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Shiang The second thrilling instalment in the bestselling epic fantasy series the Empire of Salt 'Must read now Iggulden is clearly having fun pitching his heroes and villains into bloody combat' SciFiNow TWO ANCIENT CITIES ONE FINAL WAR In Shiang the young king rules without dissent Swordsmen stand watch on every corner looking for the first sign of rebellionYet in one swift move order is overturnedThe balance of centuries is undone in the sudden spill of blood and in the darkness something terrible returns to Shiang Far to the west four Shiang masters approach the city walls of Darien The sword saint and his companions have crossed a continent to bring an old man home for punishmentAnd they will not be denied even if the whole city stands in their way Fans of Joe Abercrombie Bernard Cornwell and Game of Thrones will be gripped by this bloodthirsty adventure 'A master storyteller' Sunday Express'Iggulden is in a class of his own' Daily Mirror'One of our finest historical novelists' Daily Express

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  1. Dannii Elle Dannii Elle says:

    This is the second instalment in the kingdom fantasy series Empire of SaltShiang is Darien's neighbouring city despite lying thousands of miles across snow swept landscape and bearing no connection bar one This one is a figure who has grown from ruling a gang of thieving vagabonds to becoming consort to the lady of one of the twelve ruling houses But it seems the barren landscape between the two cities is not enough to separate him from his past Nor is it enough to save them all from the black sea that is rising and is determined that all will succumb to its black holdInitially I struggled to connect with this story and paused in my reading of it for almost three weeks I wasn't expecting the perspective shift and the story line did not seem to connect to the previous one Without the characters I had grown to love and was eager to return to I felt some disconnect with the story In itself it was great but just different to what I was expectingThankfully I continued and at just over a third of the way through the two story lines from this book and the one prior started to interconnect From here the pace also accelerated until I was swept along on the tide of relentless action I was completely unable to put the book down and scorned myself for allowing the book to linger on my shelves for so long partially readI received this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author CF Igguldon and the publisher Michael Joseph for this opportunity

  2. *Thea & *Thea & says:

    And Conn Iggulden king of the historical novel has done it again with his second foray into the fantasy genre under the name C F IgguldenFollowing on from the excellent first book Darien Shiang carries on the story in the wonderful world the Empire Of Salt This time we begin away from the Darien in the faraway and distant city of Shiang a Asian inspired place and a complete contrast from Darien although eventually we find do find ourselves back within the walls of Darien itself There are a lot of new characters introduced from Shiang but yet we do get to meet than a few of standout characters from before and in particular we get to learn an awful lot about Tellius the Mazer master this time around It's a different feeling book to the last one but shares it's brilliance nonetheless and is a truly dramatic bloodthirtsy and yet totally convincing installment in Iggulden's new world

  3. Richard Richard says:

    510A disappointing follow up to what was a decent enough opening novel to the series Admittedly I didn’t remember a great deal from the first book Darien but I remember enjoying it enough to reuest this one as soon as I saw it This one didn’t grab my attention at all and was weak in comparison The layout in style was similar differing viewpoints per chapter with enough characters in shades of grey to make you not trust anyone at face value There were some interesting ideas but the execution didn’t work One of the most interesting ideas was underdeveloped too which would have been an interesting concept on its own Similar to the last novel there was a lot of build up to a final battle but it felt overdrawn and repetitive without any real care for the main characters I wasn’t bothered whether they lived or diedI know that in a couple of weeks this novel will have completely faded from my memory and I wasn’t bothered for the majority of it anyway so whereas previously I would have I won’t be carrying on with the series Thanks to NetGalley for the advanced copy for review

  4. Dee Arr Dee Arr says:

    C F Iggulden continues the story he began in Darien although as a trilogy the book does not pick up where one might expect In fact many of the characters featured in book one are missing while others take a back seat to a new cast Like the first book “Shiang” can be read as a standaloneTruthfully this is a difficult book to review There is so much going on that it would take pages to give even a brief overview and Mr Iggulden takes us on a journey that involves many characters although not so many that the reader becomes lost in a sea of names Tellius returns from book one although in a much different role Vic Deeds appears in a cameo role and some of the heads of the Darien houses also play a partThe stories in this book however follow a different path Gabriel and his men soldiers turned mages head from Shiang to Darien bent on subjecting the world to their wills A second group also takes the same road though revenge is the force behind their orders Other characters have their roles to play leading everyone to Darien for a fateful climaxI enjoyed all the new characters and the plot was inventive and thus fun to read For me the ending seemed obvious and perhaps took too many steps into the realm of the fantastic Even so I could forgive this as the characters made the book entertaining and the final battle scene was extremely well written and exciting Four starsMy thanks to NetGalley and Penguin UK – Michael Joseph for an advance complimentary ebook of this title

  5. Clemens Schoonderwoert Clemens Schoonderwoert says:

    This exciting book is the 2nd part of the Empire of Salt trilogyIt's something uite different from what I was used to from this author but still this is an amazing fantasy taleAs always storytelling from this author is of a superb uality and all his characters come vividly to life within this astounding fantasy adventureThe set up of this book is in two parts and it is really a fantastic story because it will grip you right from the beginning till the very endThe story begins with the City of Shiang and its young King who rules without dissent but still the people are feeling safe in this place where its walls are manned with men on watch and alert until this same King is suddenly overthrown and blood is spilled to return Shiang back into terrible darknessFar to the west four Shiang masters and their entourage are approaching the city walls of Darien with the intention to bring home to Shiang an old man for treason and punishment and those four men are determined to succeed in their mission meaning that in their endeavour not even the whole city of Darien can stand in their wayWhat will follow is an entertaining fantasy adventure where the rivalry between Darien and Shiang will play an important role but importantly it is the powerful magic spells from various stones that will play the most significant part within this delightful taleVery much recommended for this is a tremendous fantasy adventure from a highly acclaimed author and one that I would like to call as A Truly Remarkable Seuel

  6. Michael Cayley Michael Cayley says:

    Although it is seuel to “Darien” it is some way into this novel that the links with the previous novel really start to appear The first fifth is partly scene setting establishing the city of Shiang where expert swordsmen are hugely valued and paving the way for an attempt to bring back the elderly uncle of the king of Shiang for vengeance The story line is largely predictable and the characters are fairly two dimensional and I am afraid I found it hard to remain engaged in the bookWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for letting me have an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  7. Hanzel Hanzel says:

    Hmmmmmmmmwhen you usually start something with that first hmmmmm either you were so baffled by what you read orthe thing is I am at the or sideDarien was a straightforward book a Roman like setting with real magic peppered with some eastern flavorI was guessing a sort of East meets West will be written in the near future well here it is it had all the roman culture that we love to read aboutassassinations politicseww LEGIONSsomehow no matter how many times writers have spun this unit it is considered the best military unit EVER I love the story the people introducedyou still killed himWHY????? so naturally I was looking forward to the continuation of Tellius and the twelve families Tellius back story the ahhhh magic system or artifacts that was introducedShiang came in fast lightning fast east has finally been revealed and the dreaded???? mazer techniues is slowly being introduce the culture of the east too uhhhhh this is where I got hit Mary Shelley's Frankesteinoh wait noit looks like the lab of Dr Frankenstein the same set up the same techniues but magic is the key component okok still holding onlove this sort of twists and turns and uhhhhhh soul exchangethen the story took hold and we are introduced to three exchanged souls riding in new bodies with supernatural abilities andwowI think I got lost in Shiang and never got backI seem to think I was one of those who got their souls exchanged just got back whenStory wise still excellent although the shift from POV's might offend some readers the abilities this time were a bit forced???? superhuman strength speed and later onStillit was nice to read about the Shiang Emperors some of the inhabitants a sword saintummmmm sword saints hahahhaha Tellius our beloved golem king and finally some of the 12 families are slowly being revealedBracken De Guise Regis CanisMr Iggulden your approach to storytelling is so refreshing I hardly have a dull momentcough cough Tolkien King descriptions are neat straight to the point and sometimes funnyWell almost done with this trilogy one uestion though what is the relevance of salt in your narrative?????Badumpromans lend me your corns

  8. Adam Lofthouse Adam Lofthouse says:

    I enjoyed this than the first one I think because I actually read this rather than listened on audible narrator was a bit rubbishI found the characters engaging and the plot had focus We meet different characters to the ones in the first book in fact the central characters in this one were not in book one and it works well added another layer to the world Iggulden has created I've already bought myself the final book in the trilogy and look forward to reading after finishing this one

  9. Alexander Knight Alexander Knight says:

    A definite improvement on the last Darien Fast paced and creative However the final battle got a bit silly

  10. Ruth Harwood Ruth Harwood says:

    As much as I enjoyed Darien I enjoyed this twice as much Normally a writer of historical Fiction Conn Iggulden has successfully morphed his skills to fantasy and this is his best work yet Absolutely loved the characters the storyline and the setting which is futuristic and sci fi than fantasy I guess still a fab book from a great author x

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