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What You Did A vicious assault A devastating accusation Who should she trust her husband or her best friendIt was supposed to be the perfect reunion six university friends together again after twenty years Host Ali finally has the life she always wanted a career she can be proud of and a wonderful family with her college boyfriend now husband But that night her best friend makes an accusation so shocking that nothing will ever be the same againWhen Karen staggers in from the garden bleeding and traumatised she claims that she has been assaulted—by Ali’s husband Mike Ali must make a split second decision who should she believe Her horrified husband or her best friend With Mike offering a very different version of events Ali knows one of them is lying—but which And whyWhen the ensuing chaos forces her to re examine the golden era the group shared at university Ali realises there are darker memories too Memories that have lain dormant for decades Memories someone would kill to protect Rape Affairs Domestic abuse This novel covers a range of sensitive issues but does so in a manner that does not make the reader feel uncomfortable Instead McGowan creates a thrilling pulsating read that establishes a world that is becoming increasingly claustrophobic for the protagonist AliI was immediately hooked by this book The writer cleverly creates a non linear narrative that means we as readers do not follow the chronological seuence of events on that fateful night that Ali's best friend Karen accuses Ali's husband Mike of rape It's a nightmare for Ali and this is the catalyst of her seemingly perfect life beginning to fall apart McGowan provides different perspectives on that night in uestion and this enriched the narrative as it felt like I was part of the police and Ali's investigations Ali is determined to find the truth about her husband and is torn apart by loyalty to her husband and loyalty to her friend Indeed as the plot progresses readers discover that there is to this reunion of university friends on that disastrous evening; friends are not what they seem and there are hidden secrets including one pivotal moment back from university Accordingly McGowan treats readers to not only the mystery of Karen's attack but also the events leading up the murder of a student at university during the Summer Ball the night that Ali and all of her friends attendedProviding so many angles and different ideas thoroughly added to my enjoyment of this narrative Whilst there are many sensitive topics at play here running through the story McGowan's treatment of them is careful and does not make uncomfortable reading The moral dilemma that Ali faces with regards to supporting her husband or friend over the accusations is particularly interesting because Ali works with victims of attacks with the police force With the threat of career implications Ali suddenly finds herself in a situation not too dissimilar to her clients It also reminded me of the #MeToo campaign and the power of women's voices; not being afraid to stand up and be countedThroughout the story I really felt Ali's world closing in on her The confusing emotions that she experiences are passed on to the reader and I felt like I also shared her panic and claustrophobia As the fallout continues from Karen's accusations Ali's family is also impacted in areas that she did not consider McGowan carefully adds ambiguities to the narrative to keep the reader guessing and for me I was definitely hooked right until the endingFinishing the novel was exciting and surprising I was not expecting the contents of the Epilogue and this reflects the plot in its entirety The twists and turns added to the mystery that we are all trying to find answers to and the further uestions about the Summer Ball also meant that I was constantly trying to read further into the motives of different charactersThis was an excellent read and thoroughly enjoyable Pacey and intriguing McGowan does not prolong the narrative For me it did not finish too suddenly but instead the plot reaches its natural conclusion A fantastic piece of writing that was brilliant from start to finish 25 no no and again noooo I did my best to be open minded empathize with the characters dealing with tremendous issues like delusions rape lies but they are acting like idiots especially the heroine might have taken out of the rest of her brain cells and hanged it to the coat rack before getting involved in this book as a protagonist of this story Come on girl wake up okay if you don’t I’m going to sleep zzzzzz Stars Yay I earned my unpopular reviewer position again Feel free to throw your tomatoes and toilet papering my house I hope you don’t know where I live I was guaranteed my place in the minority right now which was not entertaining I felt weird but this is story of my life I'm one of those people who didn't like Forest Gump What? Everybody liked it Damn it I did it again Most people loved this book and I did my best but NO IT DIDN’T WORK FOR ME CONFESSIONSI’m holding my phone and still hearing this blaring voice message The characters I was looking for CANNOT BE REACHED RESONATED EMPHATHIZED at this momentI know the chapters are short but pacing is problem for me They bored me exhausted me They really tried my patience But they failed But I felt like I was stuck at the same place trapped in a book glued to my hands and I wanted rip it off like a Band Aid I want to yell at the characters “OMG please can’t you see what’s happening under your nose? Are you blind?” I thought something might be wrong with me because so many of my friends enjoyed this book So I poured some wine and stuffed some of favorite snacks to continue to read in a better mood Nope Mood didn’t change I already got two pounds I felt terrible and left the book to hit the gymI never thought I could use this term because I always pushed myself harder to finish what I’ve started But this time I couldn’t keep my promises And “DNF” %50I read too many thrillers lately and so I started to expect compelling and smartly written stories that capture my mind from the first pages But unfortunately it didn’t happen this time So the reviewer dropped the mic and put the book down and left the building to get a better book I either have the worst luck choosing from Prime First Reads free book of the month or the books aren’t that good or both The premise for WHAT YOU DID sounded interesting the execution was not Billed as a psychological thriller WHAT YOU DID felt like neither At least I didn’t waste money on it “But what we don’t understand is that love can turn on a dime We don’t know how easy it is to feel it flip over to a dark side cold and dead like the moon spinning on its axis” ― Claire McGowan What You DidSigh I am sorry I hate giving two stars And for a book I loved in the beginning This will teach meDita did not like it and I should go with Dita's recommendations since she has not steered me wrong yetSo really I have nobody to blame but my little ole selfSothis book has a GREAT premise It really does A woman Allie has a reunion of sorts with some old college friends While at the reunion her closest buddy from college Karen is attacked and raped Staggering back to the house screaming Karen names her rapist It is Allie's husbandWhat a great start I have read a few books like this and was eager to read this one But alasSo what my issues arethere is to much going on for me Side plots develop There is a new tragedy on every page It seems each chapter holds some new plot twist Nothing is remotely realistic and beyond Karen and Bill none of the characters are developed What do I mean by that?Allie is the stereotypical hysterical housewife The husband and accused rapist is hardly in the book The third woman whose name I cannot remember has no personality Martha the stunning platinum blonde who was murdered years agowellshe has no personality either We never even get to really MEET her in the flashbacks She is known to the reader only as a hot platinum blonde who is desired by everyone That's itThere are to many subjects tackledbullying attempted suicide rape abuse parental difficulties medical emergencies attempted stabbing financial issues adulteryAre you getting all this? The book wasn't even that long Certainly not long enough to cover all this ground I wish the whole book had ONLY centered on whether the husband was guilty or innocent because it is a great premise and the beginning of this book was uite strong There was so much it was exhausting and I took to skimming at around 50 percentWe the readers are not privy to some of the biggest plot developments There is no Court Hearing for Bail for the husbandThere is no introduction of Martha as I mentionedSPOILERSWe do not see the husband the husband wake up from his coma We are just told he didWe do not see the reunion of Allie and Bill Why not? One of the only characters I likedBilland after he walks out on Allie we never hear from him again although we are told he is back in the pictureSo I am really sorry but I just did not love this I see some people did and that's great But I like my domestic Noir to get into the characters' heads That did not happen here at allAlsonot the writer's faultone my all time favorite books deals with exactly the same subject It's an older book and is in my top 10 of all time so anything with the same subject matter is going to be compared to that oneIf you want to read a book dealing with the same subject matter the name of that book is The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy KoomsenThis book was not BAD But no way was it for me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 5NOTE My full blog tour post can be found at You Did by Claire McGowan is the ultimate page turner that will keep you glued to the pages until the very last word It is also not going to be for the faint of heart see triggers for rapeWhat it's about Ali decides to put together a reunion with her friends from university after twenty years The six of them meet at Ali's home where she lives with her college boyfriend turned husband and their two kids Cassie and Benjamin But what is supposed to be a fun reunion turns into a nightmare when Ali's best friend Karen stumbles inside from the garden saying Ali's husband Mike just sexually assaulted her Mike claims it didn't happen but Karen is sure it did Ali doesn't know who to believe and after things from their past start coming to light things will never be the same againI really thoroughly enjoyed What You Did and I didn't want to put it down The chapters were all pretty short and that combined with different character viewpoints really kept me guessing and speeding through it I really didn't like Mike especially as the book goes on but I found myself liking Ali a lot even as she does things that are really dumb I don't know what I would do if my husband were accused of sexual assault but I would like to think that I would still believe my best friend if she said he did it In other words this book is really makes you think What You Did felt like it had a little bit of everything and wasn't strictly just about sexual assault even though that was definitely a main theme There is also a murder mystery aspect and I really had no idea what was going to happen McGowan manages to make you doubt every person in the book and completely kept me guessing I felt like there was something going on throughout the entire book which also made it a fast read for me The end managed to give me chills because it was so unexpected and that is something I love in a bookSongs the book brought to mind Criminal by ZZ Ward Final Thought I wasn't really sure what to expect from What You Did but I am so glad I read it It looks like the reviews for this one are all over the place so I'm glad I liked it as much as I did There wasn't really anything wrong with it at all and I really enjoyed McGowan's writing style Reading this makes me want to read from her ASAP Thank you to Damppebbles Blog Tours and the publisher for providing me with an advance review copy of this book Ali and her husband Mike are having an anniversary party with their old university friends They are celebrating knowing them for 25 years staying up late drinking and reminiscing about the past They are awoken by Karen who is Ali’s best friend crying that she was raped by MikeAli is stuck between a rock and a hard place as she wants to believe her husband is innocent but why would her friend lie? The story goes back to when all the friends met at Oxford University leading up to the ball where a tragedy occurs and secrets are kept The reunion party is told from different people’s prospectives and you come to realise their friendship is woven together with lies and secrets just like Pandora’s box being opened once these secrets are revealed the conseuence can be fatalAlthough this book deals with the subject of rape I thought it was written in a sensitive way The fact that Ali had worked with people who had been victims of an attack and had supported this women to testify gave the book a different angle as Ali has to chose between supporting her husband or her best friend Read this practically in 1 sitting The tension kept building throughout and I was desperate to find out who and why was Karen attacked This had me on the edge of my seat with goosebumps The ending was uite unexpected and made me race back to the party to see if I had missed any clues Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review 3 4 stars This is one of two Prime First Reads for July and it seems to have divided people I thought it was a bit like a driver who accelerates and decelerates for no apparent reason on a perfectly straight road At times the book had some pace and then it slowed down and I lost some interest The premise concerned who raped Karen on an old friends from university reunion weekend I found their conversations on the night of the incident tedious but then events on the following days piued my interest again Although some of revelations seemed to involve musical beds and I wondered how people could be so blind to what was going on almost in front of them It’s a book about deception including self deception hypocrisy delusion and illusion pride and shame It showed well how the ripples of rape spread wider than the poor victim to the families of all involved and the devastating conseuences for all concerned I thought the ending was good and that nearly pushed it to 4 star Thanks Prime for this free book but I dislike everyone in it and it is sending me straight back to the refuge of some old favorites DNF 40% because it is eual parts boring loaded with characters I just can't connect with and somehow self righteous It's hard to say exactly what it is but I just feel done 25 stars for predictabilityAs another reader stated earlier the first reads are not usually great books so I didn’t have high expectations for this one and in that light I wasn’t disappointed and could actually give this 3 stars for a fast read However I hated so many of the characters guessed the killerrapist half way through and didn’t understand people motivations Why did Mike end up with Ali over Karen couldn’t Karen instead of Ali have lied for him after Martha’s murder? Why did Karen flunk her finals and never get a degree? That wasn’t ever explained other than that she and Mike were sleeping together Huh? He managed to graduate And didn’t he realize Jake was his son why didn’t he help Karen out with some money apparently she needed it even if it was just as a friend Mike and Ali apparently had enough to lend to Callum And what about Bill he really couldn’t find lasting happiness because he still carried a torch for Ali 25 years later? And why did he when he had been so disappointed in her lying at uni to protect Mike And based on that why would he be so surprised and disappointed that she’d throw Karen under the bus and supported Mike after the rape? And hate that it is implied he’s come back to her at the end and all will be happy And what with the rich kids especially the boys always being the spoiled amoral antagonist in books these days it’s such a cliche even Aaron was a schmuck Jack who steals a knife and stabs his father or was he going after Cassie? That is never really explained is really a decent kid because he’s poor and misunderstoodIf I read about one person ‘tutting’ I would have screamed And my last bitch here couldn’t anyone have anything better to say about poor Martha other than that she was so lovely? Is that why her death was such a tragedy? Did she have any other characteristics other than white blond hair and a beautiful face?As mentioned don’t expect much from an First Read so in that sense was pleasantly surprised that the book kept me reading till late in the night but like a big piece of supermarket cake low expectations that tastes good while going down but really leaves you a bit mad at yourself afterwards for once again taking the easy way and not for just splurging on a real treat

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