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Godspeed Jay Hara is an ordinary young man growing up on the isolated planet of Erin But Jay dreams of adventure and escapades and the legend of the lost “Godspeed” drive which allowed humans to travel at faster than light speedsHis life changes when he joins up with the seedy spacer Paddy Enderton and Captain Daniel Shaker Captain Shaker is a charming but ruthless adventurer who inspires both fear and admiration in eual measure and he and his uestionable crew are joined by Jay as they race to find the legendary drive Jay Hara used to dream aboutGodspeed is a true coming of age tale told in the classic tradition of RL Stevenson’s Treasure Island A modern day pirate story set among the stars I like Charles Sheffield's books They're always fast paced and contain genuinely believable characters but they're light as all get out This is a lesser work than his Heritage books but still enjoyable A fascinating and plausible space adventure POTENTIAL SPOILERS I hate how the only version of my copy on GoodReads is in Italian even though the actual book I read wasn't GoodReads seriously Anyway I wanted to read this for some time because it was billed as a retelling of Treasure Island but in space Now Treasure Island is a really great book and Treasure Planet is one of my most favorite Disney movies ever So it was only natural that I wanted to read this Honestly it gave me everything I was expecting nothing less nothing Obviously it is very much a product of the time it was written in but I still enjoyed it A lot of the scientific talk lost me though I'm not very smart so that was purely my problem But the stuff I did understand was cool to read about and see people figure things out And this book almost seems to be banking on the fact you've read the original as the twists that happened in Treasure Island happen in this book without much segway The middle part kinda dragged and the whole scene where Jay goes to Paddy's Fortune himself dragged the most I understand why it was put in the book mainly so he can meet this book's version of Ben Gunn but it felt really stretched out The author should've just made it so he meets the girl and then they leave Overall I really liked reading this I'm not really sure if this was considered a classic or a staple of sci fi back then but it was still interesting to see the different spins this author put on Treasure Island himself This was a good adventure tale with a young boy wanting to reclaim space flight for the future of the 40 worlds I like the way sheffield likes to imagine what ifs of space exploration that so uniue and how people adapt to it Yet I always feel that his books are part of a universe or series of books because there is so much left unexplained and hanging Yet the books are almost always stand alones and I feel that there were threads that were developed that didn't go anywhere An enjoyable read though with fun characters A sci fi adventure story about the adventures of a teenage boy named Jay living on a planet called Erin which has become isolated from the rest of humanity Jay is obsessed with space and space travel and finally gets a chance to live his dreamAround the 1950s Robert Heinlein wrote a long string of sci fi adventure novels for young readers Have Space Suit Will Travel for instance starring bright eager teenage boys This book feels like one of those; considering that Heinlein is one of two writers the book is dedicated to I'd say that was intentional I was a bit disappointed actually because I was previously familiar with Sheffield only from a few of his sophisticated novels; this was not what I expectedIf this were one of those Heinlein books though it would be among the best of them; well written and well plotted Most notably the villain is one of the best written villains I've ever encountered He's not cartoonishly evil or cruel; he gets his way by intelligence and manipulation rather than force but makes sure he has force available if it should become necessary; he doesn't make stupid mistakes; he thoroughly out thinks the hero every step of the way Even at the end of the book when he's finally done something possibly stupid it's unclear whether or not it worked out for himThe worst aspect of the book was its treatment of female characters Thanks to living on an alien planet where humans don't uite fit the ecosystem and the available nutrition isn't uite right male births on Erin outnumber female by about 30 to 1 Women are treated with both on a pedestal reverence; and condescension not allowed to do anything remotely dangerous such as go out into space Midway through the book after a teenage girl secretly gets on board the ship Jay is traveling on one of his primary concerns for the rest of the book becomes protecting her and keeping the ship's sex starved crew from knowing that she's there; because if they find out they'll become uncontrollable slobbering Rape MonstersWhy did Sheffield choose to make Erin's society like that Presumably because he was trying to produce a genuine 1950s style boys' adventure story but figured that his 1990s readers wouldn't accept that genre's typical level of chauvinism without a solid reason Fine But it feels awfully dodgy and not all readers will be willing to play alongAside from that though this book is fun uick moving and smarter than you'd expect

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Godspeed
  • Charles Sheffield
  • English
  • 02 January 2016
  • 9780812519921

About the Author: Charles Sheffield

Charles A Sheffield June 25 1935 – November 2 2002 was an English born mathematician physicist and science fiction author He had been a President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and of the American Astronomical SocietyHis novel The Web Between the Worlds featuring the construction of a space elevator was published almost simultaneously with Arthur C Clarke's novel

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