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The Whispering Knights 'I don't know that you have done anything wrong' Miss Hepplewhite said 'But it is possible that you have done something rather dangerous' William and Susie thought they were just playing a game when they cooked a witch's brew in the old barn and said a spell over it but Martha was not so sure And indeed the three friends soon learn that they have called up something dark and evil out of the distant past The Whispering Knights by Penelope Lively has the old premise of children's literature of wickedness Innocently brew some witches stew in a cauldron and inadvertently raise the spirit of a wicked witch evil in the form of Morgan from the dark past The three friends Martha Susie and William who just wanted a little excitement over the school holidays are now have to battle a witch Younger students seemed to enjoy it I not so much That said it does provide lots of contextual opportunities for lookig at folklore and mythology of the British countryside In the Cotswolds village of Steeple Hampden Martha Susie and William bored in their school holidays decide to boil up the classic witch’s brew — ‘Eye of newt and toe of frog’ — in a barn supposedly once inhabited by an actual witch Doing their best with the ingredients they order a tin of frog’s legs from a London shop but have to make do with pictures for the difficult items they succeed in awakening a long dormant malevolence Morgan le Fay Little than a vaguely scary force at first Morgan eventually manifests herself fully and becomes the wife of a local factory owner whose sudden decision not to sell his factory to make way for a new motorway threatens Steeple Hampden which is the alternative route Meanwhile the children are threatened directly as Morgan lures dreamy Martha awayThe Whispering Knights starts out a little less serious and Famous Five in tone than Lively’s previous YA book Astercote The first half is episodic with Morgan’s scattered attempts on the three children lasting no than a chapter each and being easily dealt with It’s in the second half that things pick up with Martha’s kidnap and a chase across a stormy darkening landscape There’s a real feeling that genuinely threatening supernatural forces are on the loose with echoes of the long cross country chases that make up Alan Garner’s first two booksLike Astercote it’s about the anxiety of modern encroachments motorways factories on village life Morgan’s supernatural evil allies itself with the worst of these forces of modernity On the one hand it’s the children’s half belief in witches that reawakens Morgan — who ‘feeds on credulity’ and so gets her power from people believing in her — but then it’s this same belief that allows them to defeat her when rational adult minded methods a petition letters to the local paper fail Definitely gets better in the second half with the writing in chapter 9 the main chase seuence being particularly good both evocative of the English countryside and of a dark difficult isolated chase Pre read for my son Enjoyable ghost story for kids written by one of my favorite authors Penelope Lively Might be a bit too creepy for my son just now but I think soon he'll be ready for it Lively based the stones in the book on the Rollright stones some of which are called The Whispering Knights Yet another stop to add to my fantasy itinerary of a literary tour of Britain with my son Our story begins when three youths William Martha and Susie decide to conjure up what they believe to be a witches' brew in an disused barn What they lack in raw ingredients they make up for in ingenuity and a strong sense of belief that this will work Little do they realise that the latter in some old parts of England is all you need and unbeknownst to them the dormant and dangerous spirit of Morgan le Fay begins to rise and cause havoc upon the land Along with the guidance of the mysterious Miss Hepplewhite it is up to the children to send the spirit back from whence she came before they lose their village and history entirely I may have enjoyed The Wild Hunt Of Hagworthy perhaps for its prominent folkloric ties but this is a still a fine book to the canon of British fantasy I got the feeling when reading that Lively was still finding her feet with regards to resurrecting myth and landscape and time There is a sense that all the right ingredients are there but they don't uite gel as well as they do with The Ghost of Thomas Kempe but then that's one book that will rightly always been considered her finest work for children

  • Hardcover
  • 156 pages
  • The Whispering Knights
  • Penelope Lively
  • English
  • 01 October 2016
  • 9780434948918

About the Author: Penelope Lively

Penelope Lively is the author of many prize winning novels and short story collections for both adults and children She has twice been shortlisted for the Booker Prize once in 1977 for her first novel The Road to Lichfield and again in 1984 for According to Mark She later won the 1987 Booker Prize for her highly acclaimed novel Moon TigerHer other books include Going Back; Judgement Day; Nex

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