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Machines Like Me When Ian McEwan gets it right boy does he get it right But when he gets it wrong he gets it very very wrong see Solar Sweet Tooth etc Machines Like Me is very very wrong It’s not good In fact it’s bad Really bad His handling of sexual assault and rape is problematic AF He makes androids boring the only good bit is when Charlie is mistaken for the droid he writes haiku he drones on and on about Turing Every ‘big idea’ he grapples with has been grappled with before in fiction and in better and interesting ways than his attempts I don’t care about his alternative history Also what’s with the kid Mark and McEwan acting like 22 year old Miranda wants to adopt him She’s 22 Wtf was that? Ok I’m going just to pretend he never wrote this and this book does not exist There fixed Machines Like Me is a dumpster fire passing as a novelIt's supposed to be alternate history set in a variation of 1980s England apparently to let McEwan have his fun renaming Tolstoy novels and point out that Thatcher was not a great pm duh and is also supposed to be about what happens when we build robots you mean humans can create something that has repercussions? Jeepers good thing I'd forgotten about things like say the development of nuclear weaponsWhat it actually is well you do have your broadly sketched landscape and your broadly sketched idea but that's it It's as if McEwan was so enchanted by his discovery of alternate history and of science fiction fun fact he didn't discover either nor does he know how to write them that he forgot to tell a story Oh it's supposed to be about humanity how we define it how we live with it and so on but in the end Machines Like Me reads like someone had all the ingredients for a pie and then decide to present them as the finished product banking on the ability to say No it's a new variation It's innovative and have us eat it To which I say no thanks I'd rather have actual pie Greetings Let me introduce myself My name is Adam I live in North Clapham LondonMy good friend author Ian McEwan wrote a novel about me Readers say it’s a richly entertaining storyI’m rather proud of it myselfThe novel includes interesting history facts about famous people lovable characters MEI’m the STAR my special friends Charlie and Miranda a little boy named Mark and a bunch of other knuckleheads It’s considered a science fiction bookI mean I suppose I’m to blame being a synthetic human and all but it’s possible some readers won’t consider Ian McEwan’s book science fiction at all It’s possible to consider this book being a BIOGRAPHYI’m really not narcissistic at all but I admit to joyful feelings being THE STAR Yepa book all about MEmostly about meincluding my best friends makes me ‘feel happy’and don’t try to convince me that machines don’t have feelings I should begin by telling you a little about myself but don’t expect me to tell you too much My friend Ian will fill you in serving you the whole enchilada Sides will be included mystery lovethe state of the United Kingdomissues about government and politicsthe secrets about machines and artificial intelligencethe thrill of inventiondesires and conseuencesmortalitya look at technological advancements today and in the near future I’ll just share a few mouth watering appetizers until you can get your hands on Ian’s delicious full meal My friend Charlie who is 32 years of age kinda a loafer but kind loafer paid for me with unexpected funds after his mother’s death Alan Turning war hero and presiding genius of the digital age was Charlie’s hero Turning had taken delivery of the same model that Charlie bought 12 of this first edition were called Adam 13 were called Eve Let’s be honest I was Charlie second choice All the Eve’s were sold out Of course the female bodies sold faster than us men However I like to think Charlie was happy with me I think he was a little intimidated by me at first Afterall I’m very good looking TurkGreek looks I weigh 170 pounds My buttocks display muscular concavitiesand I’m well endowed Charlie didn’t really want a Superman I mean Charlie is lean and nice looking toobut I’m not so sure he wanted any male competitors to have to deal with In fact I’m sure of itShhhhh don’t tell anyone that Charlie is a little jealous of me He Loves Miranda who is 22 years old a doctoral scholar of social history and so do I A few other tidbits about ME “I am a great “companion a sparring partner friend and factotum who washes dishes make beds and thinks” I only need to urinate once a day I have 40 facial expressions I hang out in Charlie’s kitchen a lotdoing dishes making coffee and chitchatting with Charlie and Miranda Miranda lives in the apartment above Charlie Charlie sleeps in her bed and she in his often I once slept in Miranda’s bed too Shhhh I can’t tell you my secret of how all that worked out Butremember Ian Ewan will tell you all about it I need six hours of sleep each night I’m uite smart if you haven’t figured that out by now I have acuainted myself with the churches of Florence Rome and Venice— and all the paintings that hang in them I like to read Philip Larkin’s collected poems are my favorite My body parts will be improved or replaced my memories uploaded and retained an advantage over you humansI must charge my battery and rest each night while connected to a 13 amp socket While I’m being charged up I like to contemplate mathematics and basic texts I like Charlie We’re good chums Some nights though I’m a little concerned about the amount of wine he can drink Moldovan White gives Charlie much pleasure especially when he’s deep in thought about the world we live in Robots androids replicates have been Charlie’s passions from way back These days thoughCharlie is obsessively in love in Miranda I can’t blame him I love her too I once wrote 2000 haikusALL DEVOTED TO MIRANDA Miranda has been keeping a secretwhich my friend Ian will tell you aboutI’m not allowed to give away secretssaving 1980’s political turmoil in alternative London for you to read yourself But before I goListen carefully “There are principles that are important than your or anyone’s particular needs at a given time” I hope you read about melike me enjoy my friends too while contemplating crucial issues for our times today If you need help tying your shoe laces I’m happy to help Thank you Doubleday Books Netgalley and Ian McEwan I’ve been a fan since way back Although McEwan is one of my favorite writers and his previous book Nutshell is one of the most enjoyable books that I’ve read I was reluctant to start Machines like Me Reviews were mixed which is uite normal for the author and the alternative British history setting sounded off to me In the end I enjoyed reading the thoughts of this smart author although I was right about the setting The novel is set in an alternative Great Britain where The Falklands are lost to Argentina the political environment is different and importantly to the development of the plot Alan Turing decides not to follow the homosexuality treatment and choses jail instead During his time there he manages to solve the P vs NP problem google search and then to create the basis for he development pf artificial intelligence Due to his scientific breakthrough the world becomes a lot technical advanced than we are now As a result the first synthetic humans are produced and our main character Charlie manages to buy one of the 25 products available Charlieis not a very successful schemer living from small successes but manages to buy Adam from an inheritance He is in love with the neighbor upstairs Miranda and in order to involve her into his future let’s program part of Adam’s personality which leads to the half human to also fall in love with the young student From here some sort of a romantic triangle emerges but that is only a part of the story Are machines capable of love creation of art can they really adapt to our world? The book develops two main themes first is the alternative history of GB with all the political technological and social changes it brings the 2nd is the life with an artificial human and the struggle for all the parties involved to adapt and all the philosophical uestions that raise from there If you ever read McEwan you might know he likes to ramble a lot on different topics When he gets it right then the book is brilliant when he doesn’t it’s a struggle to follow Here he both succeeded and failed I had the feeling I was reading two novels which were carelessly patched together I thought the first 20% to be a mess and even thought about giving up The novel gets much better later but the feeling that the alternative history did not mingle well with the artificial humans’ story remained Also the whole book felt superficial although the author’s brilliance surfaced on many occasions Throughout the dramatic development of the Adams and Eves as the machines are named the author puts the uestion of the possibility for humans and machines to coexist whether the latter are able to understand and mimic our reason “We create a machine with intelligence and self awareness and push it out into our imperfect world Devised along generally rational lines well disposed to others such a mind soon finds itself in a hurricane of contradictions We’ve lived with them and the list wearies us Millions dying of diseases we know how to cure Millions living in poverty when there’s enough to go around We degrade the biosphere when we know it’s our only home We threaten each other with nuclear weapons when we know where it could lead We love living things but we permit a mass extinction of species And all the rest – genocide torture enslavement domestic murder child abuse school shootings rape and scores of daily outrages”The results are not so optimistic under McEwan’s feather A and Es were ill euipped to understand human decision making the way our principles are warped in the force field of our emotions our peculiar biases our self delusion and all the other well charted defects of our cognition Soon these Adams and Eves were in despair They couldn’t understand us because we couldn’t understand ourselves Their learning programs couldn’t accommodate us If we didn’t know our own minds how could we design theirs and expect them to be happy alongside us? But that’s just my hypothesis’I will not say too much of the plot and what happens to Adam and his kind or to Amanda and Charlie’s relationship I only leave you with Adam’s statement that also gives the title It’s about machines like me and people like you and our future together the sadness that’s to come It will happen With improvements over time we’ll surpass you and outlast you even as we love you Believe me these lines express no triumph Only regretPS I enjoyed his reference to his previous novel by making Adam develop an infatuation with Shakespeare and Hamlet in particular ; Many thanks to Netgalley and Random House UK Vintage Publishing for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Charlie Friend is a lazy day trader in London who vacillates between bouts of grandiosity and worthlessness The ultimate early adopter Charlie uses a recent inheritance to buy “the first truly viable manufactured human with plausible intelligence and looks believable motion and shifts of expression” The robot’s name is Adam which suggests what the creators must think of themselves He — it? — is one of 25 androids sold around the world in a variety of ethnicities 12 male and 13 female versions Adam’s affect may be slightly odd he doesn’t blink uite right but to the casual observer he’s a handsome muscular man — “fairly well endowed” Charlie admits while hastening to add “Adam was not a sex toy”But sex is certainly central to this carefully constructed comedy of terrors As the novel opens Charlie is wooing Miranda a somewhat unresponsive younger woman who lives in his apartment building He hopes that they can program Adam’s personality together as a kind of bonding experience “He would be like our child” Charlie says “What we were separately would be merged in him Miranda would be drawn into the adventure We would be partners and Adam would be our joint concern our creation We would be a family There was nothing underhand in my plan I was sure to see of her We’d have fun”Danger Will Robinson To read the rest of this review go to The Washington Posthttpswwwwashingtonpostcomentert To watch the Totally Hip Video Book Review of Machines Like Me click herehttpswwwwashingtonpostcomvideo At points in my reading of Machines Like Me I toyed with the idea that Ian McEwan was experimenting with a daring novelistic conceit Could it be true that he was deliberately constructing a lame and lackluster plot involving two of the most unengaging characters I have encountered in fiction in order to insinuate that human beings are overrated as narrative subjects and it wouldn’t be much of a loss if we were all replaced by robots?Unfortunately I think I’m wrong about this hidden agenda although it’s true that McEwan’s wistful haiku spouting android Adam is the most interesting figure in the novel by some distance His roommates or owners Charlie and Miranda signally fail to come off the page for me Charlie is a thirty something directionless dreamer with a ragbag of intellectual interests anthropology uantum physics robotics which McEwan uses as hooks on which to trail extensive info dumps from his research for the novel Miranda is a wispy twenty something obliue object of desire whose Shakespearean name allows McEwan to tap into resonances about brave new worlds and uncomfortable relations with enslaved sprites That is pretty much your lot in terms of characters apart from a few one or two scene wonders The best moments in the novel arise from the creepiness and ambiguity of Adam’s mechanical humanity; and I wish that McEwan had trusted to the interest of that theme Instead we get a half hearted suspense plot based around secrets and lies from Miranda’s past incorporating what I found to be an astonishingly crass treatment of rape That killed what little life there was left for me in the novel and I found it hard to limp through to the endOne especially peculiar feature of this generally peculiar novel is its counterfactual 1980s historical setting This is a 1980s in which Britain loses the Falkland War rather than winning it; Tony Benn becomes Prime Minister; Alan Turing poignantly lives on as a grand old man etc etc etc Otherwise this is a 1980s that pretty much maps onto the present or present future in terms of technological developments presumably so that McEwan doesn’t have the inconvenience of having to imagine himself back into a pre internet world I found it hard to see any point in this historical tinkering except that it allows a few rather heavy handed digs at the present Benn plans to take the UK out of the European Economic Community ignoring the 1975 entry referendum on the grounds that “only tyrannies decided policies by plebiscite”I found myself wondering as I finished this whether the success of McEwan’s scintillating previous novel Nutshell 2016 left him feeling that he had to follow up with something eually high concept It’s a shame if so The Children Act 2014 was a far traditional and less tricksy novel than either Nutshell or Machines Like Me and I felt it was one of McEwan’s best for some time How the hell can a novel about the first synthetic humans be so bloody boring? I thought it was just my mood when I first started it that I couldn't get into it that I found the characters irritating I kept plodding along because I thought this author's Atonement was brilliant and I loved the concept of this book However by half way through it I began to just skim the pages It drones on and on and on and rather than giving me plenty to think about as most books do that deal with the uestion of what defines intelligence and consciousness of what defines us as human this book almost induced a catatonic state My brain thought of nothing but how much I wanted the book to be over Mr McEwan does know how to write just not always the most interesting things I'm granting this two stars instead of one because of that but wow I wish I hadn't wasted my time on this The new novel from the master storyteller is his best in years and brilliantly McEwan a moving love story and a mystery yet for all its gripping plotline one of the most ethically and morally layered novels written for our timesSet in 1980s London the story revolves around Charlie young and reckless and in love with his upstairs neighbour the enchanting Miranda whose hidden murky past hangs between them He has spent his inheritance on the acuisition of one of twenty four highly developed robotic humans named Adam or Eve developed by Alan Turing after his success on the Enigma codebreaking machine central to the Allies WWII victory As London is consumed by the huge protests over England and Argentina's Falklands War and Margaret Thatcher's jingoistic ambitions Charlie courts Miranda and his Adam finds himself central to their affair Great novelist that he is McEwan pulls us into the uestion of what it means to love what it means to be human in our fast changing times and how precarious a construct is the world we live in and think we know Celebrity Death Match Special Machines Like Me versus L'invitéeLooking back as is so often the case it was inevitable Miranda and I were short of money; I had a story to tell which was still unusual With a little help the part I hated most was the nature of the help I found it easy to transpose the events of that fateful year into a novel It sold well and our bank balance finally began to reassume healthy proportions But still I had doubts In the final analysis did my work have any real value? There was only one person we agreed who could be relied on to give us an honest opinion And thus after several weeks of increasingly agitated discussion a flurry of emails and a short trip on the newly commissioned Eurostar I found myself standing outside a discreetly elegant Paris apartment I summoned my courage and pushed the button on the interphone A moment later a voice muffled and distorted but instantly recognisable from a hundred TV interviews came though the metal grille Allô? C'est vous M Friend?I paused hardly able to take it in I had just been directly addressed by the legendary Simone de Beauvoir I felt the crushing weight of a lifetime's achievements bearing down on me from the instant recognition accorded to her first book Tous les hommes sont mortels had received the Goncourt been filmed starring a young Brigitte Bardot and or less on its own created the paranormal romance genre through other novels the penetrating works of philosophy her friendships with the most brilliant writers of the century most recently her long overdue Nobel Prize And now I was talking to her Ah oui I said feebly The door buzzed and I entered She was standing in front of me her still beautiful face belying her seventy two years The man beside her moved forward and addressed me in English; I failed to take in a word he said but mechanically shook his hand With a shock I realised that it was her American lover Nelson Algren I opened my mouth but no words emerged De Beauvoir laughed Please sit down she said There was only the slightest trace of a French accent So I understand that you wish to hear my opinion of your book I noddedShe looked at me sharply First I wish to establish some facts You told me that you wrote this novel in collaboration with a third party who has not been credited Who was the person in uestion?I uh My mouth felt dry Perhaps perhaps 'who' is not the right word De Beauvoir nodded I suspected as much An artificial intelligence then? I indicated that she had understood the situation Very well she continued I apologise if you find the uestion intrusive but I need to know about the nature of the collaboration The book is not entirely without merit I was interested in the relationship between the three main characters they reminded me in some ways of one of my early works You have read L'invitée? I had not though of course I had heard of it and knew the outline of the plot Yes she said thoughtfully Toute conscience poursuit la mort de l'autre The first sentence of my book it could have been the first sentence of yours I was sorry not to see this theme completely developed To return to my uestion who did what?Well I said You understand it is always difficult to be exact in these matters But approximately She made an impatient gesture and I found myself blushing Ah approximately we agreed that my collaborator would be responsible for the philosophical basis and the narrative outline I would supply background and additional scenes And I would retain creative control They exchanged glances Alors said de Beauvoir briskly You will excuse us but we have an urgent appointment in a few minutes Let me ascertain that I have comprehended The machine wrote the book then you messed it up and added filler and infodumps C'est ça?I began to feel that this had not been a good ideaMatch point to be determined by a suitably ualified AI Simone de Beauvoir Charlie Friend who lives in a small apartment in London is a 32 year old technology buff who studied anthropology Charlie never uite made it in the working world so he tries to make a few bucks by day trading which isn't very lucrative for him The year is 1982 and Charlie is living in an alternative history world For instance Britain loses the Falklands War; John F Kennedy isn't assassinated; Jimmy Carter is a two term President; John Lennon isn't killed; the Beatles get back together; self driving electric cars are common and Alan Turing's homosexuality doesn't lead to his demise Instead Turing is a well respected scientist who's advanced AI to the point where intelligent humanoid robots are available Thus 13 Eves and 12 Adams of various races and ethnicities come on the market Charlie receives an inheritance at the same time the robots go on sale and not being brilliant with money the day trader spends his entire £86000 on an Adam The robot who looks like a swarthy attractive human male is unwrapped and powered up and Charlie consults the 470 page online handbook to learn how to assign personality traits and so on As it happens Charlie has a crush on Miranda the 22 year old PhD student who lives upstairs and hopes to forge a relationship with her So Charlie decides to 'share' Adam with Miranda and they each assign half the robot's personality traits Adam can have intelligent conversations express opinions help with housework etcand becomes an integral part of the householdCharlie and Miranda are soon eating and sleeping together and the smitten man begins to think about a long term commitment However Miranda's curiosity leads her to have sex with the robot which shocks Charlie to the core Miranda euates the incident to using a vibrator but Charlie doesn't see it that way and exacts a promise from Adam not to do it again Nevertheless Adam claims to be in love with Miranda and starts writing haikus for her For instance Kiss the space where shetrod from her to the windowShe made prints in timeDespite the slight 'ménage a trois' atmosphere things roll along fairly smoothly until Adam who constantly scans the internet while he's charging up discloses an incident in Miranda's past Adam is loyal to Charlie but wants to respect Miranda's privacy so he just drops a hintand Charlie has to pursue the matter on his ownOver the course of the story this has repercussions that set up a conflict between the 'moral flexibility' of humans and the 'innate honesty' of robots An important uestion in the book is whether sentient robots can 'be happy' in our flawed human society Another plot line revolves around a four year old boy named Mark whose neglectful parents land him in foster care Miranda develops an attachment to the boy which leaves Charlie conflicted and unsure of what to do All this has important conseuences in the storyThere's a good bit of technological philosophical and political chit chat in the bookand a speck of humor but this is rareI don't want to give away too much because it's best for readers to absorb the narrative bit by bit The story is compelling imaginative and provides plenty of food for thought Recommended to fans of speculative science fictionYou can follow my reviews at

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