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Paradox Samuel Abrahams is haunted by a love stained memory Locked away with chains of shame All it takes is a postcard to turn his world inside out And a message from someone he's worked hard to forgetTHE TWINS ARE HERE THE TWINS ARE REAL THE TWINS ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUPARADOX is an inspiring re imagination of 'A Christmas Carol' This page turning adventure travels between present day and Victorian Britain as a mysterious shadow flings Abrahams into an unknown but strangely familiar world The place he calls home London has transformed itself into the living stories from Charles Dickens But nothing is what it seems in this richly layered thriller Dan Brown introduced the world to Da Vinci's hidden code In PARADOX the intriguing web of Dickens is revealed Behind every tale from the Victorian author is a clue as to why Abrahams has the feeling of Déjà vu He doesn't know who to trust as he weaves through the provocative back story of 'Oliver Twist' A familiar character from 'Hard Times' has a disturbing look in their eyes and a card dealing Fun Fair owner from 'The Chimes' carries an unspoken fear As Abrahams pieces the clues together he uncovers a twisted game that is as old as time itself And a message From Dickens THE TWINS ARE HERE THE TWINS ARE REAL THE TWINS ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUPARADOX is than just a Fantasy Thriller It's a Social Thriller This compelling tale shows the Dickensian landscape of poverty and social injustice is still in existence today Education Welfare Housing and Healthcare are just some of the themes connecting the Victorian world to the present day But leave all assumptions aside The message from Dickens carries a surprising twist for the world todayPerfect for fans of James Patterson Stephen King and Neil Gaiman PARADOX brings similar pace imagination and brilliant characterisation to the page

About the Author: Andy Smithyman

Andy Smithyman writes books and gives the odd talk There's a rumour he's also a speech and ghostwriter but he keeps those projects secret He has an interest in social justice with a coffee stained Masters Degree in Narrative TheoryAlways seeking imaginative ways to tell stories in 2018 Andy finally fell down the rabbit hole setting up a different kind of publishing company This 'curiouser a

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