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Son of Scandal “Dance with me” Sometimes desire has wicked conseuences A member of Savannah’s most influential family Paxton McLe has his life planned out Until one dance at a masuerade ball leads to a night of passion with his assistant Ivy Harden Now Ivy is pregnant and Paxton is falling hard But the masks are coming offrevealing Ivy’s true identity and rekindling a blood feud that will rock Savannah society

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  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    Son of Scandal3 StarsThe son of one of Savannah's preeminent families Paxton McLe has his life planned out including the woman he should marry But one night of passion with his assistant Ivy Harden forces him to re evaluate his life his family and his priorities Will he choose his heart over his obligations even when he learns the secrets Ivy is keeping?Well written with likable characters and an engaging romance Paxton and Ivy have strong chemistry and thankfully the keeping secrets trope is kept to a minimum as the characters confront it head on without any unnecessary brooding and angst Unfortunately I read this book out of order so the ongoing story arc revolving around the Harden sisters' uest to prove their family's innocence was somewhat lost on me Nevertheless the resolution plays out well and is satisfying overall In sum this is my first Dani Wade but it won't be my last

  2. Linda Linda says:

    I enjoyed Son of Scandal by Dani Wade A dance with her boss at a masuerade ball leads to a night spent in Paxton's bed Then Ivy discovers that she is pregnant But Paxton's family is made up of high ranking business leaders of Savannah society and he has been taught to marry well Marrying his assistant wasn't what he had in mind Now even though they aren't together they need to figure out how to be parents together This book deals with a surprise pregnancy and how each family deals with it It's a fun read

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