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Shadows of the Past Miracle #7 325 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️WowThis one out of all the books in the series shows the human aspect to shifters most Unfortunately it isn't always a pleasant sight Kassian's growth though makes it worth while Hudson had to learn to forgive himself and Kassian had to learn to let the past's hold on him go What's so good about this series is the psychological The symptoms these men have are strong and the author doesn't do uick fixeswwwreviewsforthosewholoveagoodbookw This story tore me a new one Dang I cried so much for Kessian But as much as I cried for him I was so proud for him too After everything he's been through in his life he had every reason to stay holed up and want to die Survivors guilt is a tough thing Meeting his mate scary as can be because of what Hudson was But Kessian was an overcomer Maybe not in one day maybe not in one year But he kept trying He didn't want to live his life in fear and despair any and he pushed to be happy To get out of his comfort zone and move forward It helped now that he finally had backup to support and love him but still He wanted to be better and to move forward and I was so stinking proud of him And so happy Hudson knew when to listen to every instinct Because of it he knew how to take care of his mate and it made all the difference This story was so heartwarming and really gave me the warm fuzzies Hudson finds his mate Kassian curled up on the floor in the middle of a nightmare Kassian was suffering from survivor's guilt and has been for many years Hudson also finds out that the ghost that he had been seeing was Kassian's sister Mila I loved the part that she played in this story and I also appreciated the many happy moments that Hudson and Kassian were able to share together The plot was well executed and as always the characters were charming and full of amusing banter I loved this touching addition to the seties Tender as well as enthralling Fun butFun but heartbreaking yet really good Bittersweet A lighthearted but bittersweet story of background if Miracle but nice love story It has been 3 years since I originally read the first 6 books in this series I am so happy I will be able to read the next 7 back to back Still love this series Well written with well developed characters He didn’t deserve a happily ever after Hudson Martin watched as each of his best friends had found their mates knowing he would never find his own SweetThis book was sweet then any of the others I felt so bad for Kassian It wasn't fair what happened to his family But I loved how Mila still looked out for her brother 35PLEASE READ MY RATING SYSTEMTo my ratingsA 35 is clicked with a 4 but in review marked as 355 very very good and rare it would be a Blow Away book like ‘Jesse's Smile’ or ‘Joey’ from Angeliue Jurd ‘Save the the kids’ seriesfrom EM Leya ‘Love’s Tethered Heart’ from CL Etta or ‘Liberty’ from Seth Kingit's like an A4 very good and will be often reread and is a WOW book with interesting plot and surprises like most of Andrew Grey books and Davidson Kings 'Haven Hart' seriesit's like an A35 a really good book which will be reread a few times most romances where you can enjoy for relaxing and during waiting times inhospitals I can recommend them definitivelyIt's like an B3 it could be then a one time reader 2 3 times a yearit's like a B2 it was ok to read but it's a one time reader I wouldn't recommend it heartily but it was okIt's like a C D1 sorry but that isn't really a book for me too many mistakes not nice plot illogical so an absolute NO GO It's like failure in thewhole line dismissed repeat the class uick 100 pages or so readGreat addition to the series Enjoyable and Entertaining readMMHudson and Kassain Kassain is a Bunny shifter view spoilerHis sister is the ghost Hudson Nole etc have been chasing He lives on the farm that Edrick was unable to buy when he brought the rest of Miracle hide spoiler

  • ebook
  • Shadows of the Past Miracle #7
  • Shea Balik
  • English
  • 04 November 2014