Winston Churchill A Biographical Companion ePUB ✓

Winston Churchill A Biographical Companion When Winston Churchill was still in his teens he was already a man in a hurry partly due to his fear that like his father he would die young Born into aristocratic politics he sought glory through battle as a means to secure a position in politics fame and money through the writing of books To promote their careers both he and his father made full use of their family connections and the allure of their social lifeAmong the telling details revealed are that his mother Jennie Jerome Lady Randolph was an American heiress and was his major adviser and reliable friend when he was younger and that his wife Clementine disliked and distrusted many of Winston's political cronies This A Z biographical dictionary covers everything from his grandiose spending trademark agar and whiskey sodas and silk underwear to his mother's many marriages and affairs and his relationships with Edward VIII and ueen Elizabeth II

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