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No Stone Unturned An engagement is supposed to be a fun exciting time in a girl’s life But things are never that easy for Slash and me Instead someone is threatening to expose Slash’s past—a past so secret even I know very little about itBefore I can get used to the weight of Nonna’s antiue ring on my finger he’s on his way to Romeand we’re farther apart than we’ve ever been Still I have no intention of sitting at home and letting him take on the Vatican by himselfWith a little expert level hacking I learn Slash is keeping secrets from me Big ones Dangerous ones In fact the I dig into Slash’s past the I discover things about him I never knew—things that eventually pit us against each otherFrom Rome to the Amalfi Coast to the highest levels of the Vatican we both race to discover the truth No matter what I find we’re officially a team now so I won’t let him face this alone Even if I don’t know if our relationship can survive itAnd don’t miss the rest of Julie Moffett’s Lexi Carmichael Mysteries No One Lives Twice No One To Trust No Money Down No Place Like Rome No Biz Like Showbiz No Test for the Wicked No Woman Left Behind No Room for Error No Strings Attached No Living Soul and No Regrets available now from Carina PressThis book is approximately 100000 words uite loved this book I always forget that the Lexi Carmichael books generally have some tension and often a particularly awful villain and this book was no exception The details on the Catholic Church and life at the Vatican were especially interesting in tandem with the suspense and the deep background into Slash and his past and Julie Moffett has added great developmental progress for Lexi who as she always has expressed her own fears and worries but dealt with them magnificently And the cat always adds comic relief especially for any reader who has ever had one Also as always it is easy to see the characters to somehow know what they look like to feel their emotions and to love them or hate them depending on whether they are the good guys or the evil ones This adds to the absolute pleasure of reading a Lexi Carmichael for sure While one could read this as a stand alone it's better to have read the previous books in the series to really appreciate the character development of those who appear in all the books No Stone Unturned by Julie Moffett is number eleven in the Lexi Carmichael series and the best one yet I think I have said that about every book in the series but this one finally let us fans get to know Slash and his pastI was thrilled that this time Ms Moffett wrote Slash's thoughts throughout this adventure I have always appreciated his caring concern and admiration of Lexie his spyoperative skills and his super hacking skills; but to finally read his thoughts and feelings made me appreciate him so much Throughout the series Slash's past has been carefully edited for everyone including Lexie but in this one we all learn about his work at the Vatican and his childhood All of which made this book an engrossing read for me Lexie as usual was her lovable geeky and awkward self which made me smile I laughed out loud at her white knuckle ride with Slash along the Amalfi coast This time they face a truly Machiavellian plot from Italy that hints of Slash's dark past This book has a plot that speeds along at breakneck speed wonderful secondary characters that I enjoyed visiting with again and a reveal that was so satisfying that I cheered Ms Moffett also left us with just a small hint of what we may be seeing in the next book at least I hope so I cannot recommend this book highly enough for all readers who enjoy a great mystery with a touch of romance friendship and familyI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book All of the above opinions are my own 35 starsLexi and Slash are back this time in a personal story While previous books have pitted Lexi and her friends against major threats to the world with life threatening danger involved this one offers less mortal peril but emotional obstaclesLexi and Slash recently have gotten engaged and Lexi thinks her greatest problem will be dealing with an engagement party and pushy relatives wanting to know when the wedding—and grandchildren—are expected But when vague threats spur Slash suddenly to leave for Italy without explanation and without Lexi Lexi wonders just how well she knows him and how much they truly trust each other It seems Slash’s mysterious past is coming to haunt him but Lexi is not about to let him push her away when clearly he needs her the mostThe story offers some typical Lexi social awkwardness and tech genius But the real treats of this tale are finding out about Slash’s mysterious past and watching Lexi and Slash come to trust and love each other even The ending leaves an intriguing uestion which may well be the subject of the next book I’ll look forward to it Lexi number 11 and WOW What a story Lexi and Slash are engaged and living together in their new house However a couple of incidents have Slash traveling to Italy leaving a worried Lexi behind Slash is confronted with a part of his past he would rather forget and not have Lexi know But Lexi is not prepared to let Slash face his demons alone Slash has been a mystery for most of the series The suave and skilled hacker and operative constantly followed by his own security detail We finally delve into his background I loved the descriptions of the beautiful Italian countryside and the visit to Nonna and her cat This book shows Lexi has grown so much and is willing to fight for Slash and their happiness It has a different vibe to it but it was a wonderful read and I can't wait for the nextOf course I can't divulge too much as I don't want to spoil anyone before this book is published in January 2019 but I have been highlighting like crazy and I am sure Julie won't mind me giving some uotes 'You were completely different from any other woman I'd ever met I didn't want you to come to me the way most people did But it also meant I wasn't sure how to go about getting you to love me That makes no sense You just had to be yourself Obviously that was enough for me 'Why? Slash do you really have to ask me that? When you gave me this ring I understood it to mean we're a team in all parts of our lives The good and the bad We may not have had the wedding yet but this ring means everything we face we face together'You're the beginning of my everything he whispered I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley but this is my honest and voluntary review There is a digital copy waiting for me on publication date as I have bought the book myself

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  • No Stone Unturned
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  • 20 July 2016
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