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Weed 'All right I will share my deepest darkest secret I loved my father like sons love their fathers I loved mine too And aren't sons forever following their father's footsteps Even if those footsteps are blightedAfter Umer's father leaves to join the jihadis the family is pushed to the brink of poverty and desperation but his mother will have nothing to do with her husband The government and charities working in Kashmir in their better wisdom believe it is best not to offer sustenance to the children and the widow's of militants Isolated by society and trapped in adversity will the mother's determination to turn her back on violence crumble Will Umer go his father's way What choices will the family makeWeed a follow up of the award winning No Gun at My Son's Funeral is a hard hitting exploration of uneasy uestions that keep raising their insistent heads in the 'war against terror' Complex issues are examined through the innocence of a child caught in a web he never spun

6 thoughts on “Weed

  1. Upma Upma says:

    Unsound writing style

  2. Anoushka Anoushka says:

    The writing is horrible the sentences are strung together in a desperate attempt to make them seem poetic Not just that the author sympathizes with a child following the footsteps of his terrorist father She labels the Indian soldiers situated in Kashmir as 'people who do not belong there' The authour portrays the terrorist and his children as the protagonist and the soldiers as evil antagonists After reading this I'm never gonna read the rest of her books

  3. Tala Tala says:


  4. Ashish Ashish says:

    this book is so amazes to read it out

  5. Dipanjan Ray Dipanjan Ray says:

    This is one of the excellent books I've ever readit is the story of an innocent boy and his mother after his father left them to join the jihadis

  6. William A William A says:

    Great book loved it want to see what happens next though

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