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The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea What a treat this book was This beautiful story about two lonely people connecting over a lost cellphone then falling in love while restoring an old carousel was nothing short of magical I loved how the author unraveled the history of the carousel while the couple was working on it and I wish Pearlholme was a real place so that I could spend a summer there I am such a fan of Jaimie's work and can't wait to see what she writes next I read my first Jaimie Admans book It's a Wonderful Night last year and immediately fell in love with the balance of love and heartbreak a bittersweet look at a nostalgic holiday and her warm welcoming characters As a fan of Annie Darling and Jenny Colgan Admans fits well in with my reading tastes and always makes me want to seep into and live in the worlds she creates Yet even her whimsy and sense of wonder the colour of Ness's world and the way that Nate approaches life there is an undercurrent of longing I find that the balance of Admans' deep humanity with her absolutely adorable meet cute kismet is what combines for a perfect recipe So if you have mourned a lost chance or just want to figure out how you fit or are drawn to books with high concepts like Sliding Doors or Our Stop this is so wonderful Admans has made a fan of me for life What a beautiful love story But also what a complicated love story What a mess Ness is in thanks to her job and her boss I loved this story from first to last line It's the first time I see a story talking about Carousel restoration and this makes this book very uniue I loved everything from the love at first sight but I don't know yet I am in love thing to the lovely atmosphere that is around the lovely village Ness arrives in while looking for the lovely guy she has seen in the train in London and who dropped by accident his smartphone Lovely story I recommend it The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea is the perfect summer read I smiled all the way through reading it It was joyful funny sweet and absolutely infectious in its happinessSeriously It's pure joy distilled into a couple hundred pagesNess is a fact checker working for a London based magazine She lives in a horrible flat hates her commute dislikes her boss and dreams of something different while being stuck in the mundane day to day of her life She has a smile thingmajor crush going on with an attractive stranger she sees semi regularly on the tube and one day he drops his phone which she picks up and tries to return to him but doesn't get a chance before he's lost in a crowd This sets the scene for a madcap scheme with her annoying boss and pregnant BFF who works at the magazine to write a series of articles as Ness tries to track down 'train man'Of course Ness finds train man who happens to restore carousels and sets off to return his phone to him with her boss's approval in a sleepy seaside village in Yorkshire where he is restoring a mystery carousel You can imagine how it all unfolds An amazing guy who is intensely private falls in love with his train girl only to find out she's in the town under not entirely honest circumstances And that's why this isn't a 5 star read I'm afraid All Ness had to do was tell Ethan what was going on and everything would have been fine but she didn't She lied to him A lie of omission perhaps but still a lie and the mini drama that unfolded felt like it was added just for drama's sake diminishing the shine of this book like a storm cloud on a sunny dayIt doesn't ruin the book though I loved Ethan and Ness they were perfect for each other The setting was beautiful the mystery surrounding the old carousel was captivating and I laughed out loud so many times A little unnecessary drama can't destroy that That's why I whole heartedly recommend this book if you're looking for a happy pick me up or something to read while chilling in the sunshine Nathan is a stranger to Ness but they have been sharing coy looks at one another on the train for a while with neither summoning up courage to speak to the other The story follows that Ness is sent to seaside town Pearlholme by her boss to find Nathan and return his phone to him after he drops it on the train What he doesn't know is that she has been tasked with writing a series of articles about their encounter and how she is trying to track down the 'handsome mysterious train man' Nathan seems so happy go lucky that at times I could not figure out how I felt he would feel once he found out Ness had written the articles after he'd fallen for her and vice versa However we also learn that he is so shy and keeps to himself that he would feel his trust had been betrayed by Ness after all is revealed Ness needs to find a way to restore that trust and goes about it perfectly I had to keep on reading and reading to find out if they got their happy ever afterSuch a uirky storyline based around a carousel which Nathan is lovingly restoring it was actually really endearing listening to the history of the nuts and bolts and then about Nathan sanding and painting the horses Carousel's now mean so much than a child's fairground rideI was already enjoying this book but the arrival of Ness' parents in particular her mum to the holiday cottage Ness and Nathan were staying at ramped up the giggle factor it was very funny The ending and last few chapters of this story had me doing an internal happy dance My many thanks to H Digital via NetGalley for providing me with this advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review Jaimie Admen you did it again This book is absolutely fabulous I adored it It had me smiling and laughing out loud many many times With all the hilarious innuendos The whole ice cream scene had me in hysterics In this book we meet Ness Our lovely independent woman who is funny and clumsy and I saw myself in Ness in than one circumstance She works for a woman’s magazine lives in a flat in London loves pizza and binge watching Netflix Ness dreams of becoming a successful journalist and the handsome stranger she sees on her daily underground commute most mornings A chance encounter sees the handsome stranger meeting Ness’s eye on the train It loooks like they are finally going to communicate with each other But then handsome stranger realises that his stop is coming up In the rush to get off the train he drops his mobile phone on the floor Ness sees this and in a split seconds decides that she will pick up the phone and try to get it back to him The only problem is when Ness gets off the train a rush of commuters realise it’s their stop too and dash to get off the train In the hectic station Ness looses sight of the handsome stranger and in the process makes herself incredible late for work However when Ness gets to work and tells her friend and subseuently her manager about the near encounter Her manager decides that there is a story to be written and that Ness is going to be the one to write it If she does a good job then she will be able to cover for her friend when she goes on maternity leave Together they decide that Ness has to track done this handsome stranger But that is easier said then done On a peruse of the phone They discover that handsome stranger and Ness have uite a lot in common But there is no way on tracking down the owner Then when Ness gets home from work She gets an unexpected call on handsome strangers phone It is the man himself AKA Nathan They talk for hours and Ness discovers that Nathan is in Pearlholme fixing a centuries old Carousel When Ness informs everyone what happened the next day at work They demand that she goes to Pearlholme and tracks down handsome stranger and to write the romantic story of a lifetime This all happens in like the first few chapters of the book So please rest assured that I haven’t given anything away If you are a romance fan then I highly recommend reading this new gorgeously romantic book about Ness and Nathanial Get swept away in the magic and romance of Pearlholme history and the gorgeous romantic story of the carousel This is a wonderful story and one that I highly recommend to all I absolutely loved every moment of it Simply beautiful I’ve read and loved all of Jaimie Admans’ books and while it seems impossible to choose a favourite The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea might just be it I love how relatable Ms Admans’ characters always are I really felt for Ness and her desire for something She settled for a ho hum relationship and after breaking free from that she then settled for a ho hum job The job was something to pay the bills and maybe even a stepping stone to something better plus it meant getting to work with her best friend so it wasn’t so bad I think a lot of us tell ourselves that “it’s not so bad” even when we’re miserable and desperate for change Enter Nathan adorable awkward slightly insecure Nathan and everything in Ness’s life changes Nathan was just as relatable as Ness; he’d been hurt he didn’t want to put his trust in someone else didn’t want to fall in love again or ever be in another relationship He absolutely broke my heart at times but I loved how good Ness was to him and for him And these two togetheroh manI honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard There were scenes where I literally had tears running down my face because I was laughing so hard Their interactions were hilarious sweet poignant and swoony I loved them so much and rooted for them from beginning to end The side characters were also fantastic and I absolutely loved the beach setting This book was a joy from beginning to end Sweet and funny with a beautiful romance that will leave you swooning and feeling hopeful The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea is the perfect escape Having read previous books by this author I was very much looking forward to reading this one her latest release  Also I absolutely adorelove the cover Well this was a truly delightful and enjoyable read I loved it from start to finish there were moments that just melted my heart and then there were moments that totally made me giggle  I really liked the character of Ness as I felt like I could totally relate to her and our personalities are so very similar not to mention that we share the exact same name lol So because of that I felt as if I had a pretty close connection with Ness throughout the whole of the storyAs for the story itself I loved the concept ot it and on the whole it was very well written however I did think that certain parts of the story were very drawn out especially in the middle and then in other parts come the end it all felt a bit rushed in places However I still really enjoyed reading this and I will be looking forward to her future books Ness has almost resigned herself to being single forever when she catches sight of the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen on the train to workBut just as she plucks up the courage to speak to him – he steps off the train and disappears into the crowds without realising he’s accidentally dropped his phoneIt’s her ‘glass slipper’ moment she’s sure of it she just needs to track him down – all the way to the gorgeous seaside village of Pearlholme where she finds him restoring a vintage carousel by the sea Maybe it’s finally time to follow her heart What a lovely feel good book A mysterious stranger on a train A spark of attraction Finally brought together in an idyllic location Throw I an emotional backstory an intriguing mystery and a cast of hilarious characters I loved everything about this book and really hope there might be a seuel I do love this author's style of writing Cover is gorgeous too Thank you to author and to TBC for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review

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