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Mâe por natureza Oito anos mais tarde a família adoptiva de Natasha morreu tragicamente num acidente e a menina ficou sob a tutela de Nick Cameron um homem de negócios ue não tinha tempo para cuidar da criança Auilo ue ele precisava era de uma ama e Angela sabia ue seria a candidata perfeita mas Nick não podia desconfiar ue ela era a verdadeira mãe de Natasha Contudo tratava se de um homem atraente e sedutor e Angela viu se tentada a confiar lhe os seus segredos e o seu coração

  • Kindle Edition
  • 134 pages
  • Mâe por natureza
  • Cathy Williams
  • 08 April 2015

About the Author: Cathy Williams

Cathy Williams was born in the island of Trinidad the West Indies She is a great believer in the power of perseverance as she had never written anything before apart from school essays a lifetime ago and from the starting point of zero has now fulfilled her ambition to pursue this most enjoyable of careers She would encourage any would be writer to have faith and go for itShe has been writi

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    A Natural Mother Cathy Williams does the teen mother who gave her up baby at birth and seeks a reunion scenario for this HP adventureThe h is a 25 year old school teacher and had given up her baby daughter for adoption when she was barely 17 She was kicked out by her alcoholic father and had no way to support her child so she picked a nice couple and got a promise that the new family would keep in contact and then she went a made a life for herselfBut she never forgot her child and when she finally learned that the adoptive parents had been killed and the brother of the adoptive mother now has custody the h decides to insert herself into the little eight year old girl's life by making up a fake job offer from the deceased mother to help with the little girlThe h lies through her teeth to the H about how she was such great friends with the H's sister the adoptive mother and manages to get herself hired as a live in companionteacher The H and h are having a certain amount of attraction going on between them and in between little girl and h bonding moments the H and h have some passion eventsEnter the OW the H's assistant and former lover She wants the H back and makes numerous plays which the H reacts to very ambivalently However a determined OW can't be held in stasis forever so the H has to fire her when she gets aggressively pushy and then the OW gets her revenge She finds the h's diary detailing her situation as the little girl's bio mum The OW knows the H is unaware of the h's true identity so she wakes the little girl up in the middle of the night while the H and h are at one of his company's events and she tells the little girl that the h is her motherThe little girl runs away and the h is forced to confess her lies to the H The H is seriously irked but they both have to go search for the little girl Eventually they find her when the police cannot but the little girl makes the H send the h awayThe h mopes about because she was planning on suing for custody and in a deus ex machina HP author move CW decides to have the little girl relent and want to see the h The H shows up with the child at the h's house and the h instantly starts plotting to move the girl away from her home and her friends and her current life and settle her in the small town where the h lives and teaches school teacherThe h tells the H that since she is really the girl's mother she wants custody and that while the girl will have to give up her lifestyle tho the h is sure the H will let her draw from the girl's trust fund the h believes she should have the daughter she gave up with the H's agreement to take the little girl away from everything she knowsThe H asks the h to marry him instead and after a protracted argument about who loves the other the h agrees to marry him and leech off of him for the HEAThis book just irked the heck out of me Mainly because this h wanted what she wanted and what she wanted was possession of a child that she gave up and barely knew with no regard to what that child might need or any recognition that that child was actually a thinking feeling person who deserved a lot better that a lying narcissistic tart for a very inadeuate mother replacementCW tried hard to convey the 'poor desperate teen mother who lost her child' route in this one But this h's intransigence about relating to any point of view other than her own and her continual LIES about pretty much everything AND her snotty tone for most of the book made me actually root for the OW to winThe OW was a witch but at least she was an honest witch and probably would have been a decent if distant step parent as well This h should have been slapped with a skillet and also a toilet seat to the head but as this is HPlandia and she was the heroine we get a very tired HEA insteadI do not recommend this unless you want a close up view of the care and raising of a future HPlandia martyred and downtrodden heroine

  2. Daniela Daniela says:

    El título original de esta novela es The secretary's scandalous secret pero cuando lo busco me aparece otro con exactamente el mismo nombre sólo ue omitiendo the Como sea lo estuve buscando desesperadamente hasta ue recién acabo de conseguirlo thumbs up smiley face Lo leí hace unos cuantos años atrás en casa de mi abuela y ustedes o usted si es ue alguien está leyendo esto comprenderán ue con el tiempo ue ha transcurrido desde auel entonces y debido a mi pobre memoria carezco de los detalles esenciales para escribir esta reseña y calificarlo apropiadamente sin embargo no necesito volver la vista atrás para recordar ue me gustó bastante así ue le atribuyo cuatro estrellas Sí soy pésima escribiendo reseñas

  3. Elektragedia Elektragedia says:

    bueno no pensé ue una tragedia pudiera dar un final tan raro pero esta bien linda la historia

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