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The Salvation Awww The last one So much fun As a big fan of Michael this was a sweet ending for him especially which was nice Felt so good to revisit this series for the first time in so long I initially read this book at 14 back when the tv show was in its final season and I recently purchased the four books that take place in the show's canon after the show ended Before reading those I wanted to go back through the novels that captured my imagination during the show's original run Goodness there was so much I had forgottenFor one I had forgotten how much I adored the genuine friendships between the characters in these pre show novels The television series never made me feel like the majority of the characters liked each other very much and that is a dynamic that I sincerely morn when I switch adaptations I love that the pairings of MaxLiz and MariaMichael are still a thing in the show and I actually prefer AlexIsabel in the show over the way these novels developed them but I miss the friendships of LizMichael and MariaLizIsabel I will forever lament the fact that the show did not seem to deem those relationships as important enough to share Instead the show became focused on human vs alien a good portion of the time Do I sound bitter? Maybe it's because I amHowever I am glad that in the show Valenti and Kyle are not bad guys or just completely thrown to the side They deserved better and I'm glad the show gave them thatAll in all a series I enjoyed reading through again The books were short enough that it only took a couple of hours to read through each one and full of humor adventure romance and plenty of drama Which is also why I have re watched this infuriating show as many times as I have Preliminary thoughts SPOILERSThe Salvation is all of them Michael Isabel Trevor Liz Maria and Alex to save MaxWe start with the group sans Max at the grave of one of their fallen Adam in the midst of his burial ceremonyThe group develops and executes the plan to shatter the consciousness by using the Stones of Midnight and the device that Kyle had used on them previously through the wormhole In the meantime the consciousness tries to separate Liz from Max by telling her he doesn't love her any while trying to get the group to tell it where the stones areMaria tries to deal with finding out that Michael is intent on going back to the home planet and is still not trying to get her hopes up even when he ends up staying and telling her he loves herIsabel and Trevor start to form an attraction while Michael is also dealing with trying to separate himself from Maria since he feels that will prepare them both for when he does have to leaveMax comes back briefly and kisses Liz when she kisses him but then the consciousness pulls him back againMichael and Maria go to the Albuuerue institute where Kyle is being held to try and find out where the device is but with no luck It takes Isabel to step into Kyle's dream and coax him into telling her for them all to find it; and then Trevor to modify it to send through the wormholeWhile in the process of shattering the consciousness some of the beings from it such as Ray and Michael's and Trevor's parents come to say goodbye to them And even as Max comes back to Liz Michael still considers going to the home planet and leaving all of them including Maria behindthat is until he sees the roots of Maria that had formed in him Trevor does go back to the home planet through the wormhole but Michael of course stays behind In the end we see all of them Max with Liz Michael with Maria Alex and Isabel together and as close than ever before with them all reminiscing about the first time they ever felt connected like that by their auras as a group wholeI reserve the right to edit including add to this review in the future started watching the tv series then found out about the book and i absolutely loved it With the new Roswell New Mexico series on The CW out I realized I’d never watched the original show After binging two seasons and learning that it was based on a book series I just had to see what really happened I was shocked at how far the show deviated from the source material and realize that was a good reason the series was cancelledThese books are wicked short Too short to get into much depth and the editing is terrible I’ve never seen so many typos in a well published novel before but that could be the adaptation to Kindle The story was good The ending a bit unsatisfying LizMax didn’t seem nearly as natural as it had in the series though I wager that is the actors pulling it off than a slight on the writers I was a little struck by how much of the focus was on Michael While an interesting character he didn’t have the depth to be compelling and Isabel was really unlikeable for the majority of the series The death of one of their own was empty Sudden Pointless I still scratch my head because it didn’t further the plot Overall a uick and enjoyable series A shame there wasn’t depth to it When I began these books after learning that the TV series was based on them I was somewhat disappointed at how cheesy they are compared to the series The science fiction is terrible there are so many plot holes and unresolved tangents hello Cameron?? and the repetitiveness is annoying especially with describing the group's auras and colors and scents and don't get me started on dream orbsBUT and a very big but after finishing the book series I have come to the conclusion that I prefer the books to the TV version For at the heart of Roswell the magic comes from each of the character's interactions with one another I feel that the books do better justice to that dynamic than the show Book Liz is way less annoying than TV Liz; they all get eual coverage in the books as opposed to the show where most of the attention was focused on Liz and Max and look how the show eventually destroyed that relationship I do miss Sheriff Valenti and Kyle eventually being a part of the secret And the idea that the aliens are royalty made a lot of sense in the show But the HUGE factor between books vs show is THERE IS NO TESS Ergo ALEX IS ALIVE Alex is as necessary a part of the group as the primary colors of the rainbow they make up together I was so angry that he was killed off in the show and even so now that I have read how he fares in the books he was improved by knowing the aliens as opposed to the show where he was destroyed by them The books offer a tremendous sense of closure in the end even with Trevor's leaving and Adam's death The show just went downhill after the writers kept on pushing Max and Liz apart inventing all kinds of ridiculous reasons for them not to be together from Tess to a future that means the End of the World Whereas in this final book installment Liz manages to dissolve herself to seek out the essence of Max and they find each other among the stars How perfect is that? How in keeping with the whole spirit of the story with love finding a way despite all differences against all odds I am convinced that if I had read the books first I would have hated the show passionately than I do now lol Still the TV series has its own undeniable appeal if only for the first 7 or so episodes I have been enchanted by the show WB since I was a child I expected a lot from this series I found the writing very poor simplistic I am use to reading large fantasy books filled with a lot of description that makes you connect to the characters and their plight This series was dense It feels like a pre teen read I can honestly say the tv series from the 90s is much better than this 35 Stars What a reading weekendI managed to read this series in a three day weekend with no partner in the house and see friends and family It's such a good series but I forgot how teenage lovey angsty it was I was focused on the storylines with all the aliens I finished all ten with 23 minutes too spare The ultimate battle Max is out of control He's lying to his friends ignoring his family and has even turned on Liz Has Max completely lost his mindor is Max not really Max at all Liz hasn't felt connected to Max in a long time not the way she used to be She knows he isn't the guy she fell in love with There's something else controlling him Something sinister Can Liz help Max break free before he's lost forever

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