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  • Paperback
  • 299 pages
  • Friends in Small Places
  • Ruskin Bond
  • 01 August 2016
  • 9780141004297

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Friends in Small PlacesNice slice of life short pieces I admit reading Ruskin Bond write about sex is weird after reading him as a child but good writing nice easy simple words and excellent collection This collection brings together the best of Ruskin Bond's cameos all beautifully imagined and crafted inspired by people who have left a lasting impression on him In addition there are a host of characters culled from Bond's numerous short stories Taken together they constitute a magnificent evocation of the small town India by one of the country's best storytellers Summary of the book This book is about a child name Keemat Lal who was living in Lahore all his life without seeing his real parents He is in bordering school filled with a lot of Indian students who have never been to India in their lives Their Hindi teacher had decided to take all of the to Delhi where Keemat’s real parents are there His teacher knew about this situation so he had plans to go to Delhi on purpose Later on they get on the train for a long ride to Delhi When they arrive to Delhi Keemat’s teacher took to his Uncle’s house His name was Uncle Ken Keemat’s family were Punjabi The main reason why this book was titled friends in small places was because Keemat have seen a lot of friends in his past lives helping each other find their parents Recommendation I would recommend this book to someone who really loves to help other people when they are having some problems with their family problems Psychiatrists might be interested in reading these books since they are the most trained people in understand what is happening on their patient’s lives Rating I would give it a 3 for this book since some part were boring to catch up with since it kept talking about different child’s family and why they were sent to that bordering school in Lahore They should of concentrated on one character the main character so that the reader wont be bored while reading the middle of the books It is a collection of essays of snippets about the various cameos in author's other books and from the author's They are excerpts from his diary or recollections of dear ones or just a note of the oddest people he has met Each one of the stories is amazing Some of them are about Ruskin Bond's neighborhood who have made a difference in his life or have made a heroic difference in their lives He speaks of the Tonga walla the 'Lafunga' who is actually a good man the Mali who is looking after a Princess who the world termed mentally ill in his own way Fiction or real the book is a treat to those looking for relaxed reading Short stories appeal to me because there is no stress to actually finish the book and there is always curiosity about what the next story will be like The little collage of images on the cover itself is such a draw for me An excellent book according to me Ruskin Bond Rusty or Mr Bond as he refers to himself is present in all these stories in different roles – a spectator a hero a character an observer a ghost or as an author This book is about his personal experiences with some simple people in small towns They are as simple as the person sitting next to you on the local train or the vegetable seller on the street or the maid who comes to your house to work He enters their lives as an acuaintance observes them makes his presence felt and then tells their stories to us audiences It does not sound an interesting piece of work but what a job Ruskin does I think the one uality of Ruskin is to show life as it happens To read click here Captivating portraits from the heartland of India the stories and lives of people that is so simple and serene we just love to lose ourself and be lost in those fictional diaries especially Ruskin bond's cameos in the ever so enticing and enchanting hills Leaves you wanting for It is a great book not only to read but how to write about characterscapturing the essence of human nature in a few pgsmy fav bedside book As the author introduction says this book has profiles of people Mr Bond found interesting and unforgettable And some of the profiles are memorable for example murderous Uncle Bill feckless Uncle Ken wandering box man Binya Miss Bun and diligent Inspector Keemat Lal Though majority of stories even fiction is drawn from Ruskin Bond's life I loved the profiles that weren't excerpts from previous books that I have already read Only exception is perhaps Dukhi and Maharani and Binya Since Ruskin Bond stories are published across different anthologies and by multiple publishers it has become mildly irritating to read the same stories again without realising when buying that these stories have been repeated in this editionPS I love the sunny countryside illustration on the book cover by Missy Dunaway Reading into many his books and learning about Rusty I often wondered how Ruskin lived his life This book gives glimpses of the people in his personal life They have strong inspiration for his many stories Learning the tales from Ruskin always calms my thoughts and pulls me into his world At end of every story I feel I might have slept through a dream This is an excellent read for especially those who just started their own story of life It talks about love loneliness and the human unavoidable desires Extracts from various other books of Ruskin Bond

About the Author: Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is an Indian author of British descent He is considered to be an icon among Indian writers and children's authors and a top novelistHe wrote his first novel The Room on the Roof when he was seventeen which won John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize in 1957 Since then he has written several novellas over 500 short stories as well as various essays and poems all of which have establi