by Sekrie but when asked they inform him that they answer to higher demons than her; The House of the Black Sun This is disconcerting they’re a powerful organization shrouded in secrecy with unknown goals They’d claimed responsibility for the death of a dozen lords and scores of higher order demons and now they wanted his death He doesn’t have time to wonder why now and after warning them once again to run before he kills them even telling he is of the 39th order which they don’t believe they start fighting and he is forced to call on his shadow blade and kills three of them and the other two run but he chases them down; to keep his order and abilities there can be no survivors When he’s finished he hears Sekrie behind him she has seen everything and now realizes that if she had attempted to challenge him she would have died there is no chance that she could have beaten him She informs him that she had seen the five skulking about though they were up to no god and followed themAll at once he feels a pulling after ten years he is being summoned again but with Ren’s death there should be no one alive that know his true name He tells Sekrie to run asks her to keep his spear safe for him and do what she wants with the rest of his belongings including the meat he has just caught As she looks on horrified he is wrenched from his world back into WirayaThis book is filled with all the action of the first and it moves very uickly The reader discovers that the nine did not all perish and they are still determined to free Samal form his prison and now that have bound Tarrik to assist them It took all of Ren’s power and her death to prevent it last time and he is horrified to know that while he has remained in exile they have been plotting and scheming to achieve their goals Can they be stopped and if so how? Why does the House of the Black Sun want him dead and what does the demon lords know about it? Will he be killed by the council if he escapes his bindings or is released since they warned him to interfere in the human world again?If you haven’t read Shadow of Exile do so now then get this as soon as it’s released I started reading this series before I read Revenant Winds I haven’t finished it yet and I like the order that I chose to read it in and if this series was complete I would have read all of it first before starting the Tainted Cabal series I love the worlds and characters that he has created in the Infernal Guardian Series and I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series4755 STARS This is an honest unbiased review I would like to thank the author andorpublisher for providing an ARC through Netgalley all opinions are mine Publishing Date March 2019Publisher 47 NorthISBN9781542040303Genre FantasyRating 465Review This story continues on the heels of a very good novel that I reviewed awhile ago “Shadow of the Exile” Tarrik is once again summoned by a sorcerer with nefarious plans and away we goThis author is very good at creating intense movement coupled with great character development When you look forward to every scene and silently root for the characters to prevail you have a winner Most seuels suck and rely on a patterned rendition to create a series Although this continues the story line the world building whisks you away to an alternate realityThe only fall downs were minor where scene consistency lacked resolution For instance; Sekrie is impaled has her leg broken and twisted but somehow is fit and hale in the next scene This lack of continuity diminished a very good novelTarrik’s redemption in the form of a new love will have to wait as I assume there will be another in the series 325This was good It wasn’t as good as the first but it had its momentsThey didn’t eat as much in this one hahaI was a little worried because I thought Ren was really dead and Linriel was going to be the new love interestThankfully I was wrong This book was a bit repetitive in parts and I found myself scanning over them uite a few times I really do like Tarrik as a character and the push pull between him and Ren is great I do think they are uite good togetherLooks like there is going to be a third book so I’m excited for it I’d like this be than three books because the author is good at writing characters Ive become a Hogan fanboy So far everything I've read by him is super fun Set a few years after book 1 we are immersed into Tarriks world his friends his enemies both old and new as well as great world building Its not over the top confusing but its not too basic I love the levels the demons upgrade to Hogans has this way with words that enables you to feel every emotion possible Second to this the pace is unrelenting with great action pieces Highly recommend this I can’t remember being so enthralled by a story that I’d read the first and second installments back to back However this wasn’t a great as the first but it was still an engaging read There were some really nice surprises and twists I didn’t expect I really like the world Mitchell Hogan has created The demon world the Orgrols and the Undying Ones were so interesting I wanted to know of their history Again Tarrik was great flawed and an absolutely joy There were some weird moments in the writing that took me out of the story It was a consistent thing and at times a little repetitiveHowever I would snatch up the next installment as soon as it’s available Now I don’t know what to read Release day is today 12319To say I was excited when I realised Dawn of the Exile was up on NetGalley would be an understatement I whooped a bit and jumped straight in You see while I didn't think book 1 Shadow of Exile was perfect I really enjoyed Tarrik He is a great character My review can be found on my blog He is a demon stuck in exile guilty of staying in the human world and loving a human woman He is an upper level demon and past all the chaos that the younger demons bring with them He is brave strong smart and he feels everything acutely than humansIn the beginning of Dawn of the Exile Tarrik is dealing with the fallout of the last time he was summoned He escapes death only to be summoned back into the human world by a very angry and vindictive sorcerer Once again he is bound forced into service and in a fight for his lifeI wish I could say I loved this book I wish I could say I really liked it even unfortunately this one just didn't come together for me I still love everything about Tarrik he has of a sense of right and wrong than any of the humans in the book If there was ever a character observing how wrong the world was how unjust it all seemed it was Tarrik All of the human characters were so wrapped up in their own thing they only saw the world in the way it could benefit them I guess that is a common theme in fantasy nowadays Usually the biggest monsters are the humans Because Tarrik spent time in the demon realms we were given an insight into their ways the power plays the landscape I'm pretty positive book 3 will have even information about this which is a positiveI didn't love the way the story flowed There were some passages where I thought the writing was fantasticThere was an unmistakable aura about a prison cell one Tarrik had felt enough to recognize A blind man could sense it though he wouldn't be able to see the stains the old blood and waste A deaf man could though he wouldn't hear the pleas and cries of the inhabitants the rattle of chains It was an atmosphere of hopelessnessIn others it seemed over written and repetitive Information was given in large chunks on one page just so a nugget of it could be used on the next page again This happened uite a few times and it pulled me out of the story The way the characters moved from one situation to the next was also jarring I feel like a lot of the book was just skimming over the important stuffBeing the second book in the series I don't want to say too much about the plot it would all be spoilerish I will say it had that second book feel We only have this story to find out who the real enemy is I guess in saying that it has done a great job of setting up for book 3 I just don't know if I want to read it I want Tarrik but there are a few others that I don't need to read about any for I know that they always have the answers They can always get out of trouble because they are so special and better than every one else They will always be selfish standoffish and hold information from people so that they can control them And they might just use their magic to rape minds again which I'm not up for At one point I put the book down and walked away because it made me so angryI feel like an asshole for not liking this one and I hope you check out other reviews as well to see if it might be for you because I checked on Goodreads; I'm in the minority so far It has glowing reviewsI received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review For the damned redemption may be just a mad dreamYears have passed since the demon Tarrik and his master the sorcerer Ren destroyed the servants of Samal and suppressed the very essence of the vile lord The cost was greater than even a demon could have imagined But in the realms of demons and humans no evil can be fully controlled and no one’s true fate can be foretold Including Tarrik’s He’s been summoned once now by the vengeful Linriel who’s fallen in with one of Samal’s ravaged survivorsLinriel takes Tarrik bound again to serve on a journey to the harsh southern lands to find the source of Ren’s coveted powers and there they discover a part of Tarrik’s past he thought had been lost forever As old bindings powerful than sorcery fetter him Tarrik is drawn into an obsessive and insane mission to erase the demon lord Samal from existence forever And only if he succeeds will he at last be freed from exileAs old threats are reborn he must decide what sacrifices he’s willing to make and what risks he’s willing to take on the unforgiving road to redemption ARC received from 47North via Netgalley A good seuel to the first novel Shadow of the Exile which begins right after the climactic end I enjoyed reading this It is an entertaining romp with likable characters and shadowy threats brimming with malice There is awesome magic action demonic assassins undead gods that adds up spice to the interesting world of the novel It has a pretty simple story arc with doses of intriguing mythology and a fresh modern take on some of the tropes that gives us the vibe of playing a virtual reality gameHogan introduces a few new characters here and a little amount of amazing worldbuilding I particularly was interested in the Orgol Kingdom and their esoteric culture Hogan gave uite a view on it in the story Also Tarrik our protagonist demon is again caught up in the affairs of the human world He is amped up with some new powers and abilities Although I'm of the opinion that two of the potential characters were underused I can't wait to see where the story will go further As a personal choice I want the character of the 'Sanguine King' to play a prominent role in the upcoming conflict which is hinted throughout the storyThe simple narrative with short chapters work wonders as it increases the pace of the story and keeps the tension escalating I liked the occasional dry humour and the dynamics of the characters although the emotional tug wasn't enough for me I like the fact that Hogan doesn't meander in philosophic musings rather with sparsely decorated prose he jumps right into the events along with the characters and take the readers on a wild adventure filled with danger threats and thrill

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