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The Sleepers of Erin Lovejoy the connoisseur of antiues and all around scamp embarks on a madcap search for a priceless Celtic antiueHalf a jump behind him are a couple of mayhem minded antiues dealers a woman of extraordinary beautiy with brains to match and a motley crew of interested parties including the police Assault false arrest kidnapping blackmail and murder all add to the high cost of finding and keeping an antiue that only Lovejoy can recognize With time out of course for a romantic interlude every now and then Lovejoy nobly fights to hold on to the treasure and his life This was the first Lovejoy mystery I have read I was put off by the character of Lovejoy I don't like the way he treats women and he is unreasonably violent However the story itself was good and kept me interested and it had some good twists which I always like The information about antiues real and faked was interesting too Right I need to explain something here lest you other users of Good Reads think I am some sort of ne'er do well I have rated this book one star higher than the last Lovejoy escapade that I read In the review for that one I mentioned that aside from a thought about it in paragraph two Lovejoy did not strike a woman In this book he belts one and knocks her clean outI am not basing my star ratings on Lovejoy's abusive fists I just preferred the story of this one The last one bored the bejesus out of me and seemed a bit all over the place This one was better Definitely better I mean there's little or no continuity given that Lovejoy was going to prison for murder at the end of the last one but that just fits in nicely with the fact that no one ever mentions the fact that his cottage was burnt to the ground in the first one or how there are still any antiue dealers in East Anglia that he hasn't accidentally murdered And any number of other ridiculous inconsistencies across the books I just find it easier to imagine each story is set in a slightly different universe Albeit a different universe in which Lovejoy is consistently uite an unlikeable bell end Lovejoy the anti hero protagonist of this mystery series is involved in yet another antiues scam this time in Ireland It’s been years since I read a Lovejoy story and I didn’t remember Lovejoy or the series as this violent with numerous “accidents” serious injuries and deaths There is Lovejoy minding his own business enjoying post coital bliss late at night in a church when some collegues in the trade attempt to rob the church of its valuables When Lovejoy attempts to stop the robbery he ends up in hospital and being a suspect of the robbery since the real robbers were friendly enough to leave one damning piece of evidence behind in his cottage of course the cheapest piece of the stolen goods Whne Lovejoy gets released from hospital he gets an alibi from an unexpected but unknown lady The price of course his talents as a divvie Which means in thr antiues trade his skill of being able to feel a true antiue This is just the start of a new adventure of LovejoyI generally enjoy the Lovejoy books even if they do contain violence than the very tv series with Ian Mcshane playing Lovejoy But in both perons he is a charming rogue that gets into a lot of troublewell and intelligently written with the odd explanation about the world of antics thrown in for information

  • Paperback
  • 214 pages
  • The Sleepers of Erin
  • Jonathan Gash
  • English
  • 14 August 2016
  • 9780140069709

About the Author: Jonathan Gash

John Grant is an English crime writer who writes under the pen name Jonathan Gash He is the author of the Lovejoy series of novels He wrote the novel The Incomer under the pen name Graham GauntGrant is a doctor by training and worked as a general practitioner and pathologist He served in the British Army and attained the rank of Major in the Royal Army Medical Corps He was head of bacteriolo

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