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Sacred Journey to Atlantis This author tends to talk down to the reader worse in person but the information is very interesting Why is this journey important The words of Ascended Master Kuthumi may give an answer to this uestion The key to a successful journey to Bimini will be in your abilities to access the Command's coding systems What I mean is that you will receive the symbolism that will make your journey both intriguing and exciting But reality reveals that the intrigue will actually came from your abilities to decode the keys In the keys are contained the secrets to the power that Atlantis once knew This power was the connection of mind energy to the source It was harnessed energy of the sound freuencies that must be combined with the color freuencies for manifestation to occur The key to the future for planet Earth is the harnessing of this energy for when the decade of cleansing is complete much that is around you today will have to be reborn Therefore one of the ways this will occur is to rediscover the paths and the keys of that former lifetime that will be used to rebuild the civilization as you visualize it to be Wonderful book one of my favorites by Dr Norma MilanovichEasy reading detailed enough to let me remember when I was there back in the days of Atlantis The information in this book is literally timeless and as relevant to those seeking light as when the book was written To understand this concept it really needs to be viewed from the astral plane and then all falls into place Not what I expected but good read all the same Its so fascinating to see the different levels of spirituality that people live through There are different levels of awareness and discipline and to join in on a journey of this type was uite rewarding