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  • Finding Her Forever Family
  • Traci Douglass
  • 01 October 2015
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  1. Dianne Dianne says:

    Even those trained in the medical field are human with human fears Wendy is a trauma nurse but her genes may hold a ticking time bomb and she refuses to fall in love or have a family only to leave them devastated like hers When Dr Tom Farber strolled into her life she did everything she could to fight the inevitable chemistry between them even as she fell in love with his troubled daughter Could Fate be smiling on her? Is it time to know for sure if she inherited the illness that stole her mother’s life?Traci Douglass’s FINDING HER FOREVER FAMILYis a tale of three souls finding each other just when they needed it most This love story is heartwarming sweet and sure to leave you with a smile on your face as love brightens the lives of these wonderful characters Besides sometimes you just need a story with a happy endingI received a complimentary ARC editionPublisher Harleuin Medical Romances; Original edition May 1 2019Publication Date May 1 2019Genre Contemporary Romance | MedicalPrint Length 256 pagesAvailable from |  Barnes NobleFor Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow

  2. "Avonna "Avonna says:

    Check out all of my reviews at HER FOREVER FAMILY by Traci Douglass is a Harleuin contemporary medical romance set in the same Alaskan hospital as this author’s previous medical romance One Night with the Army Doc This is an extremely emotional romance with an OB doctor single dad and an ER trauma nurse with the unresolved fear of a hereditary disease hanging over her headWendy Smith is an exceptional trauma nurse in the ER Even though she faces other people’s traumas every day she is still unwilling to face the results of her test for the hereditary Huntington’s mutation She watched her vibrant mother die at a young age and refuses to risk passing the disease on so she has built a wall around her heart and never becomes involved in relationships for than one night standsDr Tom Faber is the OB doctor on call when Wendy’s sister in law delivers her twins Besides long hours at the hospital Tom has recently received custody of his twelve year old daughter after the death of his ex wife They are both struggling to connect When he finds out Wendy has been helping with his daughter’s counseling and has a connection with her he asks for her help without violating their privacy Wendy agrees to help knowing how hard it is to lose a parent at that ageWendy and Tom are instantly attracted to each other and each have reasons to take it slower but they just cannot stay away from each other Wendy wants to help this perfectionist doctor learn to accept that not everything can be planned and perfect especially in his relationship with his daughter Tom wants to help Wendy face her fear of her test results and have a real relationship with her Will they be able to move forward past their individual fears and come together as a family?I found Wendy and Tom’s romance well written but too short I feel the issues they were both dealing with deserved a in depth story This author did a very good job though of taking several heavy issues and fitting them into this shorter format The sex scenes are explicit but short and not gratuitous This is an easy to read heartwarming story with interesting characters that keeps you emotionally involved throughout Written for and posted first on The Romance Reviews

  3. Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews) Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews) says:

    Traci Douglass’ Finding Her Forever Family was so much than I expected I expected to find an easy straight forward read What I got was a story with depth and multi layered characters Wendy Smith is an ER nurse at Anchorage Mercy Hospital Her whole life she has been living with the possibility of a Huntington's disease diagnosis hanging over her head Her mother died from the disease when Wendy was ten years old Now Wendy is approaching 30 and her desire for a child is stronger than ever Wendy’s three older brothers have all been tested with negative results Wendy is sure that means she will be positive and doesn't want to know for sure Wendy has spent her entire adult life having flings nothing serious and keeping people at a distance She doesn’t want to risk leaving behind loved ones to suffer if she does in fact have the disease But when she witnesses the birth of her twin niece and nephew her desire to have a family hits her like a Mac truck Tom Faber is an OB at Anchorage Mercy Hospital He generally works long hours which he’s used to But Tom's life has changed with the arrival of his twelve year old daughter Samantha A daughter he has no relationship with and has hardly ever seen After Samantha's mother Tom's ex wife dies of an overdose Tom becomes the only family Samantha has outside of his parents Samantha has always been told her father didn't love her or want her in his life This couldn't be further from the truth Understandably their relationship is difficult Meeting in the hospital cafeteria Wendy and Samantha strike up a friendship While Samantha's counselor is away Wendy fills in for her Wendy not only becomes Samantha's friend and sounding board but someone Samantha trusts and who she tells all of her secrets and fears to Noticing the way the two interact Tom asks Wendy to help him “I want you to teach me how to be a better father to my daughter” Wendy agrees but neither expects their attraction to each other to be so strong and powerful Tom wreaks havoc on the carefully constructed walls and barriers Wendy has built around herself He challenges her and makes her want things she doesn't feel she can have Tom is a man who never stops fighting He never gives up on the love he has for his daughter or Wendy when they both desperately keep trying to push him away Finding Her Forever Family wasn't necessarily a story that blew me away It was one of those stories that kept chugging along With Huntington's disease and a broken family storyline the story had the potential to be really dark and deep Traci did a good job of keeping the story light while also giving you insight into the characters and their struggles Thus making you rethink your initial assessment of them Received a copy from the author and reviewed voluntarily

  4. Tammy Tammy says:

    Wendy lost her mom at a young age to a hereditary disease and because of it has chosen not to have a family Dr Tom just got custody of his 12 year old daughter after her mom overdosed and doesn’t really know his daughter Wendy has a connection with his daughter but what will happen when sparks begin to fly between Dr Tom ad Wendy Lots of emotion and great chemistry I liked it

  5. Jamie Lee Zonneveld Jamie Lee Zonneveld says:

    Finding her Forever Family by Tracie Douglas is love story that mostly plays out in an hospital The story is about nurse Wendy who lost her mom when she was 10 do to an heriditary illness and single dad dr Tom Faber who's daughter just lost her mom The story is good and I liked it

  6. Raecharmed Raecharmed says:

    Wendy is an ER nurse and worries that she is going to have Huntington's disease like her mother Her brothers have all been tested and none have it so she is scared that she will be the one to get it All she wants is to have a family of her own especially after watching her family expanding theirs with little ones Tom is an OB at the same hospital as Wendy When his ex dies he ends up with a twelve year daughter that he basically had no relationship with His daughter meets Wendy at the hospital and they make friends Samantha bonds with Wendy and basically tells hr everything she's dealing with When Tom learns about Wendy he asks her to help him communicate better with his daughter and show her that he does love her She agrees to help but neither expected to be attracted to one another What will his daughter say about them being together? Can they make their relationship work?This is a great story that once I started it I couldn't put it down The chemistry between them is blazing hot This is a well written and very entertaining story I would recommend this book to any book loverI voluntarily read and reviewed this book

  7. Erin Lewis Erin Lewis says:

    4 Star Review of Finding Her Forever Family by Traci Douglas Just because Wendy Smith is a trauma nurse it doesn’t mean that she has come to terms with the fact that her mother died from Huntington’s a hereditary disease she is terrified she may also haveWendy is determined to keep to herself and avoid involvements at any cost Being attracted to hotsingle dad Dr Tom Faber is something she doesn’t want to even contemplateHowever she doesn’t count on the relationship which develops between her and his daughter
The chemistry between Wendy and Tom is intense and despite her fears she slowly falls harder for the doctor and his daughter Can Tom help Wendy face her fears and finally have the test which will tell her once and for all if she wins arise of Huntington’s? Will two lost souls be able to create a future and a family together?Finding Her Forever Family is a sweet romantic story which at times was an emotional roller coaster

  8. Myst Myst says:

    I love reading medical romance they're always good Especially when the MC is dealing with a terrible disease over hovering hisher head like this 1 This was a great story Can't wait to see what Traci Douglass puts out nextThis is a voluntary review and I don't get paid for this review

  9. Lynn Brooks Lynn Brooks says:

    4 12 STARSTwo lonely souls collide and resistance is futile She's determined not to let anyone become attached to her he's trying his best to put down solid roots their philosophies are mismatched but yet they seem to click Can he be the push she needs to let herself live? Really enjoyed their story Great characters an interesting plot and an ending not to be missedTrauma nurse Wendy Smith lost her mom early to a hereditary disease that might possibly have her in it's sights for the future She's dedicated to helping others and living her life to it's fullest no matter what might come The one thing she's denied herself is love and that ultimate happily ever after of a family She can't risk itDoctor Tom Faber finds himself at a crossroads in his life He's finally getting to be a part of his tween daughter's life but she's not happy at all to be a part of his He's hanging on by a thread in this tumultuous ride of instant fatherhood but he's not sure what he can do to reach her When Wendy starts to connect with his wayward child things start looking up but based on her plans for herself where will that leave him and his daughter when they start to fall for her?

  10. Maureen Maureen says:

    In the beginning of this year I read ‘How To Seduce A Bad Boy’ by Traci Douglass and I really loved that book So I was super excited when I was approached by Traci to read her new book ‘Finding Her Forever Family’ Even when I read the main character of this book is a Trauma nurse and I’m also a nurse on a Trauma ward And believe it or not I’ve never read a medical romance before Maybe because I actually work in a hospital and there hasn’t been much romance there LOL But I also love Grey’s Anatomy so a medical romance should also work for me In ‘Finding Her Forever Family’ we get to know nurse Wendy Smith Wendy lost her mom years ago to a hereditary illness and is determined to concentrate on her work and family instead of finding love What would be the point if there’s a big chance she wouldn’t live all that long right? But when Wendy meets single dad Dr Tom Faber she is instantly attracted to him And although she tries to resist him there is something about him that she just can’t ignoreWhat I really enjoyed about this book was the way we read this story through both Wendy’s and Tom’s point of view I always love that in a romance story and I definitely enjoyed that in this book Reading about both their characters in this way definitely always makes me feel closer to the characters Unfortunately though I didn’t really enjoy this romance as much as I hoped I would I didn’t love the characters Wendy and Tom Especially not Wendy There was just something about her that I didn’t particularly like and I couldn’t put that aside although I tried hard The romance between Wendy and Tom was sweet but I missed the chemistry I was hoping forWhat I did like about this book was the part with Tom’s daughter Tom’s daughter came to live with him and they definitely had there struggles It was fun to read about them and how they slowly got closer and closer Especially since they both had been through so muchAlthough this book wasn’t really for me I definitely want to read another Medical Romance soon I just have to find out why people seem to love them so much

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Finding Her Forever Family A nurse to heal his heartand complete his familyAfter losing her mother to a hereditary illness trauma nurse Wendy Smith vowed never to risk having a family of her own So acting on her instant attraction to sexy single dad Dr Tom Faber is a definite no But through her unexpected connection with his daughter Wendy grows closer to Tom and their chemistry intensifiesalong with her longing for her own family—with him