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Ayesha At Last A modern day Muslim Pride and Prejudice for a new generation of love Ayesha Shamsi has a lot going on Her dreams of being a poet have been set aside for a teaching job so she can pay off her debts to her wealthy uncle She lives with her boisterous Muslim family and is always being reminded that her flighty younger cousin Hafsa is close to rejecting her one hundredth marriage proposal Though Ayesha is lonely she doesn't want an arranged marriage Then she meets Khalid who is just as smart and handsome as he is conservative and judgmental She is irritatingly attracted to someone who looks down on her choices and who dresses like he belongs in the seventh centuryWhen a surprise engagement is announced between Khalid and Hafsa Ayesha is torn between how she feels about the straightforward Khalid and the unsettling new gossip she hears about his family Looking into the rumors she finds she has to deal with not only what she discovers about Khalid but also the truth she realizes about herself i meant to write this a very long time ago and then i forgot oops heheMINOR SPOILERS AHEADthis book honestly had great potential judging by the synopsis alone it basically sounded like the greatest book that would ever grace my lifewhen i picked it up i became instantly invested in the story but somewhere along the way between the teeny tiny font and the excessively long sentences my emotional attachment slowly withered away to nothingmuslim repstereotypes i thought this had a strong start it showed muslims in their daily life where the majority of their problems revolved around ridiculous family politics finally and not so much about their race or their colour of skin which was included too but to a very BELIEVABLE amount i liked how khalid's character was standing up for himself and his beliefs from the very start that was so ' to see i loved the close knit family ties and the many different family dynamics we got to see i liked how the mosue was given page time and it was shown how the community came together for events and programs but here's where my cons come in going back to khalid and his way of dressing a couple characters kept saying how HE was so judgemental and yet they were CONSTANTLY judging his style of dress his ankle length robe and the fact that he grew his beard??? like hypocrisy much and his whole development was the fact that he changed both those things to appease the people in his life and i was just baffled why THAT part of him had to be erased what happened to self acceptance?? khalid's mother started off being the stereotypical involved indian mother and uickly morphed into this witch of a character that was out to ruin ayesha's life she played into a lot of stereotypes the evil controlling possessive mother and opened manyyyy cans of worms that i never felt were properly addressed literally her and her daughter's relationshipthe romance in my opinion as a 'halal' romance i think it was done uite well the scene where they were making roti with the grandmother hfkjdahfkjah there were scenes where they were with each other and you got to see the internal dilemma they were battling out due to the situation the name switch they got themselves into and i just WISH it stopped there because that was HONESTLY enough for a lighthearted romance novel but no we had to get trash man tarek involved did tarek's character even need to exist? the only answer is notrying to do too much the biggest flaw i found with this book was that it was trying to do EVERYTHING in the world and then some it tackled racism in the workplace halal andnot so halal relationships arranged marriages family disownment alcoholism theft faking identity self righteousness sleazy dudes daddy issues masjid politics etc etc and i just felt it didnt need to do all that if it stuck to telling a romance story between two people who would never guess themselves to be compatible then i would have been concise and enjoyable and not this disaster that ended up happening and for a book that really went long and hard on explanations and internal dialogue the ending wrapped up much too uickly to be even remotely realisticthe writing it's very much 'day in the life' sort of writing and while i appreciated that most of the time the book felt HUGE it felt drawn out and exaggerated and i really really thought it had so much potential to be something amazing but a lot was lost within the excessive descriptions and the unrealistic drama listen jane austen knew what she was doing when she wrote pride prejudice and i think that if the author stayed closer to that narrative the story would have been so much enjoyable why cant we just have a cute muslim love story between brown kids without all the excess trash in between???????????????idk where this fits in but there were some character inaccuracies i noticed while reading i cant remember than this example but there were moments when khalid was talking like a 14th century philosopher and then the next minute hes speaking slang and i was justbro are you okay? i know it's supposed to tie into his character like the socially awkward guy who's trying to fit in but still that's a wild jump to make in one conversation and yet the book was funny it made me laugh out loud it had it's charming moments it had it's cute moments but i wish khalid's character development wasn't him giving up who he was for the girl he liked i wish ayesha would stop having these extreme opinions of everyone while telling them they were too judgemental i wish tarek didn't exist i wish the book focused on the romance instead of trying to do a million things i wish a lot of thingsthis review is a disaster and so am i but what else is new?? “Sometimes there were no words only sunshine on your heart”Ayesha at Last is a romantic comedy about marriage love and family in the Muslim culture The plot loosely mirrors Pride and Prejudice but also incorporates elements of Shakespeare and other literature The main characters Ayesha and Khalid are not the typical characters who appear in commercial fiction Ayesha is a strong independent Muslim woman who is trying to find herself Khalid too is trying to find himself He uses his faith strong willed mother and traditional Muslim clothing to hide from what he fears His appearance provokes some to call him a fundamentalist Ayesha and Khalid are what I loved most about this book and kept me turning the pagesWhile I loved Ayesha and Khalid I had some issues with the plot At a certain point the plot spins out of control as there is too much going on Trying to cover too many storylines too many characters and too much drama detracted from Khalid and Ayesha’s characters I also had some other issues concerning the plot but I am not going to get into them because of potential spoilersOverall in spite of some of the issues I had this was an enjoyable read I found Ayesha and Khalid’s characters to be refreshing and I was rooting for them I also loved Nana and Nani I give Jalaluddin props for pushing boundaries and presenting characters that go outside of the boxI received an ARC of this book from Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Three point five should I round it up or down Up down up down funk you up up for fantastically developed amazingly rounded strong hero and heroine sweet enjoyable rom com materials capture your heart by extending through pages down for cliches third person narration up for in the name of Jane Austen love but down for “ it is not close to any other Jane Austen” books there are too many cheesy parts oh come on decide okay rounded down to three stars First of all I think advertising this book as Middle Eastern version of “Pride and Prejudice” is not the right definition It reminded me of soft Shakespearean comedies like “Much Ado About Nothing” “As You like it” Another book is also on my list advertised as Indian version of the book named “Pride and Prejudice and other flavors” but as we may understand from the name this book was a real retelling Its blurb was closer to the classic novel So before starting the book we may know that Ayesha and Khalid’s story was so different from Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam most people call him my his last name Mr Darcy we blame it on Colin Firth for being memorable one and his performance was imprinted on my mind forever I liked Ayesha strong sarcastic smart in my opinion there was not much similarities with Elizabeth Bennet and her characterization independent woman who doesn’t only try learning to exist but live express and find herself Mostly I liked the chemistry and connection dialogues between Ayesha and Khalid and that pushed me to round up my stars But yeap there is a big BUT that stopped me to do that What I didn’t like about the book The hatred Ayesha had to endure and fight against made me want to toss the book too many times from my hands Too many characters and unstopping drama parts are some elements of Middle Eastern culture but those parts didn’t fit this kind of romantic comedy A little angst and edgy parts are spices of a good developed novel but if you add over exaggerated drama you kill the romance and create a soap opera kind of melodramatic novel And don’t forget the pace I got lost so many times Maybe I had some issues about writing style but I had so many hard times to concentrate and give my full attention to Ayesha and Khalid because too many characters got in their way Only Khalid’s parts about his family’s pressure and his ethical and religious norms giving him hard time to make a choice between his beliefs or being expelled from his society are the closest parts about the prejudice I honestly liked the effort and the book gave me too many food vibes but the things I didn’t like beat the parts I mostly like Maybe if I didn’t think it was retelling of Pride and Prejudice before I started it and coded this one on my brain as an independent Muslim boy and girl’s sweet and dramatic love story I would have a better and fairer perspective So much special thanks to Berkley Books and NetGalley for sending me ARC COPY of this book in exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter 35Well played I was expecting my dose of romantic comedy But I came away with an unexpected profoundly deeper read Heavy tones of race religion sexual euality and even fat shaming laced throughout Yes this book has it all And somewhere in the mix is a budding romance I must say sadly the romance somehow gets lost in the story“Choose laughter over tears”Ayesha is a young single Muslim woman living with her family in Canada While she dreams of someday getting married it appears Ayesha is too busy looking after everyone else unable to focus on her own happinessKhalid is a young professional single man Still living with his mother He is extremely traditional in his beliefs as well as his dress He too wishes is to be married but is conflicted with what comes firstlove or marriage? My struggles with this book were that the banter just felt mean at times There was so much ‘hate’ tossed around and directed at Ayesha I had a hard time reading this one Of course it’s just a novelbut still I couldn’t find the love and beauty within this story line On the positive side is the wonderfully warm and loving relationship between Ayesha and her grandfather Nana I loved and cherished all his words of wisdom that he doled out to Ayesha in her uest to find herselfA buddy read with Susanne that sparked some incredible discussionsThank you to Elisha at Berkeley Publishing for an ARC to read and review Because while it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single Muslim man must be in want of a wife there's an even greater truthTo his Indian mother his own inclinations are of secondary importanceAll the stars for this debut Canadian author Ayesha at Last was without a doubt my most anticipated 2018 release Come on a modern PP set in Toronto and featuring two Muslim characters It was absolutely perfect and I was all too sorry when it was finished The charactersmain and secondary the plot the comedy and the romance I need this to be a movie ASAP I laughed I cried and I fell in love 35 Stars rounded upBeing yourself and following your heart is not always easy nor is it allowed In the Muslim culture arranged marriages are often the norm Ayesha however has never done what her family expects of her Older than the other girls in her community Ayesha also has a job she’s a substitute school teacher and is also a gifted poet She is passionate and has no ualms about speaking her mind Hafsa is Ayesha’s younger cousin Full of dreams and unable to standstill Hafsa has turned down proposal after proposal and is determined to wait until receiving at least 100 until she says yes to the “one” Khalid is a conservative Muslim who wears a robe and a skullcap and is a firm believer in arranged marriages He is sure that his mother will find the right woman for him someday Khalid’s conservative dress code has never been a problem for him until Sheila a new HR Manager is hired at his place of employment which brings to light discrimination and prejudice in the workplace and made for uite the heavy read at timesI loved Ayesha as she made me smile throughout I also enjoyed the chemistry between Ayesha and Khalid but was disheartened by the negativity that surrounded the two of them as it brought me down and would truthfully have enjoyed this novel had it not existed That aside the writing in “Ayesha at Last” is absolutely superb If you enjoy “rom coms” with heart that also have a serious side to them I recommend “Ayesha at Last”This was a buddy read with Ms Kaceey This “rom com” garnered a lot discussion than any other we have read which is what buddy reads are all aboutThank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group and to Uzma Jalaluddin for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on Goodreads on 7619 Ayesha at Last is a modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice with a Muslim main character I loved it ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Ayesha is a modern Muslim and dreams of being a poet but she has to forgo those dreams at the moment to pay her uncle back She’s become a teacher Ayesha lives with her Muslim family who constantly remind her of potential marriage and that one of her cousins is currently turning down yet another marriage proposal Ayesha meets Khalid and she is struck by his charm instantly But at the same time she’s turned off by how conservative and judgmental he can be His family is also the subject of gossip in the communityWill Ayesha find love with the flawed Khalid? Will Khalid fall for a modern Muslim woman one who tests the boundaries of his faith and that of his devout family? Ayesha is devout too but Khalid is practicing the Muslim faith entirely in the traditional senseuntil he meets Ayesha I absolutely loved the culture embedded in Ayesha at Last It was a learning experience that one can be Muslim and devout but also traditional versus non traditional The back and forth between the two families was so much fun The humor was precious and witty and I loved how similar but yet original this felt by comparison to Pride and Prejudice Overall this is a stunning and enlightening retelling one that I will cherish my experience and I’m so grateful this story was told I hope we will see retellings of this uality in the future from Jalaluddin Sign me up I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom The editors don’t do this book any favors comparing it to Pride and Prejudice Other than a similar uote at the beginning and two headstrong characters there aren’t many similarities until you get to the end The comparison was actually a distraction as I kept looking for similarities that weren’t there If anything this reminds me of a Shakespearean comedy with its mistaken identities I’m not usually a fan of women’s literature but I found this book engaged both by head and my heart I cared for both of the main characters and enjoyed the way the story plays out This story is told in third person narrative and swings from Ayesha’s life to Khalid’s Jalaluddin does a great job of painting the scene giving us the rich details to see the rooms the food the clothing I also appreciated the way she shows us both the casual and direct prejudice that Khalid encounters as a conservative Muslim and his being forced to choose between assimilation and his religious beliefs Flip side he initially looks down his nose at Ayesha who has a modern viewpoint This is a fairly standard romance novel but it’s done well It’s a fun mostly light story Think along the lines of Crazy Rich Asians than PP My thanks to netgalley and Berkley Books for an advance copy of this book Ayesha at Last ruined my life because how is any romance novel allowed to be THIS romantic? Like I understand that it's a romance novel but still THIS romantic? Uncalled for I'm not even a Pride Prejudice fan but Ayesha and Khalid indirectly made me love that book along with their book THAT'S HOW POWERFUL THIS ISEnemies to lovers done right The sweet but stubborn hero of every romance reader's dreams The greatest heroine of all time poetry writing career uestioning bonkers grandpa having rebellious and loyal and bold and relatable icon in case you were wondering Basically I want every word of it tattooed on my bones and no I don't think that's an overreaction why do you ask?

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