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The Maids Spanish Secret “You will come to Spain You will marry me”For sweet maid Poppy Harris her one and only passionate experience was scorching and absolutely forbidden She shouldn’t have succumbed to Spanish aristocrat Rico Montero’s tantalizing seduction but his touch was all consumingand had a nine month conseuence Poppy believes they could never be anything Until Rico appears on her doorstep demanding his hidden daughter—and determined to make Poppy his wifeEnjoy this intensely dramatic marriage of convenience

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  1. Ivy H Ivy H says:

    Another Beta hero who kowtows to his parents and only flexes his alpha skills when he's around the heroineWhy am I always confuzzled everytime I have to write a review for a Dani Collins romance novel ? Normally it's uite easy to review an HP romance novel because there are certain things that I look for If those ingredients are lacking then the book gets a low rating This was a very difficult book to rate because my biggest gripe was with the hero I didn't like him all that much because he seemed too passive I'm a heterosexual female who appreciates the ultra alpha male H even if he's aggravating at times If I'm reading a romance novel where I find very little that's attractive about the H then it's hard for me to enjoy the story Firstly Rico's the younger brother of the Cesar the H from The Conseuence He Must ClaimI haven't read The Conseuence He Must Claim but based on Cesar's cameo appearances in this novel I definitely think that he's a million times alpha than Rico That doesn't augur well for my enjoyment of a novel if I'm impressed by the H's older brother Rico's not my ideal type of H He was a basic beta; a second son who was dedicated to pleasing his parents especially his mother He didn't even have ownership of his own firm That's disappointing in an era where HPlandia heroes are billionaires who answer to no oneRico disappointed me because I expect a modern HP hero to be a trailblazer and a maverick; a man who charts his own destiny and doesn't depend on a dynastic marriage of convenience to gain control of his father in law's chemicals company Rico had a one night stand with Poppy the heroine right after he'd been jilted by his fiancee Faustina Then the day afterwards Faustina declared that she's pregnant so the wedding was back on again Rico had been happy after the one night stand with the heroine and was contemplating going after her since she'd already returned home to Canada But he married Faustina thinking that he was doing the right thing Plus he was happy to be appointed as the President of his father in law's company The H was tired of living in the shadows of his older brother and wanted to achieve professional success on his terms Faustina was a lying conniving skanky hagwhore who'd been banging her chauffeur The chauffeur was the father of her baby but her parents had threatened to disown her if she failed to marry Rico Basically the heroine returned to Canada and decided not to tell Rico about her daughter Lily because she didn't want to destroy his marriage At the start of the story the hagwhore's dead and Rico's discovered via social media that he might be Lily's father Anyway he wheedled his way back into Poppy's life marrying her and carting her back to Spain Poppy was a wonderful heroine and I adored the little toddler Lily She was the sweetest little girl with the cutest personality The heroine's grandmother was also a lovable minor character And that's why I found it difficult to rate this novel This is my problem with this novelI loved the heroine and certain minor characters I enjoyed the author's portrayal of the heroine's close bond with her grandparents the cameos by the MC's from The Conseuence He Must Claim were enjoyable and the epilogue was sentimentally beautiful BUT I was underwhelmed by the H If I can't go gaga over the hero I can't really enjoy the romanceIf I'd loved the H this would've been at the very least an easy 4 stars Maybe I'm being too picky but the H is the most important factor in any romance novel in my opinion Rico just seemed too passive and weak to me He did man up in the end and give up control of his former in law's company but my earlier impression of him just wasn't salvageable This was a well written and heartwarming novel that will probably be enjoyed by lots of readers It's just a personal preferences issue with meI loved the author's inclusion of the scenes that referenced the heroine's late grandfather especially when Poppy says that she thinks he's looking down at them up from the stars This played an important role in the story and was a sweet and sentimental plot device Safety Both MC's were celibate during their separation The H didn't have sex with his wife Faustina after the wedding because she'd been too busy banging the chauffeur

  2. Aou Aou says:

    It was nice and made my eyes watered a little

  3. Vintage Vintage says:

    A high three star for me and makes me want to read Dani CollinsNot a typical HP as it’s pretty low on angst and mean hero which can be disappointing for some Plus the women actually stand up for themselves Despite the HP Generic Title Namer this has the development of a relationship and some semblance of a story rather than the usual petulant push pull and uivering loans Don't get me wrong the couple are all over each other A ONS with the Canadian heroine and the Spanish rich man results in a secret baby The ONS happens between the day the H is jilted and the next day when the MOC for business is back on uick work by little Spanish swimmersMOC didn’t work out too well as one his wife view spoiler is found dead and nude in the arms of her chauffeur by her parents and two was pregnant by the chauffeur At least I hope it was the chauffeur’s baby as it sure wasn’t the hero’s hide spoiler

  4. Melody Cox Melody Cox says:

    3 35 StarsWe find out right away that Rico had been engaged to a woman that his wicked witch mother forced on him just like she tried to do with his brother Cesar in the prior book He was not happy about it but from birth it was drummed into him that you had to sacrifice for the betterment of the family and it's wealth and never feel emotions because that showed weakness He was receiving the Presidency of one of the companies his in laws to be owned which would give him his dream of getting out of the family businesses that were in the control of Cesar who did a great job by the way I felt Rico was tired of playing second fiddle He wanted something in his own rightTowards the end of the engagement his evil conniving fiance who was in love with her family's chauffeur and was carrying his child began to have serious doubts She went to see Rico the hero and broke off the engagement while throwing a tantrum Later that day Rico officially met his mother's maid Poppy who he had noticed uite a few times They were drawn to each other like magnets Rico seduced her and she was a willing participant giving him her virginity The sex was explosive He wanted to stop her from leaving and date her but the ex fiance returned the next day and reinstated the wedding It was his 'duty' so he bit the bulletWhile there in Canada Poppy discovers she is pregnant by Rico but she discovers that Rico reconciled and married his ex fiance the one he was so happy to be rid of She did not want to tell him about his child because everyone knew Rico's new wife was carrying his child that was not really his She didn't want to cause trouble in his marriage Now this ex fiance'swife's plan was to pass off the chauffeur's child as Rico's He thought he was the father from the only single sexual experience he had with this women but he began to have doubts They never slept together while married and she only seduced him the one time when they were engaged so she could convince him the baby was his Then the wife chauffeur and unborn child died of carbon monoxide poisoning He was free once again She has been dead for a year when he discovers he has a child by the woman who blew him awayWhile I liked the story I felt there was a lot of introspection as opposed to conversation between the two main characters I got a bit fed up with being in their head so much while they thought back I have read all three in this series so far but they are not marked as a series within the 'Secret Heirs of Billionaires' seriesI was disappointed in Rico He was alpha some of the time but beta in others I was really fed up with his allegiance to his family He did most everything mama demanded of him She continually told him it was his duty to the family You would have thought she would have learned from Cesar when she came close to ruining his life When it came to mama he seemed weak and felt he had to forgo what he wanted in his life and obey mama's every command His 'wife' was barely cold in the grave when she was trying to find a replacement that would be an advantage to their family She cared not if that woman would make her son unhappy It was nice to see Sorcha and Cesar but I was a bit disappointed that Sorcha had fallen into the lifestyle that Cesar lived I didn't really see much of the old Sorcha that we knew in the previous bookI was very disturbed when Rico's ex in laws made him promise to keep the secret that the child was not his and that there was major infedelity on their daughters part By doing so this causes Rico to look bad unreliable unfaithful and it causes some to mistreat Poppy as she is placed in the role of the slutty OW in this lie because they couldn't understand how she had a child that would have been the same age as Rico's and his dead wife's It caused Rico to look like he cheated on his fiancewife and maybe cheated on the OW and that was so unfair He let Poppy take the blame instead of the unfaithful lying dead wife I was furious That was the worst possible scenerio and so far from the facts So they took the brunt of the scandal and never would tell anyone even family what had really happened He pretended he was in mourning over the dead baby and wife His sister in law is worried sick about him because she thinks his baby died I thought that was horrible of her parents to ask of him and even worse that Rico went along with it as it caused his reputation and that of Poppy's harm to some degree Book One The Marriage He Must KeepBook Two The Conseuences He Must ClaimBook Three The Maid's Spanish SecretSafetyBoth celibate the two years they were apartHe only had sex with the fiance once off page at her insistance because she wanted to be able to pass off the other man's child as Rico's since her parents were ready to disinherit her He said he was very underhelmed with the experience This was before he met Poppy They never consummated their marriage and he had not sought anyone out since her death a year agoThere was no OMOW drama

  5. Esther Esther says:

    ARC provided by NetGalley and Harleuin in exchange for an honest reviewRating 375Review to come

  6. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Low stakes secret baby book I say low stakes because heroine is doing just fine with her secret baby when hero shows up to claim her The Hh had a one nightday stand in Spain when the hero's engagement was broken and it was heroine's last day as a maid for hero's cold snobby mother Heroine returned to Canada and hero got roped back into his loveless engagement when business and family interests prevailedHis wifefiance ? can't remember ended up dying together with her lover in a freak accident and hero is bitter His sister in law alerts him to a baby on a servant's facebook page that looks just like his family Hero is tracks her down They decide to marry and the rest of the story is the Hh adjusting to marriage and the snobby in lawsBoth the Hh are likable and their marriage growing pains are understandable There's no heavy drama or angst just a nice storyHeroine was a virgin and hero never slept with his fiancewife after he was with the heroine

  7. Xai Xai Xai Xai says:

    I have always assumed Spanish people were passionate and blood was near the skin surface However Caesar and Rico were born into a home of aristocracy Their parents were like manneuins and cold Intellectuals but unfeeling No wonder when they found love with their wives it was like jumping off a cliff If you want Caesar's love story then you will find it in 'The conseuence he must claim'Which I am so happy we get a continuation of the baby swap that happened with another couple from the book 'The marriage He must keepWhen Rico met Poppy she was a shy feisty red head blooming with a huge crush on her employer's handsome son Rico's engagement was already broken so giving in to their intense passion was easy After their time together everything happened so fast The engagement was back on and by the time poppy recognised she was pregnant Rico got married The Marriage was doomed much to Rico's chagrined He wanted it to work but only when his wife died he got revelations that made his indifference hardened and stronger Thanks to his sister in law Sorcha Rico found out he had a daughterlily I wonder if it just that poppy name her daughter after a flower like herself or was it the name of the flowers found where they had their first passionate encounter Without A DNA confirmation he whisks Poppy back to Spainmarried to him I loved reading their insecurities of being back together They both were celibate from their last encounter and their initiation to rediscovering their passions Poppy and Sorcha developed a friendship and have confidence to a homesick Poppy to tolerate her in laws I loved seeing a transformed Poppy I liked the fact she gained confidence but she didn't change herself It took a life threatening situation for Rico to confess his love but it was worth their time together Liked Gran also DC to be proven to be a great author I hope we get Pia's story Casear and Rico's sister hopefully Poppy will eventually meet her new sister in law Please please read this one

  8. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    Rico wants to make sure his woman is uite comfortable and at home “do you want company?” His voice lowered growing thick with sensual invitation Rice hates when his girl is upset “please don’t cry You’re making me feel like a jerk” I liked this book I liked Rico

  9. lily waheed lily waheed says:

    Not a great start to the month

  10. Danielle Danielle says:

    45 starsKind of read the Montero siblings a little bit out of order with me having read Pia’s story first which came after this book featuring her brother Rico I read Pia’s story first thinking I would like that one than this one but founding surprisingly the opposite to be true Not that Pia’s story wasn’t good because it was and enjoyed very much but this one just drew me in and took a hold of me a lot than I thought I was just invested in this one than Pia’s story for whatever reasonThis had the typical Dani Collins flair that I love with this book reiterating that very fact of why I love her stories and characters so much What I love most about his story and what Dani Collins is so great at creating was the building up of intimacy between Rico and Poppy At first it was very much about their physical connection between them but then continued to grow and deepen over the course of the book Even though they had that intense chemistry and passion between them in the beginning that caused them to have a one night tryst that conceived their daughter they had something A connection that went beyond that but never acknowledged between them until they started building the relationship between them One of my most favorite scenes in the book was an intimate scene between them when they actually slept in the same bed together while previous times Rico would get up and leave after making love to her in order to keep that emotional distance between them But after awhile he couldn’t stand that lack of intimacy between them and he began to crave being with her in bed holding her and just have that closeness that between them in the aftermath of their lovemaking It was really sweet see him have that revelation that he wanted that emotional closeness between them as well as the physical closeness It showed how much he did care about her and needed her in a way that went beyond the physical When he embraced that side of their relationship it was really beautiful It all really started with him realizing that she wanted that from him and knowing he was hurting by denying that type connection between them I loved thatI adored both Rico and Poppy I thought they were very sweet and lovely characters that I could easily get behind It was really hard not to root for them Though they might have some issues due to past relationships and experiences they were still really good people who were just trying to do the best in their lives They weren’t perfect and were flawed but that just made them real and three dimensional It was easy to care about them because they both deserved love than anyone and they got that from each other It was beautiful to see them finally realize that and come together so they could get that happily ever after together They just were made for each other And I may have swoon over Rico a couple times throughout the course of reading the bookThey lovemaking scenes were spot on They were passionate and very sensual between them but there was so much than met the eye It wasn’t just about them physically coming together but emotionally too I liked the first time scene after they reunited that they didn’t just jump into it They had an honest and open discussion first that revealed some insecurities that Poppy had over being with him again after two years and her lack of experience with anyone aside from him I loved they had that conversation between them because it showed them building an intimate and honest relationship between them before they became physically intimate again It made their first time after all these years separated sensual and satisfying because they had that conversation and were building on not only their physical connection but their emotional one too Their chemistry was in no denial They always had that but this just brought another layer to their relationship and added to its intensity and deep ness between them They had a other couple scenes thrown in that showed off their passion for one another as well as their love and connection to one another even if it was spoken out loud yet It just kept growing and never seemed stopped between them as and intimacy built between them It was goodI really enjoyed this book I loved the moments of building of intimacy between Rio and Poppy throughout the book as and emotions became involved Those were some of my favorite moments in the book I just really was really drawn to their story and how they got to their happily ever after I loved the connection that built between them that wasn’t just based on physical I loved that they both wanted that closeness between them I loved Rico wasn’t and all and all jerk like I was expecting him to be In fact he was a lot considerate and aware compared to other alpha males in this genre I loved that he recognized that he was hurting Poppy and didn’t want to do that so he did everything in his power to bridge the gap between them and create that intimate bond between them I loved how caring sweet and considerate he was of his daughter and of Poppy He made me swoon a bit I adored him I adore her I adored the story in general Just there was a lot good things in this story I give it a thumbs upI highly recommend this book for Dani Collins fans out there If you love any of her other books with her type of flair then you’re going to love this one You’re not gonna want miss this one

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