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Sacrifice the One Seta is a good girl gone bad She's tried for years to gain her father's love and attention but all he does is ignores her And she's tired of it So if being good won't get her anywhere she may as well be badSeta's high school years bring a series of bad decisions alcohol sex and a host of other things she uses to escape the pain she feels Not even a praying grandmother can keep her from the path she is so set on taking Seta's uest for acceptance leads her to one secret so terrible she hopes no one ever finds out Will her uest for one thing cause her to lose everything

  • Paperback
  • 327 pages
  • Sacrifice the One
  • Monica P. Carter
  • English
  • 28 October 2016
  • 9781893196940

2 thoughts on “Sacrifice the One

  1. Sharlika Sharlika says:

    The book I have read is called Sacrifice the One by Monica P Carter The book is a Fiction book The theme of the book is not to forget what one has done to you But to learn how to forgive someone Sacrifice The one is based on love forgiveness and responsibility The main characters of this story are Seta Rose Robert and Barber Rose and Robert are the parents of Seta But when Rose gave birth to Seta and left Robert to take care of Seta by himself He hated his own daughter because Rose had left him Now Barber is the mother of Rose and she dislikes Robert Barber takes care of Seta when Robert gave her up And Barber was upset with Robert because he didn’t want any thing to do with his own child which wasn’t her fault her mother had left him This book was really good It was very entertaining for me Every time something sad had happened it made me feel sad and want to cry My favorite scene from the book is when Seta turns sixteen and she gets a letter from her mother The letter had said that she loves her and wishes she could be there for her and show her that she really loves her She would do any thing to be with her and be a mother to her That scene had tears in my eyes because all seta wanted was for one of her parents to love her and also tell her that he or she loves her and also want her I would recommend this book to any one who is mature readers and likes these kinds of books If you like to read books about thugs drug dealers sex love and things that could happen to any one on earth to this very day You should most defiantly read this book or any other book that relates to this There are books like Nervous and another book named A Hood Chicks Story plus others that are most likely like the book I have read Sacrifice the One Sacrifice The One by Monica P Carter is a great story to read I believe any one can really read this book on a mature level Books like this make you think about how you would like to live your life and not make mistakes like the people in the book have So like I said before if you like books that have all these exciting stories to still that are kind of related to life then read any book like Sacrifice the One

  2. ♥MissShellow♥ writer♥ ♥MissShellow♥ writer♥ says:

    this was a really good read

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