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Temper After thinking on this one overnight I do believe the less I say here the better for you future reader I would recommend throwing caution to the wind and just diving in when you're in need of a dark and gritty psychological thriller At times the plot gave off a similar vibe to JP Delaney's Believe Me yet I feel that this novel focuses on the drama and slow building disintegration of the character's relationships which gave a feeling of creeping dread until the explosive final page I'll end here but if you are interested in a suspenseful novel that isn't hinged on solving a mystery put this on your summer TBR Thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley Is it possible to have a good week after reading this book? a good month? a decent year? my sources say fuck noTemper is basically If We Were Villains on steroids It's a dark psychological thriller about a bunch of morally fraudulent thespians who obviously need psychiatric help The ending offers uestions than it answers It's terrible you should read it If I'd written this review yesterday when I finished this book it would've been fiery but I'd already been bitchy about one book so I pulled myself together and gave it a day and here's where I landedLayne Fargo is a great writer She writes unlikable characters really well and she is good at the slow burn butIn order to enjoy this book one needs to buy into Malcolm's charisma power cult of personality whatever you call it I just didn't so the whole thing lacked credibility for me I would've junk punched him and walked away Wowza Sensual enthralling edgyOkay there was definitely something about LAYNE FARGO'S writing style that totally sucked me in The narrative was so seductive that I was totally entranced with what I was reading and could not put this book down I am actually uite surprised with how much I enjoyed this book because I don't normally do too well with some of the content that this book had to offer but I was just as obsessed with finding out what was going on here as these characters were And that is all I'm going to say about that LOL TEMPER by LAYNE FARGO is a riveting suspenseful brisk and dark psychological thriller that was absolutely unputdownable It’s a storyline that appears to be the same old same old but let me tell you there isn’t anything even remotely similar here to anything that I have ever read before Once I started reading it I was hooked and so absorbed in this juicy storyline that I was flipping those pages as fast as I possibly could LAYNE FARGO delivers uite the impressive clever tension filled and well written read here that is told in short alternating chapters between the perspectives of our two main characters Kira and Joanna The author excels in holding you in its grasp with all the character manipulation and foreboding going on here I was super curious every step of the way and these characters definitely made this uite the entertaining and immersive read for me Norma’s StatsCover The cover of this book is just as sensual as the book It has this velvety soft feel to it that is absolutely irresistible I was a little proud carrying around this book LOL Title Clever suspenseful intriguing and a fabulous representation to storyline I love the title of this book So good WritingProse Well written seductive steamy captivating alluring enthralling and readablePlot Clever intriguing dark intense seductive alluring steamy suspenseful riveting fast paced absorbing enjoyable and entertaining An absolutely fabulous storyline There is a little bit of explicit sexual content as well as some profanity Ending A fabulous and explosive resolution that was a little bit expected but still left me feeling elated and totally satiated Loved itOverall 45 Stars It was such an irresistible enjoyable fun and entertaining book to read I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience Would definitely recommendThank you so much to Simon Schuster Canada and Layne Fargo for my complimentary copy It was uite the memorable reading experienceThis review can also be found on our Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog For fans of the high stakes tension of the New York Times bestsellers Luckiest Girl Alive and The Lying Game a razor sharp page turner about female ambition and what happens when fake violence draws real blood After years of struggling in the Chicago theater scene ambitious actress Kira Rascher finally lands the role of a lifetime The catch Starring in Temper means working with Malcolm Mercer a mercurial director who’s known for pushing his performers past their limits—onstage and off Kira’s convinced she can handle Malcolm but the theater’s cofounder Joanna Cuyler is another story Joanna sees Kira as a threat—to her own thwarted artistic aspirations her twisted relationship with Malcolm and the shocking secret she’s keeping about the upcoming production But as opening night draws near Kira and Joanna both start to realize that Malcolm’s dangerous extremes are nothing compared to what they're capable of themselves An edgy addictive and fiendishly clever tale of ambition deceit and power Temper is a timely heart in your throat psychological thriller that will leave you breathless All I can say is WOW Layne Fargo absolutely entranced me with her seductive yet dark writing I found myself in a constant state of foreboding while reading this book yet I could not stop turning the pages anxious for I will not give anything away I urge you not to even read the synopsis When I picked this book up I had forgotten what it was even about and it turned out to be the best thing Go in blindly and savor every morsel If you enjoy dark psychological thrillers grab this one You won’t regret it WOWThis book is a monumental achievement in the dark psychological genre I have never read a book with even the slightest of plot similarities to this one Honestly the description does not do this book justice but I can understand why That is because you cannot possibly describe the foreboding atmosphere and psychological manipulation created in this storyThis book moves at an unhurried pace as it slowly and methodically envelops the reader in it's shadows and it is devine Layne Fargo is an exceptional writer that has produced an edgy compelling and sumptuously sensual narrative If this weren't her debut novel I would immediately start on another of her worksSure to be among my 2019 favsI cannot conclude this review without mentioning the cover of this book Digital pictures come nowhere near capturing this image It's like having an acid trip while walking through a carnival house of mirrorsEven the paper the cover is printed on is sublime I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway All opinions are my own this is a book about jazz hands the theater where as much of the acting or rather performing occurs offstage as on at the novel’s center is malcolm mercer—a celebrated actor director and legendary narcissist known for pushing his cast beyond their emotional andor psychological breaking points for the sake of aaaaaart his casual disregard for the trail of broken actors and brokenhearted sexual conuests left carelessly in his wake excused because of his genius yadda around the charismatic lodestone of malcolm circle two women; joanna—his longtime business partner friend platonic roommate and enabler and kira—hungry for her big break soon to be starring opposite malcolm in an edgy erotic and violent new two person play these two female characters take turns driving the narrative in ever narrowing circles around malcolm or at least their idea of malcolm; their alternating chapters failing the bechdel test on every single page yet somehow paradoxically building into a story all about women and female power it’s a fascinating slow burn of a debut touching on obsession competition ambition and jealousy with some outstanding POV work because he’s never given an opportunity to speak for himself the only insight we get into malcolm’s motives or behavior is through kira and joanna’s interpretive filters which despite the profound effects of his actions and influence on everyone sorta reduces him to a prop albeit a cruel sadistic douchey propfurther in these alternating POV chapters when we see how deeply these women misunderstand and misinterpret each other’s whole fundamental deals it’s clear we’ve become the captive audience to a tale of two unreliable narrators making malcolm even nebulous an entity—someone’s idea of a propthere are many layers to unravel here—secrets nested within secrets misjudged actions inciting misguided reactions tensions rising complications rippling every which way and it is ALL VERY DRAMATIC INDEED however one of the problems with being excellent at character development is that you can do your own story a disservice in the realm of “surprising plot twists” if the reader understands these characters down to their bones it’s not difficult to connect “what motivates them” to “what they will dohave done to achieve their goals”i like plot twists as much as the next guy but i’ve read too many psych suspense books that’re just coasting on the “look at me” flash of their twists fargo has done the hard work reuired to strengthen her story’s core instead of striving for the narrative euivalent of rock hard abs; decorative than useful but these efforts ultimately undermine the element of surprise i appreciate it so much when i can see an author's dedication to the work—whether it’s in their research an ambitious story structure or even just the sense that they've got a coffee stained vision board somewhere stuck all over with different colored post it notes strung to raggedy edged magazine clippings and vintage postcardshere it’s character work for days there's the very basic surface opposition joanna well tailored and angular a study in cool competent controlled repression v kira—the very definition of blowsy all curves and unruly hair bed rumpled and unpunctual beyond that it's all brambles the assumptions each makes about the other the red herrings and coincidences backstories and bedrooms secrets and strengths madness and method acting even though the shock of it all was muted for me by way of chekhov's foreshadowing my overdeveloped readerly empathy her too good character work that just makes me even excited to read her next one They Never Learn which i have here on deck for SOON readingI WON A GOODREADS GIVEAWAY TREMENDOUScome to my blog Audiobookread by Jayme Mattler and Hillary HuberI came close to uitting this several times It wasn’t ‘listener addicting’I set it aside came back set it aside came back again Friends who read it before meeven those who had ‘likehate descriptions in their reviews gave this book an overall thumbs up rating SoI finally committed to itRehearsals begin for “Temper”at the non euity indi community theatre called “Honest Theatre Company” in Chicago The two person play is about a married couple and their troubled relationship It’s not exactly a first rate Theater Company to begin withit’s a run down theater that can’t possibly make enough money from selling tickets alone So I never understood the over zealous desire to be a part of the show And the obsession with perfectionism which wasn’t effective anyway was over the top THE MAIN PLAYERSMalcolm Mercer plays the male lead Malcolm’s a big fish in a small pond director He’s directing himself in TemperFor his leading ladyMalcolm casts Kira RascherMalcolm is also the co owner of the theater company along with Joanna Cuyler Malcolm and Joanna are also roommatesJoanne ‘ isn’t perky happy that Malcolm hired Kira Jealousy bells were going offSpence is a professional combat choreographer and Kira’s roommate CATFIGHTS TENSIONS UGLINESS between jealous women explode on and off stage There was as much drama offstage as on The combat choreography scenes were eually dramatic off stage as on There’s a lot to learn when actors have violent fight scenes on stage Safety is first and foremost most important BUTthe fight scenes became too real too physical too bloodyRage attraction jealousy sex steam assumptions bitterness entitlement manipulation narcissism and abuse intertwined between the characters on and off stage I didn’t hate this book but there wasn’t anything exceptional either The Sex steam wasn’t particularly juicy The jealousy was a little boring The narcissism was predictableThe RAGE was the most interesting aspects for meespecially when the actors went in and out of character so much they could no longer tell if they were acting or not SoI finished itMy overall thoughts It was OK Ok okay OK already It was an OK bookPS This was a debutso kudos to the author Lynn Fargo is better than an average writer She is better than OKAY3 strong starsright down the middle Average enjoyablea ‘likehate’ read A cast of unlikable characters doing terrible things to one another This could have been a 5 star read for me but for the life of me I can't understand the control one character has over every one else that they came in contact with Men and woman alike would practically lie down and die for this guy and I just didn't get it He didn't come across as charming or charismatic so I'm a little perplexed However the writing is outrageously good and the short cliff hanging chapters were done to perfection Even with my one complaint aside I was compelled to read this baby to the end and I did it uickly so that has to say something about the authors talent I will definitely grab her next book 35 stars

About the Author: Layne Fargo

Layne Fargo is the author of the thrillers TEMPER and THEY NEVER LEARN She's a Pitch Wars mentor Vice President of the Chicagoland chapter of Sisters in Crime and the cocreator of the podcast Unlikeable Female Characters Layne lives in Chicago with her partner and their pets

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