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Revelations 4 Stars Ann Caldwell had just made detective when her cop father died in a car accident All her life she'd tried to make him proud but instead of praise all she had ever received was harsh criticism Ann had received an awakening when she'd discovered her father had run a shoddy investigation and prejudged Craig Dofgren Mommy Said Goodbye of murdering his disappearing wife Now with other cops known to hang in her father's good 'ole boy club also dying in odd accidents Ann wonders if these are really accidents When she shares her suspicions with her partner Juan Diaz she's sure he's going to call it a whaky idea but much to her surprise Juan actually thinks she might have something Delving into her father's past cases to find the connections with the other cops Ann's forced to face her childhood of emotional abuse As Ann slowly begins to trust Juan she reveals how bleak her life has been and slowly she finds the courage to explore who she is as a woman Juan's always been attracted to Ann's sharp mind and uick wit but when she reveals that she actually has alot of curves under those ugly clothes she wears he's a gonerThe title Revelations is apt for this story Not only does Ann learn about her father's misdeeds and abuse of power as a cop she learns to understand her own lonely upbringing Juan is the perfect hero for Ann he takes his time with her and actually is afraid he'll blow it With his encouragement he helps Ann overcome her insecurities I enjoy a bit of suspense with a good romance and this story fits that bill nicely 35 This book is connected to where the heroine was the detective investigating the hero in that book I didn't like her so much in the beginning of Mommy Said Goodbye but as that book went on I could see her beginning to transform a bit Her transformation continued in this book which focused on her and her partner Juan Diaz I think this book is well titled There are a lot of revelations and realizations coming to light about herself about her father and who she thought were friendsgood people about what sort of person she wants to be etc The romance is really low key People expecting the traditional romance that's clearly on the pages will find this a bit lacking I didn't mind it though plus it comes with this line's style HN Super romances The mystery of who was killing cops as well as Ann realizing and making decisions in her life for the better where the focus All in all it was a good read though I liked Mommy Said Goodbye a bit as it had angst and the POV was a bit compelling This is a follow up story to Johnson's Mommy Said Goodbye You can read my review here The heroine of Revelations Ann Caldwell is a cop just like her father In MSG Ann followed in her father's footsteps when it came to hounding Craig Lofgren hero of MSG Now Ann has realized her father wasn't the cop she thought he was She's moved on but still trying to come to terms with the father she thought she knewJuan Diaz is an older experienced cop who finds himself partnered with Ann Caldwell a newly minted detective He's intrigued by her She tries to dress to hide the fact that she's a woman but Diaz can't help but notice that his partner is a woman Diaz has already lost one marriage to his job and he doesn't see his kids as much as he would like We hear how divorce rate is high among cops so I'm glad Diaz had that baggage of a divorce made it far realistic His kids were well done having enough page time to establish his relationship with them but not too much since he didn't see them that muchAnn Caldwell is a grown woman yet she hasn't had many of the experiences that most women have had She doesn't date much and her work has her primarily around men all day What she really needed was some confidence in her femininity I do think that Diaz helped bring that out in Ann You could tell she wanted to change and become who she wanted to be and not who she thought her father had wanted her to be She just needed a catalyst to make that changeThe suspense plot I found somewhat boring at times Maybe if it had been graphic or I had felt Ann or Diaz were in greater danger then the tension would have been higher As it was the villain was fairly easy to identify and I much preferred time spent with Ann and Diaz getting to know each other I liked seeing Ann come out of her shell shedding her nervousness and gaining confidence in her power as a womanI liked Ann and Diaz seeing them take their professional relationship and turn it into a close friendship and eventually a romantic couple The mysterycrime solving was simply okay I do like Johnson writing style she does well in the short format Fortunately she has a long back list and continues to publish with Harleuin In Mommy Said Goodbye I didn't like Ann who was a minor character investigating the hero based on her dead cop father's notes but she redeemed herself by chasing the truth instead in this book I loved Ann her dedication to her job her insecurity when it came to being a woman since she was raised by a cold father spent her life trying to please himJuan was her partner he was someone who saw through he tough cop facade to a woman whose mother committed suicide who was lonely and didn't know her own beauty Over the course of the book we see Ann change make gradual changes and her weighing them be scared about them Like the first time she gets her eyebrows done she is surprised to see the change even when she bought a new wardrobe started to find confidence with the help of Juan in her womanhoodI really liked the hero as well he was sweet honourable after he found himself in love with Ann wanting with her I really liked how he was willing to make a sacrifice for her when no one else in her life had made one for herabout the job Even though this book features no love scene you don't feel the dearth since the romance is so well doneI have to say I am really enjoying the books by this author Really good Book The heroine is a tomboy who was raised by a father who really didn't like girls She became a cop in hopes of earning his respect but now he's dead and her chance is gone She is at a funeral of one of her dad's buddies when it occurs to her that counting her father a lot of his close friends have died in bizarre accidents So she and her partner a divorced dad start looking into it That's the mystery part of the story The romance part involves her making her first female friend and talking with her partner and awakening to her feminine side and her attraction to her partner It's a very good story with a wounded awkward heroine I liked it a lot Ann Caldwell no sabía uién era realmente Había crecido obsesionada con la idea de ganarse la aprobación de su padre pero nunca lo había conseguido De peueña había sido demasiado femenina y de adulta no era lo bastante mujer Incluso se había hecho policía para satisfacerlo Pero ahora ue su padre ya no estaba Ann se había dado cuenta del vacío de su vida Deseaba enamorarse pero no tenía la menor idea de cómo llegar a un hombre sobre todo si se trataba de su compañero Juan Díaz ue jamás le había prestado la menor atenciónMientras trataba de encontrar su camino en el mundo Ann iba a tener ue descubrir uién se estaba dedicando a matar policías Díaz y ella tendrían ue resolver el caso antes de ue muriera alguien más

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