Do I Owe You Money? The Collected Memoirs of Ian Mosley

Do I Owe You Money? The Collected Memoirs of Ian Mosley The thing about Ian is that you can know him for thirsty years and one day he will drop a little gem in from his life that he's never mentioned before and you go What You Did that Steve HogarthBook contains interviews od Marillion's drummer Ian Mosley as well as his relatives and bandmates collected by Georgina Wistow Book was first sold at Marillion Weekend 2019 in Port Zélande Netherlands I really enjoyed learning about this fascinating man I have had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and he seems like a genuinely interesting personOh the stories I blew through this book in about two days As an aside I do wish that the production of the book was a little better A proper design program such as Adobe InDesign would’ve given this book the treatment that it deserves That aside good read Best een aardig boek om te lezen maar vooral voor drummers en fans van Marillion denk ik Het eerste deel van dit boek gaat over het muzikale leven van Mosley voordat hij bij Marillion kwam vanaf zijn vroege jeugd met een muzikale vader tot zijn leven als sessiemuzikant bij oa Steve Hackett en Trace de band van Nederlander Rick van der Linden over wie hij ook wat smakelijke anekdotes vertelt Tussendoor komen zijn kinderen aan het woord en zijn medebandleden maar om eerlijk te zijn word je niet per se heel erg veel wijzer over wie Ian Mosley nu eigenlijk is Daarvoor bestaat het boek te veel uit anekdotes waarin anderen een rol spelen en krijg je te weinig een kijkje in de ziel van de man Ik denk dat het niet een heel goed idee is geweest om een heel goede vriendin ook biograaf te laten zijn de werkelijke nieuwsgierigheid en de doorvraag vragen ontbreken wat mij betreft Desondanks aardig om te lezen dat wel Suka sekali cara bertutur buku ini Diajak mengenal Ian Mosley melalui rangkaian wawancara dia tentang aspek kehidupan yang dia jalani —termasuk tentu saja karir dia sebelum dan saat bersama Marillion Plus wawancara dengan anggota M yang lain — bahkan Ian diminta menanggapi hasil wawancara tersebut Fair game 😂Usia Ian dan kematangan bermusik yang di atas personel M lainnya saat gabung di sesi Fugazi juga membuat Ian ini dituakan serta hingga kini yang bertanggung jawab menangani aspek keuangan M sebagai korporasi “Karena jika yang pegang R maka dia akan belanja gitar atau H yang akan belanja pakaian” 😂😂Sangat direkomendasikan bagi penggemar Marillion A nice little book about what seems to be one of the nicest men ever Although he can be intimidating sometimes according to pretty much anyone in the bookI loved Ian’s stories I greatly enjoyed the conversational tone of the book and the easygoing attitude of the author It’s a very fun book to read well written and filled with amusing stories While this book was ostensibly about Ian Mosley the drummer for Marillion I most appreciated how it illuminated the dynamics of the band and all that goes into the business side of things Some of the stories were a little repetitive but fun since they were told from different perspectives I didn't know Ian played for so many different bands performers and productions Credit to Ms Wistow for providing interesting background on the people places and events that are mentioned I’m a huge Marillion fan and this is a great insight to the life of drummer Ian “The Cat” Mosley Well written by Ms Wistow from conversations with El Presidente and with band members Great stuff The book was great Talks about the tough road of breaking into the music world and then getting the job in Marillion replacing the existing drummerThe writing has a lot of humor and fun uick read For fans of the band they get itEnjoy Started reading it almost immediately after receiving it in the mail direct from Marillion and had a hard time putting it down Thought the interviewing style which the author transcribed the Marillion drummer's stories fitted perfectly for him a man who doesn't talk as much as the others in the band Loved his stories about getting into music and making a career out of it to joining Marillion and touring and recording with them There was some material about his personal life and tendencies including his marriage to the band manager which was not well known to even most of Marillion fans Having sections featuring words from the rest of the band and his two children were a fun read as well At the end of this year this could be not only the book of the year in music but the book of the year in general Fantastic and very fun

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