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Diamond in the Rough I liked this one even though I don’t read a lot of books with 19yr old heroines any The best thing is that this is a rare DP with a nice H and no OW I do wonder about Caleb and his best friends girlfriend thoughdoes he get a book? Super sweet heroine and a very smitten hero who is a true prince charming He saves the heroine and her family from poverty from sickness and even from an evil guy who tries to rape our heroine I want John Callister all to myself This was a fun sweet read by one of my favorite authors John is probably one of the nicest heroes that Diana Palmer has ever written Yes he did pretend to be a modest cowboy but you can't hold that against him considering his past From the beginning he reaches out and helps Sassy with no underlying motives He sees the good and the beauty in a small town simple girl who has sacrificed everything for her sick mother and adopted sisterAlthough I love her writing and don't have any issues with it some readers find Palmer's stories to be formulaic If that is the case they would probably enjoy this story because of its freshness Also for the fact that John is not like her typical heroes fighting falling in love with Sassy He has a moment or two of apprehension as he realizes he is getting in deep but surrenders fairly uickly to the knowledge that he is in love with Sassy and wants to spend the rest of their life togetherThe ending of this book reads like a fairy tale comes true the downtrodden princess gets her happy ever after with the handsome rich prince and all ends well But isn't that why we read romance novels? At any rate I couldn't help smiling as the last pages of this book went by my eyes Oh My Goodness If it were possible to issue a negative rating I definitely would have done so Romance novels all try to spoon feed readers a little bit; they seem to spell the plot out and cheesiness is expected This book was so much worse Rather than focus on all the horrific things weak plot one dimensional characters pure sap etc I'm just going to focus on the most horrific thing the style of writing I can't even describe the kind of language this novel used It was so simplistic and plain that some parts were truly painful to get through Let's be clear I don't mean 'plain' as in 'honest' or 'straightforward' I mean that it seemed to be written by an elementary school student The remainder of the novel was so ridiculously cliched that my heart broke It wept in sorrow My eyes dimmed as I wearily turned to the next page and the next and the next hoping praying that there would be an end in sight Well you get the idea Honestly I have no clue how Diana Palmer is such an established author I can only hope that I picked up one of her worse novels although it doesn't seem like it judging by the reviews here A typical rag to riches story where John Callister doesn't feel the need to tell the community that he is a multimillionaire taking over some property him and his brothers have just purchased Sassy is a poor 19 year old to John's 31 working in the store of a sexual harasser trying to care for her mother dying of cancer and a small child who they took under their wings Jake and Sassy become taken with each other even after she discovers he is richer than dirt I have read other Diana Palmer books and have enjoyed them I found this one very unrealistic a 19 and 31 year old? and the dialogue between the characters was so sappy Thank goodness it was a short story It just didn't come together for me Shallow fairy tale of exceedingly poor scrapper of a girl meets mysterious millionaire pretending to be just an ordinary cowboy until he cures her mother's cancer beats up her handsy boss and generally rescues her from her poor life The characters are ok if two dimensional The plot is sweet if predictable I was flabbergasted that this was written in this century It has all the heavy handed machismo of the 1970s Diana Palmer is still using the same formula she started with in 1979 The lecherous boss locks Sassy in a stock room tears her blouse to shreds forces his kisses on her leaves bruises all over and is trying to wrestle her to the ground when he is caught in the act Her condition after her struggle is immediately well documented by boss the law and doctor The district attorney though tells her that they can't prosecute for sexual assault unless it was sexual Basically unless she can prove rape he will walk free They can't go after him based on a few bruises and unwanted kisses And this same guy has been charged with sexual assault or battery in several previous jobs Sassy needed that job as she at 19 was the sole provider for her small family of three It's textbook and should have been a slam dunk This is only one example of what an anachronism this book is I read plenty of her older books and understand this mentality of female victimization is product of that era but along with other signs of modernization in this story cell phones hotel key cards this attitude toward women needs to be updated This is a lovely story of two lost souls who find each other Sassy is a lovely homebody who lives for her family and helping them in any way she canand what a beautiful character John Callister is The frustrating aspect of this story however was the unbelievable aspects of it No one in today's western world could be as naive as Sassy's character It was obvious that this was a remake of an old story introducing modern technology to make it seem new Some things weren't changed though which gave the age of the story away Overlooking that though this was a lovely story with beautiful characters Ahhh I really enjoyed Sassy and John's story It was sweet and entertaining Sassy is a poor innocent young girl 19 years old working for a sleazy boss to help support her mother and young adopted sister One day her boss attacks her however she is saved by John a multimillionaire that she believed to be just a working cowboy This was a good read the characters likeable and the story flew well No steamy scenes however Highly recommended nonetheless A totally safe DP book Who knew?Sassy is only 19 but she's an old soul John is 31 and has a hard time feeling comfortable with his attraction to Sassy when she is so much youngerThe blurb is kinda misleading It suggests that the angst of the story is when Sassy finds out he is a millionaire and that he has to work hard after that to get her to believe in his loveNope She is briefly pissed about it But as soon as she sees him again he sets her straight and he had already declared himself anywaysSo nothing much happens But it was sweet DP gets on her soap box about this and that as usual I listened to the audio and it was entertaining but not particularly memorableThe reader Jack Garrett has that 'cowboy' voice that DP seems to like so much He does a good job Sassy Peale is desperate to help her family but her meager salary doesn't stretch far Then she meets John Callister and she thinks her new friend is an honest to God cowboy rugged and trustworthy But John isn't a ranch hand he's a millionaire from one of Montana's most powerful families And when Sassy finds out who he really is she's certain the arrogant millionaire is just playing with her John has to convince Sassy that he's the man she first thought he was a diamond in the rough

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