Armies of Hanuman Ramayana Book 4 Epub Ó Hanuman

Armies of Hanuman Ramayana Book 4 Rama finally achieves victory against the rakshasas in the bloody battle of Janasthana He now looks forward to a time of harmony in the lush environs of his retreat at PanchvatiBut as Rama soon realizes the war is yet to be wonTormented by unsatiated lust in a hellish fury Supanakha the demoness scorned makes a desperate journey to the island kingdom of Lanka There she succeeds in reviving her comatose cousin Ravana supreme lord of the asuras as ruthlessly determined to seek revenge against Rama as she is Their diabolic mission will test the very limits of Rama's courage skill and endurance A new way of bringing out our heritage Totally engrossing This book was well in pace with the first two books of the series An upgrade from the last bookThis book has no split POV hence we do not know what is happening in Ayodhya and how Kausalya is governing in kingdom in her son's stead But the author has given us reason enough to not worry about that plot line as Hanuman proves to be just as well written a character as Kausalya is I really enjoyed going through all of his POVs and the portrayal of vanars in the bookRama and Sita's romance felt very abrupt when it began but the author has continued in the same vein and let it blossom It makes sense in this book however as they have been together for a long timeSomething that has stuck with me is the change in Sita's character before and after marriage She seems very docile and dependent after marriage She fights and upholds her own honour as she should but not in the same vivacity that she used to I feel that she hasn't been developed as well as the others have Hopefully that changes in the upcoming booksThis one was a refreshing change from the last book as there were a good number of battle scenes and engaging scenes The time jump is a little abrupt but doesn't feel very out of place It's just fine I am excited to read the rest of the books nice tapestry and way of exgragrating the ramayana The series starts wonderfully with captivating narrative It is one of those books that you want to finish in one read because it is impossible to put down But somewhere after the third book in the series the grip progressively diminishes Sita's abduction was dragged and could have been shorter Banker's dimensionless characters are again a hurdle Despite having read four books on Rama I can only feel a detached sympathy for his plight A protaganist must persuade his readers to advocate his cause to feel his burden to writhe in fury at the unfairness of his unfortunate circumstances and yet I don't I just want Rama to get on with the war and be done with it so I can move on to the next book And again as a reader I am reminded of how important characters are to a book so than the plot sometimes Banker's language that I so begrudgingly admired in the first two books also seems to have faltered A wonderfully begun series begins to wilt like a flower under a hot summer sun And my interest wilts with it Why do epics need retelling ? So that every new storyteller can infuse something new make the story perfect and exciting and make his generation accept the epic in their own way Ashok Banker has gone uite a bit down that road Placing Kiskindha in north eastern India seems to be the least surprising Tweaking episodes like the killing of Vali has made his Rama honourable and perfect than in the original story He has dedicated paragraphs to describe the workings of Rama's mind to explain how a near perfect being might exist and act He works his magic with Ravana too After his revival with none other than Rama's blood he changes his outward behaviour completely However this new peaceful Ravana seems to be hatching a new devious scheme which he successfully hides from his wife his brother and his sons In this way he becomes a really dangerous villain whom Rama has to face which is fitting as light can't shine without darkness The kidnapping of Sita has been shown in a brand new and thrilling way We also see a new twist in the story of Valmiki Overall a great book through and through Still loving the story but the book kind of dragged at the beginning Maybe dragged isn't the best word This part of the series is called Armies of Hanuman so I would think Hanuman would be introduced before the halfway point and the armies would come in well before the last few chapters but that is not the case Perhaps my expectations put too much pressure on what is otherwise a good story The 4th book of the series continues with the journey of Rama Sita and Lakshmana to Panchavati after the war of Janasthana is ioverAll three are eagerly awaiting their return to home when all hell breaks looseWe also get introduced to our furry friends Hanuman and his tribe of vanarsSita is abducted so onto the next book Need I say Jai Aanjaneya Got some really moments like Valmiki is introduced very differently as are Hanuman and SugreevaThe not so great part Ravana's abduction of Sita could have been simpler The new version is just okay

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