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When You Come Back Forensic Anthropologist Emma Graves knows about the dead But can the dead help her remember why she’s still alive When You Are Lost Emma Graves was only eight years old when a tragic school bus accident shattered the rural community where she grew up When the bus was discovered the driver was dead and Emma her older sister and her sister’s best friend were missing A frantic search through the cold dark woods in the surrounding area began As the sun rose the next morning a cold and terrified Emma was found Emma remembered little else beyond watching through the fractured windshield as her sister and her friend walked away from the bus to find help Spring turned into summer and then to fall and the missing girls never came back When You Come Back Twenty five years later Emma is all grown up Though she is an acclaimed forensic anthropologist her personal life is a different matter After surviving another tragic accident this one at a dig Emma needs to hide somewhere and pull herself together again After all she has been fractured since she was eight years old this breakdown has been coming for a long time Going home is her only choice The last thing she expected to find on her return was two young girls missing The small town is torn apart all over again With Emma back attention turns to her What is she hiding Why can’t she remember what really happened that day twenty five years ago Why is she back in town now and two children are missing When human remains are found deep in a cave that reuires Emma’s expertise in retrieving them the truth may just be than anyone bargained for Wow just Wow This one kept me turning pages from beginning to end One of the best books by this Author I have read to date and all of hers are good This has an ending you don't see coming I would recommend this book to my friends that enjoy reading suspense Debra Webb has never let me down when looking for a good read and once again she came throughBIG TIMEI have struggled with this review because I want so much to get it right This book is just so amazing It is a mystery a crime thriller and much much Emma Graves was only eight years old when she was found in the woods alone after wandering away from a school bus accident Her older sister and her sisters best friend were never found Both had walked away to find help and neither had ever returnedTwenty five years later Emma is an acclaimed forensic anthropologist but finds herself back in her home town looking for a place to hide and pull her life back together Having never totally recovered from her childhood trauma and now suffering from PTSD after surviving a tragic accident Emma finds her personal life in tattersBut Emma comes back to a town once again torn apart by the disappearance of two girls two children once again just goneWhen human remains are found deep in a cave that reuires Emma’s expertise in retrieving them the truth may just be than anyone bargained forAlthough this book is a mystery a crime thriller it is so much than that It is a study of relationships relationships between friends and between child and mother It is about the damage trauma brings to a young girl and the burden of survivor's guilt afterward and the struggle to cope with both It is about perceptions how one sees themselves inside of these relationships and how others see themIt's about looking out and looking in and how the view is different from either sideThis book is a true page turner with a mystery that will keep you guessing all the way to the end BUT it is also a character driven book with amazing depth and emotions This truly is a five star readYou have outdone yourself Ms Webb Emma is on her way home after school She's up front and her sister and her sister's best friend are in the back of the school bus when the driver has a heart attack wrecks the bus and dies Emma's sister and her sister's best friend disappear that day and are never found Emma is known as the girl who survived Fast forward to adulthood and Emma is a Forensic Anthropologist who is digging up mass graves in the Middle East when her team is ambushed and again she is the one who survivesTwo weeks after coming back to work she has a breakdown while teaching a class After she gets out of the hospital she decides that she needs to return home to her small town and her mother who never thought she was good enough only to find that her mother had a heart attack about the same time she had her breakdownThese broken women and their best friends also find out that two other teenagers are missing and they decide to start down their own investigative road to solve a double kidnapping over two decades oldI COULD NOT STOP READING THIS BOOK If I could I would give it TEN STARSThis is a story YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS Things are not the same when you Come Back Emma Graves was 8 years old when the Nightmares started and her Big Sister Natalie and Best friend Stacy Disapear The Last time Emma saw her Big Sister she and her Friend walks away from the wreckage of the school bus Telling Emma to stay put will come back Things Didn't work that way 25 Years Go By Emma comes Back to try to help her Best friend and Sheriff Lettyto find the Truth Things start to unravel Thinking Emma's Big sister had a relationship with one of the Teachers so many Twists and Turns in the story This Book Keeps you on the Edge of your SeatI Definitely Did Not See That Coming in the EndTotally Blew Me AwayNever Have I Read a book by Debra Webb and not Fallen in Love with her WorkGrab your Copy You'll Understand

  • Kindle Edition
  • 380 pages
  • When You Come Back
  • Debra Webb
  • 08 December 2016

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