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Hon som måste dö I freaking love Lisbeth always and forever I’m glad he took over he does a fine job Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾 My least favored of the series thus far It seems scattered and incomplete 4 of 10 stars ”Salander was indeed brilliant at DNA analyses She had gone to great lengths to try to find out why her family all had such extreme genetic features It was not just her highly intelligent and odious father Zalachenko There was her half brother too Ronald Niedermann with his exceptional strength and his lack of sensitivity to pain There was Lisbeth herself with her photographic memory There were a number of people among her blood relations with exceptional characteristics and although Blomkvist had no idea what she had discovered he did know that Salander had taught herself the scientific methodology in no time at all”A homeless man a beggar missing fingers with dark patches on his face that look like burns is found dead in Stockholm The freezing temperatures are a hazard for the homeless but this man is poisoned He has Mikael Blomkvist’s business card in his pocket He had been trying to reach him to tell him about a story that had to be told Unfortunately Blomkvist never got the call but he is still left with the mystery of this “crazy dwarf” and why he was so desperate to get ahold of him The key is in his DNA His DNA is going to tell the story of his life and where he is from is going to be the slender thread that will lead Blomkvist to the story Blomkvist is tired of investigating troll factories in Russia Minister of Defense Johannes Forsell has been the victim of a Russian troll attack a slurry of fake news that has nearly destroyed his career The interesting thing is somehow Forsell is tied into the dead beggar A mystery that is hard to investigate with so few trails to follow to the truthTroll attacks have become a cottage industry for Putin and the Russian government Anyone they disagree with politically is subject to these attacks The Russians now have their fingers in American and European elections I think we need to start taking these attacks based on groundless lies seriously and see it as the act of war that it is I want a tenacious guy like Mikael Blomkvist investigating the Russian troll factories It is too bad he is a work of fiction but I have a feeling if Stieg Larsson were still alive he would be in the thick of it We all have a responsibility to insure the news we are consuming and believing is based on fact Lisbeth Salander our favorite goth and righter of wrongs is in a cat and mouse game with her sister Camilla Her sister is another broken member of the Zalachenko family She is evil and yet Lisbeth freezes at the thought of killing her even though killing her is the only solution to stopping her When Blomkvist becomes a pawn in the middle of their sibling war things get very real for Lisbeth in a hurry The guilt shame and sympathy that is crippling her perceptions of her sister suddenly become secondary concerns to keeping Blomkvist out of the clutches of her sister So we have Blomkvist’s investigation and Salander’s family obsession that start out being two separate uests but the reason why their relationship is so strong is because they freuently need each other’s help in their search for truth or in Salander’s caserevenge It is an unusual partnership but a very productive one For those who have not enjoyed David Lagercrantz’s depiction of Salander you will be again disappointed that she doesn’t morph into the Stieg Larsson version There were a couple of places where I felt that she would have done something different with Larsson guiding her actions The thing is fair readers that ship has sailed You can complain and tear your hair out all you want but this version of Salander is Lagercrantz’s version and it is the only version you will get unless you want to go back and read the first three The Dragon Tattoo depiction of Salander died when Larsson climbed that set of stairs that induced a massive heart attack I think Lagercrantz’s version of Blomkvist is spot on I’m adjusting to his version of Salander Writer’s brains work differently Lagercrantz isn’t Larsson any than Larsson could be Lagercrantz Well he would have to be alive to be anything but you know what I mean Call this Salander the 20 model Sometimes the remake doesn’t live up to the original but that doesn’t mean it is terrible or an abomination 35 out of 5 stars with a bump up to 4 because I’m a glass half full kind of guy If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at I will say this it was better than I expectedBut it was not as good as I was hoping despite having low expectations going inThese books since the death of Larsson have been fairly mediocre for me Maybe others like them but they just don't feel like they are awesome stories extending the previous story line It feels like someone figured the could write some so so mysteries take a few of the main characters from the original trilogy and then make sure Lisbeth Salander's name is featured on the cover ueue the sound of money pouring in As long as people are buying I am sure it will continueI might have been kinder than I was in the paragraph above if Lagercrantz had not tried to tie it in to this series However it was a somewhat blah and confusing mystery that didn't really pay off much in the end so maybe I would not have been kinderFeel free to give these post Larsson books a chance but you are not going to get a recommendation from me I really wonder sometimes why I keep giving them a try Let me begin by stating that I was in favor of the continuation of Millenium series by an author other than the late Stieg Larsson and I've enjoyed the first two books The Girl in the Spider's Web The Girl Who Took An Eye for An Eye but this one failed to meet my admittedly high expectations It is an overall mediocre attempt in bringing beloved fictional characters such as Lisbeth Salander or Mikael Blomkvist back to life in a story that lacks a clear direction and a plot that seems to be flat and without the necessary exciting twists and turns that usually make a crime novel a successFor my full review visit The Girl Who Lived Twice was on my must read summer list I've been a fan of the Millennium series since the original author Steig Larsson began writing them When he passed away and David Lagercrantz took over I continued reading the novels and was ready for this launch last monthThe first half of the book is much slower than previous ones There are minimal fight scenes suspensefulscary moments or major dramatic items There is a lot to build the story before we can understand where the author is going with the big reveals The second half than makes up for it when our famous duo find themselves fighting for their lives No spoilers here but beware of fire and a sister scornedLisbeth has gone missing Mikael misses her A doctor phones Mikael about a dead body and it intrigues the reporter enough to reach out to Lisbeth despite it seeming like she wants to stay for away from life again He uickly learns that Lisbeth's sister Camilla is out to kill her over previous sins in the last book The dead body has no connection to any of them yet eventually it all weaves together From sherpas in Nepal to genealogists all over the world there are complex layers in this story Including the super gene which is based on a reality I hadn't been aware ofUnfortunately this book was missing something for me I liked it and I believe it’s a very good story but it wasn't enough to push me above 4 stars I settled around 35 rounding up because it's well written above anything else To me I would've liked connections between all the characters and detailed chase scenes in the first half The relationship between Mikael and Lisbeth was weaker than usual and Mikael's lust for another woman seemed fake That said Lisbeth's connections with other people were phenomenal She was true to her character in much of the book and when we keep revisiting her childhood it's always a stronger taleIf you want the thrills of the early books you probably will be slightly disappointed If you love these characters their adventures will keep you happy I'm a fan and I'll keep reading A fan of the Dragon Tattoo trilogy I've found the seuels written by this author lackluster With this story he's done a good job researching areas like genetics added new characters and brought back the memories of Zalachenko's physical abuse of his wife and daughters Bringing Lisbeth's sister Camilla in as the antagonist is somewhat of a twist one we hadn't seen in the past Adding Inspector Bublanski and Modig along with flashbacks from the original series it seems obvious the goal was similar energy of the originals When compared to best selling crimesuspense novelists his pace is slow until the final chapters where it picks up rapidly He tends to overuse dialog; use of detailed meal descriptions that have little to do with the story seems amateur though it's possible the translator is at fault Since Stieg Larsson set a high bar for these characters Lagercrantz has yet to achieve it this story included The sixth in the Millennium series featuring THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOOWhat will you do now I shall be the hunter and not the huntedThe girl with the dragon tattoo is finally ready to confront her nemesis the only woman who is evidently and in many ways her match Salander will not wait to be hunted When she strikes it will be a double blow vengeance for recent atrocities and the settling of lifelong scoresFor months now Salander has been closing in on her target She has moved from Stockholm her hair is newly styled her piercings are gone She could pass for any other businesswoman But not all businesswomen have a Beretta Cheetah beneath their jacket They do not wield the lethal power of a hacker's genius They do not carry scars and tattoos to remind them that they have survived the unsurvivableThe new episode in David Lagercrantz's acclaimed internationally bestselling continuation of Stieg Larsson's Dragon Tattoo series is a thrilling ride that scales the heights of Everest and plunges the depths of Russian troll factories It begins with the discovery of Mikael Blomkvist's number at Millennium magazine in the pocket of an unidentified homeless man who died with the name of a government minister on his lipsBlomkvist at extreme risk to himself tracks down his old friend and will protect her as far as he can But he is powerless to crush her enemies on his ownAnd for Lisbeth Salander the personal is always political and deadly Every time I pick up one of these books by a dead author I really admired continued by Mr Lagercrantz I feel a deep fear an ill boding as if I'm really going to regret itAnd yet when I crack open the book I'm always pleasantly surprised Is it because I love the characters from the originals so much that I just don't care? Maybe Is it because I actually have fun with the new plots? MaybeIs it because I'm still having fun at all that despite all this trepidation I still look forward to getting the book and reading it anyway that I am plainly ENJOYING MYSELF that I keep coming back? MaybeOr maybe it's just the Sherpa murder No It has to be than murdered SherpasHonestly I wanted this to be better than it was Such a disappointment although I’ve been alright with the Lagercrantz continuation—this one falls way short of anything that’s come before A watered down Lisbeth Salander is barely in the book instead nudged out by an overly bloated conspiracy plot le sigh

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