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Cruel Intentions Rydeville Elite #1 In the power struggle between two elite groups one feisty girl will bring them to their knees Life is a cruel game where only the most ruthless survive It’s a truth my mother rebelled against and she paid for it with her life Now I play their game Publicly accepting the destiny that lies in wait for me when I turn eighteen But behind closed doors I plot my escape Trent Charlie and my twin Drew rule the hallways of Rydeville High with arrogance and an iron fist I execute my role perfectly hating every second but they never let me forget my place in this world Everyone obeys the rules They have for generations Because our families have always been in control Until Cam Sawyer and Jackson show up Throwing their new money around Challenging the status uo Setting hearts racing with their gorgeous faces hot bodies and bad boy attitudes Battle lines are drawn Sides are taken And I’m trapped in the middle because I made a mistake one fateful night when I gave my V card to a stranger in a blatant F you to my fiancé I thought it was the one thing I owned A precious memory to carry me through each dark day I couldn’t have been wrong Because the stranger was Camden Marshall leader of the new elite and my perpetual tormenter He hates me with a passion unrivaled and he won’t be the only one Fire will rain down if the truth is revealed threatening alliances and the power struggle will turn vicious My life will hang in the balance But I’ll be ready and I’m not going down without a fight Due to mature content and themes this book is recommended to readers eighteen and over

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  1. ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books says:

    'CRUEL INTENTIONS' is the first book in S Davis' 'Rydeville High Elite' series Spoken in 'Dual POV's' Where manipulation and blackmail go hand in handHoly crap This was a clusterfuck of epic proportions Whiplash from here to Africa Twists and turns that had me sitting on the edge of my seatTake a seat as your thrown into Abby's world as she awaits her eighteenth birthday with trepidation because her destiny is an arranged marriage which is the norm from generation to generation and the guy she's promised to is a wanker of the highest order Yeah I kind of didn't like him at all But anyways moving alongReaching breaking point as things become too much for her to bear when she least expects it a beautiful stranger comes to her rescue a night she will hold forever in her heart This stranger gave her a taste of what life could really be like if only she had a choiceBut she doesn't have a choice she's a prisoner in a gilded cage and her father is the one who holds the key he controls her every move even to what she should wear that just makes her want to plot her escape even The old elites are made up of Trent Charlie and her twin Drew these group of guys rule the hallways of Rydeville High with arrogance and an iron fist No one steps out of line But when the guys have to go away on some secret trip leaving behind AbbyThings are going to change drasticallyAnd that's when we welcome the new generation Camden Sawyer and Jackson when these guys show up at Rydeville High battle lines are drawn and no one will come out unscathed Least of all Abby Bully books have recently become my kryptonite they seem to tick all my boxes than any other genre lately And this book right here stood out above the rest Siobhan has definitely got my attention because this book is in a league of its own This had so much angstBuckets full of teenage dramaNot one hot boy but three In my element These three guys would even get a nun uestioning her chastity Right from the get go the sexual chemistry between our heroine and our hero sizzled off the pages Always in the back of my mind that chant like a broken record 'come on do it already' but all in good timeThat chemistry was just brewing away in the background Love to hate youHate to love you Push and PullThe pace was perfectThe storyline was amazingThe characters were easy to connect withThe book was hard to put downYou know when you start a book and you just know it’s going to be a goodie I knew straight away First few chapters in and I was hooked Utterly UniueUnuestionably Unputdownable Undeniably epicUber outstanding Luckily for me I don’t mind cliffys because this book threw me over without a care in the world Now we’ll all be playing that impatiently waiting for August to come      

  2. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    “You’re Camden Marshall” I whisper struggling to breathe above the panic running riot inside me“Yes Abigail” He spits my name out like it pains him to speak it “And we need to talk”Elites Trent Charlie Drew and his twin sister Abigail rule the hallways of Rydeville High In the world of the filthy rich and ruthless prearranged marriages are a must Thus Abigail is already engaged to Trent and she cannot do anything about it Her future is pretty much predetermined Abigail hates her life hates her disgusting fiancé and hates her father She even suspects that he is responsible for her mother death During her weakest moment of her life she decides to give her precious virginity to a total strangerSoon after that at Rydeville High three new boys appear They are cool goodlooking not backing out and are ready to party These boys come from families with new money and obviously they want to become the new school elitesAbigail has the biggest surprise in her life when she realises that one of them is the strange boy that saved her and slept with her But now he blackmails her The ruthless bastardIt's been a while since I read such a great book with high school bullying that involves so much angst and edgy romanceLoved itI am looking forward to next book

  3. Siobhan Siobhan says:

    The current trend – obsession even – in romance really confuses me In my mind bullying does not result in love It does not matter how people try to justify this my personal experience has made it impossible to put the two aspects together in my mind I have physical and emotional scars from years of bullying to this day it still influences my thoughts and decisions and I cannot imagine how I could have ever fallen for a bullyIn fact when I stop and think about it I can come up with the moment that most bully romances would have turned into the moment where my feelings changed There was one time when I was sitting in the reception covered in blood following another incident in which I was badly injured and one of the guys who’d been bullying me walked by He hadn’t been there at the time of the injury but when he walked by he stopped and looked at me I was a mess and he came over and helped me clean up the blood from my face and helped remove the stones from my hair In the books this is where my heart would have turned to mush Instead I was terrified he was going to do something else to meI was terrified he was going to do something else to me that he was there to gloat Even when he made it clear he did not agree with what had happened I did not believe him I viewed it as some twisted part of the game they were playing – after all similar things had happened before – and I was on edge the entire time In retrospect I can see it was a turning point for him – he was never involved in any of the later injuries I received and he made a point of checking on me when they were really bad – but during the rest of my time at school I continued to be fearful of what he would do as I did not believe it to be a real changeI understand how easy it is to confuse emotions I understand the science of misplaced attraction but I find it impossible to believe someone can do a complete one eighty towards someone responsible for so much pain in their life It’s years later and my scars have not healed The physical scars are faded and I lie about how I received some of them unwilling to share the true stories behind the scars The other physical injuries are mostly a thing of the past although the time they destroyed my ankle will be a constant reminder of the things that happened to me as I’ve ended up in hospital as a result of the injury almost yearly since the event The emotional scars will never heal as to this day I do not trust people when they are nice to me and there is the constant worry of what they’re planning to do to meDespite all of this Siobhan Davis is an author I’ll always read She has a way of convincing me to try new things and usually has me falling in love with things I did not expect to love The fact the Kyler arc of the Kennedy Boys series is considered a bully romance had me believing the Rydeville High Elite series would wow me in the same way After all I do not consider the Kyler arc a bully romance Sure he was an a hole but it was not a typical case of bullying Thus I was eager for Cruel IntentionsThroughout Cruel Intentions my feelings were mixed There were times when I enjoyed the story times when I was indifferent to the story and times where I was finding it difficult to get into the story Despite my feelings towards the bully romance trend my issue was not in that My issue was in how the book seemed to be trying too hard Things were taken to extremes and focused upon trying to create a shock effect which took away from the story unfolding Things were dramatic and over the top and I could not get on board with these things It just wasn’t doing anything for meHowever when things were focused upon moving the story forward I was enjoying myself There was plenty to come together and it was interesting to watch the way things unfolded Only these aspects did not remain We regularly returned to being overly dramatic and I was pulled back towards my indifferent state Add in the fact I did not feel the romance between the two characters – we were constantly told there was chemistry between them rather than being shown the depth of the chemistry between them – and I was surprised by Cruel IntentionsIt had the potential to be another winner from Siobhan Davis another book capable of changing my mind yet it didn’t do what I had hoped I was addicted as I always am with the author’s work but it was lacking in the things that usually leave me obsessed with a Siobhan Davis novel I wanted depth for the romance not depth in the overly dramatic elite story Sure the elite storyline was important – but I got tired of watching excess drama play out especially with how I wanted the main storyline to progress and developDon’t get me wrong this was addictive it simply wasn’t all I’d hoped it would be It’s a three point five star rating rather than the high rating Siobhan Davis usually pulls from me but it certainly has me wanting to see what comes next I’m not desperate in the way I have been with other Siobhan Davis cliff hangers but I’m certainly curiousI know I’m in the minority with this one as everyone else seems to have been wowed but I expected from this than I was given My fingers are crossed book two gives me the usual Siobhan Davis feels

  4. Siobhan Davis Siobhan Davis says:

    US ➡️ a sample➡️

  5. Wendy Wendy says:

    When I started this book I couldn't believe I was reading about 17 and 18 year olds The Rydeville High school is ruled by the Elite which consists of Abby and her twin Drew Trent and Charlie They are considered the rich and powerful Now Abby may be part of the Elite but she doesn't have much say She is expected to listen and act accordingly Most of the Elite are already arranged to be married And Trent the dude Abby is supposed to marry he really tops the asshole cake  Not wanting to give any of herself to her fiancee she decides to give her innocence to a strangera savior of sorts Someone she chose for herselfa moment she will always hold dear There is not much else she can do thoughshe is stuck in the life she was born in She doesn't know that everything she knows is about to changeand she will come face to face with her savior again Will he still be her savior though I love high school settings and when they have bullies in themeven better I was a bit confused when I started this one though For a minute I thought they were all much older but then I figured they were just that screwed up I can't imagine my parents just giving me away in marriage because of family business and status As much as Abby was stuck she still tried to be as strong as she could be I really admired her and I can't wait to see what is gonna happen next Fair warningwe've got another cliffy right here An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review  

  6. Mali Mor ❤️ The Romantic Blogger Mali Mor ❤️ The Romantic Blogger says:

    I love high school books but usually bullies are not my cup of tea well I'm not a girl who forgives easily Just ask my husband 😂 but this book was different Think of a combination of 'Bully' by Penelope Douglas and 'Indebted' by Pepper Winters 💣😱 upload image📚 How is it that someone so ugly on the inside looks and smells so beautiful on the outside 📚The Rydeville High has been run by the elite group Trent Charlie Drew and their families for years Everyone knows and respect that But when a new elite group appears and tries to take control everything gets messy Camden Cam Sawyer and Jackson are seeking for revenge and nothing will stop them ⚔💥On the outside it seems like Abigail's Drew's twin sister life is perfect But her father control her life who to talk to what to wear where to go and even whom to marry and she's fed up 😱One night when she almost gives up Abby meets a mysterious man at the beach and she chooses for the first time on what will make her feel alive even only for one night 🙏Imagine her surprise a few months later when she finds that the amazing man is the enemy and he hates her 😬Cam is a dangerous mystery his soft touches replaced with hatred expressions humiliation and pain But one thing didn't change The hot attraction and it annoys both of them 💔Who are the new elite? What are they fighting for? Why does Cam hate Abby so much? And when the secrets and motivations of all the groups will be revealed Can Abby survive without getting hurt? 💥💣💥📚 How is it I crave the thing I hate the most? he whispers his mouth moving to my jaw How do you do that? Make he want you when I despise you? 📚I'm still shocked 😱This book is dark twisted and cruel which made me think where are the teachers or any adults?The answer? NOWHERE Because in this book everyone is EVIL the students and the adults 😱They are in high school but the plot felt mature except for the times when the characters responded with sticking their tongue out or flipping the bird To be honest? I was supposed to hate this book and that's what I felt at first just instead of wanting to read another I couldn't stop reading talking and thinking about it 😱The story and the characters made me angry but I kept reading in any spare moment This book will make you bite your nails and read at a record pace just to turn another page and find out what else will happen And even between the moments of pain and anxiety there were uite a few comical moments of laughter 😂📚 “Is there anything that doesn’t turn you on?” I retort “Other dudes and the Kardashians” he blurts fake shivering “But apart from that not a lot” 📚But what I liked most is that the heroine usually forgives to fast and behaves like a rag But here Abby remains strong and the person who grovels was Cam YOU GO GIRL 🎉Even the secondary characters were excellent Although most of them made me want to commit murder but when a writer manages to evoke such strong feelings out of me no matter whether they are good or bad she does something right And this book made me feel 👏👑📚 I hate you I whisper my hands sliding around his bare sweat slickened torsoI hate you too he whispers back roughly grabbing my neck and yanking my mouth to his📚This is a must read book for anyone who loves dark bully romance And the ending?? Ahahahaha 😱💥 I tried to flip the pages in my Kindle praying that it wasn't really over I even wrote a message to the writer saying that she probably sent me a damaged file Because how can it end like this?? What will I do until the seuel comes out? Why can't it go on forever like The Bold and the Beautiful??? 😂😂😂 I received an ARC from the author for an objective review

  7. BAK BAK says:

    WARNING DO NOT READ THIS SERIES IF the following content bothers you to read aboutSEXUAL ASSAULT DRUG USE FORCED CAPTIVE CIRCUMSTANCES VIOLENCE H BEING SERVICED BY ANOTHER WOMAN AFTER MEETING HEROINE ANXIETY INDUCING EVENTS SUCH AS SEDATION LIES DECEIT UNANSWERED UESTIONS AT THE END OF THIS BOOK CLIFF HANGER ENDING at least until the series is complete Book two contains EVEN WORSE events where the heroine is mutilated unless in book 3 that turns into another lie? But it seems like it supposedly really happened to her There is no fixing what is done to her in book two WARNINGHad I known better the depth of darker angst driving content this book and the series would actually include I would NOT have started this series While I don't personally have trigger content that bothers me in books there just simply are styles of books I do not enjoy this ultimately ended up being one of those series Did it drive strong emotions? Yes But they were not enjoyable It was like purposely torturing yourself Gluten for mental mood punishment type of read That being said after reading book 1 I found a lot of fault and issues with plot story line and development decisions But since I'm nosy I wanted to know what would happen next in this series Are any characters actually redeemable? Will book 2 actually feel like at least partly romance? And frankly I hate that I have that feeling of wanting to know I picked up book 2 and good gosh it goes even further down the romance literary drain As of the time of this review book 2 in this series is also out and I started it after finishing book 1 within the last few daysThere are no trigger style warnings in the description as of right now for book 1 or book 2 on A BUT THERE SHOULD BE This series is referred to as ‘bully romance’ and ‘dark romance’ But it’s just simply NOT It goes beyond the lines of romance and is abusive and dark It’s a terrible angst anxiety packed ride where characters do not act within normal possible reactions to the events that take placeSpoiler ish content follows for rating justification and for those who like MORE details before trying a new bookBoy meets girl who is sad stops her from doing something bad They hook up Months go byThe book is told ALL from the HEROINES POVBoy and girl meet again finding out who each other truly is The H Cam assumes the worst of Abby since she is an Elite family member After meeting her at school again Cam and his two cronies Sawyer and Jackson start in on Abby in the auditorium saying they own her now yada yada Cam forcibly puts Abby up against the wall choking her with his forearm cutting off air and hurting her back This is the main time he is as violent with Abby But I don’t respect ANY H who would put his hands on the h violently He also allows the girl who services him earlier on in the book to attack Abby at school Eventually the girl is pulled off of her and Cam walks Abby to the nurses officeOne of the Elite members forces Abby to service him occasionally since he is her arranged marriage fiancé yes at 17yo He also becomes violent with her pushing her down one time Then later in the book he shoves his finger in at HER FATHERS reuest in front of everyone in the room bare bottomed to try and see if she’s still a virgin Her brother and no one else in the room attempts to really stop it Her father also beats her severelyThe H Cam and his friends along with members of the Old Elite her twin Drew Trent and Charlie all hide things from her keep secrets won’t fill her in and are all at some point nasty to her It’s EXTREMELY frustrating and anger inducing moments throughoutThere are betrayals running throughout and Abby doesn’t know whom she can trust Every time she turns around it seems she is being mentally andor physically assaultedWhy are these kids even attempting to still go to school?The events in this book are beyond believable for high school age kids Sure some of this stuff might seriously go on in old money families and secret organizations But you REALLY have to suspend beliefs and go into fantasyland to buy the plots and events of this series since it involves a bunch of kids and their psycho fathersThe author seems to have really taken to trying to write a series to jump on the currently popular ‘bully’ and ‘dark’ romance trains However this series misses out on the romance For basically the entire book Cam is nasty to Abby You only think he might care when you learn he draws sketches of her and he occasionally doesn’t want anyone else to touch her But these types of moments are few and far between I just couldn’t feel the love on these pages between these twoAlso these characters at times have somewhat justifiable behaviors and reactions to events taking place But for the most part the author misses the mark on how a human who endures such events would actually react Perhaps extreme fear shutting down becoming mute never giving up fighting constantly in a physical sense going psychotic self harm severe depression yada yada But none of this happens It’s just a bunch of internal blabbering from the heroine that she’s going to get revenge and she has a plan but nothing exciting happens from her end It’s all bad stuff happening to her with her then having no sort of realistic possible choice of reactions; very few when she does remotely seem to reactThat being said the heroine does break another girls wrist and enact a public exposure embarrassment plan against some secondary characters that wasn’t tied really directly to the MAIN story line plotThere is a difference between dark and then down right violent abuse And this series falls into down right violent abuse where the heroine should not be reacting in the ways that she isThere are a lot of hidden details most of which make the reader have uestions Very few of those uestions are answered over the course of the book The book ends on a major cliff hangerThere were not many grammar or editing error of over looksThis author asked fans to go and like higher rated reviews to offset the likes on lower ranked reviews in her FB group for this series She also directly mentioned reviews with spoiler content while specifically pointing out one review on book 2 of this series While I understand many writers view their bookswriting as strictly a business and they likely want as many high reviews as possible to attract new readers this seemed like a very distasteful practice to try and rally the groupie troopsI would NOT recommend this series

  8. ABookLover73 ABookLover73 says:

    Five amazing stars for Abby and Cam 😍😍😍 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟This is the first book I've read by Siobhan Davis and OMG this is one the best book that I've read this year I really love Siobhan's writing style because this book was so easy to read and it's a page turner 😄Before this one I didn't read a dark romance with bully trope so I think from now on because of Cruel Intentions I will start reading this genre 😍This was one of the books which you need to read all night because you need to know what happens next Abby and Cam are very complex characters Their relationship isn't like the ones you can find in fairy tales They hate each other There is no respect because in fact they enemies Because they belong to the two different kinds of the elite The end was so unexpected I was like What happened right now?? 😲 And yes there is a cliffhanger in the end So right now I need to wait to find out what happened to Abby 😫P S I can't wait for the second book in this series and I need it right now I really hate cliffhangers in the books 😭Highly recommended

  9. Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle says:

    5 WHOA CROWNSI don’t even know what I just read I do That is my hyperbolic nature coming out but my mind is jumbled mess Honestly What? The new elite what can I say I love them Should I ? Probably not but I don’t care I do My rebel heart loves them Jackson with his playboy heart Cam with his moodiness and Sawyer with his stoic yet ethical soul I LOVE THEM They are deplorable at times but there are also moments that show their heart and those are the one I cling to The old elite well I love some of them but like the heroine I’m not uite sure who is trustworthy They are corrupt and vile and have messed up values but when you are raised by the corrupt what do you expect I do hope the ones that seem good remain so but I’m not holding my breathThe chemistry between Cam and Abby is straight up FIRE I have no other words for it Is he always kind? No this is a bully romance There are a lot of moments where my heart broke for Abby but she is a fighter even if there are times when she has to bite her tongue and take it She has gumption and I love that in a heroine This story utterly captivated me I couldn’t put it down You know the kind of story where you read a page a stop light hide from your kids so you can read uninterrupted That was this I’m dying for the next book and I’m not even done processing this one If you love a bully romance you NEED THIS BOOK

  10. Carrie (The Butterfly Reader) Carrie (The Butterfly Reader) says:

    I was given an ARC in exchange for honest reviewI hate having to post this because now I'll probably be off the review team and that sucks But I will ALWAYS be honest with my thoughts and opinions I've only read one other book by this author and I really enjoyed it It was a cute new adult romance that I really need to reread because I liked it But this one I have two hard limits when it comes to books Cheating and drugs Drugs are used so much that my three strike rule went out the window at 17% into the book Which sucks I still kept reading because I felt it was my duty but I knew then and there is was going to get a bad rating That's not it though the characters they are all freaking awful Every Single One There were no characters in this story I enjoyed or related to They were all so nasty and mean to each other I think this book was trying to be like Paper Princess or Punk 57 but it failed horribly The main girl we follow whose name I've already banished from my mind is trapped in this marriage to be because her father is an elite bastard who should have his kids taken away and be locked in prison He lets his best friend the father of her fiancee grope his daughter freaking walks in on her and doesn't even care It was vile and nasty Now normally I like sex it my books makes it feel real but this was overkill Every little thing was about sex or they were talking about sex There was even a scene where the MC is being pushed against a tree and things went down in front of the whole group orgies violence just rather disgusting dialogue this book has it all Her brother doesn't give a crap that his twin sister's fiancee is abusive to her Just tells her to open up to him Everyone just wants to sleep with the MC That's it No one cares about each other just sex The writing is really good I found one continuity error that I'm sure will be fixed in the final version so that's not a big deal at all Honestly while this book is not for me It maybe for you so give it a go if it sounds interesting to you I hope you get from it than I did

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