Devils, Devils, Devils Kindle ☆ Devils, Devils,

Devils, Devils, Devils CONTENTSThe Bottle Imp by Robert Louis StevensonThe Boots That Never Wore Out by Dorothy Gladys SpicerYann The Fearless French Folktale by AnonymousThe Devil in the Churchyard by AE CoppardThe Devil and the Guachinango by Jos LakiThe Green Robe by William J ThomsThe Devil by Guy de MaupassantHow The Devil Married Three Sisters Italian Folktale by AnonymousThe Stolen Heart by Godfried BowmansThe Smith and the Devil Gypsy Folktale by AnonymousThe Demon and the Rabbi by MA JagendorfThe Devil and Daniel Webster by Stephen Vincent Ben tWitches Hollow by HP Lovecraft August Derleth

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