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His Expectant Neighbor THE STORKVILLE SCOOPFrom the Stork's Mouth Has reticent rancher Ben Crowe finally decided to lasso himself a wife After all the sexy bachelor seems to have taken than a passing interest in expectant mother Gwen Parker Although he insists that hisduty as Gwen's landlord and neighbor and not her allure as a woman inspired his attentions some townsfolk think Ben doth protest a bit too much Especially since he has been seen showering Gwen with affection and tossing her seductive glances Loner Ben may have spent the past few years holding the marriage minded women of Storkville at arm's length but has new resident Gwen found the way to his soul A lot of angst in this little book and although it was nice to see characters being introspective about their feelings the amount of times the Hh changed their minds was mind boggling especially since the entire book only takes place over a period of a month The hero is pretty unlikable in the first couple of chapters he is rude and chauvinist but he does get better as the story go on It felt like it was trying to accomplish too much for such a small book certain storylines just didn't go anywhere like the hero learning about his heritage However I do forgive it somewhat because it does have some tropes I love like found family and neighbours to friends to lovers